HSBC Debit Card

HSBC is a popular bank in Singapore offering an array of banking and financial products to Singaporean citizens, foreigners and Permanent Residents. The bank offers debit cards to help make transactions and withdrawals against available funds in a HSBC savings account or a current account. Let’s take a look at some popular features, benefits, and other aspects associated with the HSBC Debit Card. Note that HSBC offers just one debit card – the HSBC Debit Card.

Best HSBC Debit Cards

HSBC offers one debit card, called the HSBC Debit Card. Let’s look at some features of the card:

  • You can make contactless transactions through Visa payWave, NETS contactless payments and payments using Apple Pay.
  • You can make NETS contactless payments for taxi rides and at supermarkets. This is applicable for transactions of up to S$100. Your PIN is not required to make such transactions.
  • Through NETS FlashPay, you can make payments for bus rides, taxi rides, car parking and ERP fees. Also, HSBC allows you to auto top-up ensuring that balance in the card remains intact for payments.
  • The card can be used to make cash withdrawals at local as well as overseas ATMs.
  • No fee will be charged for cash withdrawals that are made at HSBC ATMs.
  • This card does not charge an annual membership fee.

Eligibility criteria for HSBC Debit Card

You must meet the following criteria in order to apply for HSBC debit cards:

  • Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and foreigners are eligible to apply.
  • You must hold a savings account or a current account with the bank to apply for this debit card.
  • To open a savings account, you must be at least 16 years old and to apply for a current account, you must be at least 18 years old.

How to Apply for the HSBC Debit Card

If you wish to apply for the HSBC Debit Card, you must visit the bank’s website and navigate to the HSBC Debit Card webpage. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on, “Have someone call me”. You will be directed to a contact sheet that will require you to provide your contact details. The bank will then get in touch with you within a period of 3 business days to take the application process forward.

How to Activate the HSBC Debit Card

You can activate your HSBC Debit Card locally or while overseas in the following ways:

  • To activate your debit card before using it for the first time, contact the bank on 1800 4722 669 and then select option 1 to activate your card.
  • If you need your card and activation to be completed on an urgent basis, contact the bank on 1800 4722 669 (for local calls) or on 65 64722669 (for overseas calls).


Q. What is the daily card limit on the HSBC Debit Card?

The daily card limit on the HSBC Debit Card is S$10,000.

Q. Are there any security features available on the HSBC Debit Card?

Yes. If you set a transaction threshold amount for your debit card transactions, you will receive an SMS each time a transaction crosses this threshold amount. Also, in case your debit card is lost or stolen, you will be protected by limited liability.

Q. How do I report the loss/theft of my HSBC Debit Card?

In case your HSBC Debit Card is lost or stolen, you can contact the bank on their hotline number. Different hotline numbers are available for customer service, phone banking, Premier and Platinum customers, etc. The numbers are available on the bank’s website.

Q. How can I check the status of my HSBC Debit Card application?

If you wish to check your HSBC Debit Card application status, contact the bank on 1800 4722 669 for local calls and 65 66 4722 669 for overseas calls.

Q. Will my PIN be required to make contactless payments using my HSBC Debit Card?

No. Contactless transactions do not require your debit card PIN.

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