DBS Debit Card

DBS is one of the largest banks in Singapore, and offers Singaporeans with a spate of banking and financial products that include insurance products, investment instruments, DBS credit cards and a range of loans. DBS provides account holders with debit cards linked to their DBS account. We look at the various types of debit cards offered by DBS, and see what these cards have to offer. We delve into the features of these cards, the various benefits, and how to apply for these cards, among other aspects.

Just like how certain credit cards work, debit cards also come with benefits like cashbacks and reward points.

Best DBS Debit Cards

DBS offers about 5 different debit cards that come with their own set of unique features and benefits. Let’s look at the most popular DBS debit cards and evaluate their features and benefits.

DBS Visa Debit Card

Enjoy cashback on this card with every “tap”. The DBS Visa Debit Card was voted the best debit card in Singapore for 2016 by the AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards. Here are some popular features and benefits associated with the card:

  • The DBS Visa Debit Card offers a 5% cashback on every tap. The 5% cashback is applicable when you pay with the debit card using Visa payWave, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Apply Pay (note that the card is enabled for cashless payments at merchant terminals).
    • In order to qualify for the cashback, you’ll need to limit your cash withdrawals to not more than three times in a given calendar month, with the maximum withdrawal amount not exceeding S$400 for the calendar month.
    • Contactless payments should not exceed S$200 per transaction to qualify for the 5% cashback.
  • The card can also be used to pay for public transport through the NETS FlashPay facility. You can also make payments with the debit card through NETS.
  • You can use the DBS Visa Debit Card to make overseas transactions in 11 foreign currencies without a foreign currency transaction fee.
    • In order to enjoy this benefit, you just have to link your DBS Visa Debit Card to your Multi-Currency Account as the primary account.
    • The 11 currencies include Hong Kong Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Sterling Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, US Dollar, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Kroner, Thai Baht, New Zealand Dollar and Japanese Yen.

SAFRA DBS Debit Card

The SAFRA DBS Debit Card is another exciting debit card offered by DBS in Singapore. The card comes with some notable features that make it quite a popular card to own. Here are some features of the card that you’d definitely want to know:

  • The card offers you a cash rebate of 2% when you use your debit card to make contactless transactions through MasterCard PayPass. The rebate can be earned on transactions made locally in Singapore.
  • The card is quite an asset for online shopping as well. Using your debit card for online shopping will earn you 1% rebate.
  • All other retail transactions you make using your SAFRA DBS Debit Card will earn you a cash rebate of 0.3%.
  • All cash rebates earned on your debit card will be in the form of SAFRA$, wherein 1SAFRA$ = S$1. Also, by consolidating your monthly expenses like your utility bills and recurring bills, you can save much bigger by way of earning cash rebates on your transactions.
  • You can pay with your card while commuting in public buses through the MasterCard contactless provision. You can also make payments through NETS FlashPay – you can pay for cab rides, car parking, and ERP gantry.
  • The DBS SAFRA Card also gives you splendid discounts on dining, retail and entertainment at over 3,000 outlets across the Singapore.
  • Note that in order to qualify for these rebates, you’ll have to spend a minimum of S$400 in a given calendar month with your DBS SAFRA Debit Card.

DBS UnionPay Platinum Debit Card

The UnionPay Platinum Debit Card is another popular debit card that comes loaded with excellent features. Let’s take a look at what this card has to offer:

  • The DBS UnionPay Platinum Debit Card lets you earn a cashback of 1% on overseas transactions made using the card, as well as online transactions made both locally as well as overseas. In order to qualify for the 1% cashback, you’ll have to spend a minimum of S$1,000 in a quarter.
  • Local transactions made using the UnionPay Debit Card will earn you 0.3% cashback.
  • When you use your debit card to make cash withdrawals at overseas ATMs, you will get a fee waiver of S$5.
  • The card offers you excellent offers under the UnionPay Global Privileges. You can enjoy complimentary hotel upgrades when you stay at overseas destinations, dining discounts at leading hotels and restaurants overseas, and other recreational offers.
  • With the DBS UnionPay Platinum Debit Card, you get access to 24-hour UnionPay concierge services. The services cover dining and hotel reservations, assistance on real-time flight-related information, medical assistance, travel assistance, active dining offers, and more.
  • You can also enjoy discounts of up to 10% at over 100 airports across the globe on shopping and dining, at participating merchants.
  • The card also allows you to make contactless payments through UnionPay QuickPass. Contactless payments are a simple, fast and easy way to make payments at merchant terminals. You can also make payments through NETS FlashPay for taxi rides, bus rides, LRT and MRT.
  • Note that any form of cashback earned with the DBS UnionPay Platinum Debit Card is capped at S$100 for a quarter. As already mentioned earlier, all customers who wish to enjoy cashbacks with the DBS UnionPay Platinum Debit Card are required to spend a minimum of S$1,000 in a given quarter.

DBS Takashimaya Debit Card

Enhance your shopping experience at Takashimaya Department Stores with additional discounts, points and vouchers.

  • Earn 1 Takashimaya Bonus Point per S$10 spent on this card. Every 100 Takashimaya Bonus Points accumulated can be redeemed for a voucher worth S$30.
  • Enjoy additional 10% discount during select in-store events like sales.
  • Get free delivery of your purchases if you spend a minimum of S$200 during the “Takashimaya 10% Promotion Day” and S$100 on other days.
  • Enjoy deals on dining and shopping with the DBS Takashimaya Debit Card across Singapore.
  • This debit card comes with the Visa payWave feature to make contactless payments at merchant terminals.

DBS NUSSU Debit Card

This card is specifically designed for NUS students and can be used as a debit card, an ATM card and a NETS card. Additionally, you will earn cashback on purchases.

  • Enjoy 0.3% cashback on your purchases every 3 months. The cashback will be credited to your account when you sign for purchases locally or on local online platforms, on mail and phone transactions.
  • You will enjoy shopping and dining privileges at participating DBS and POSB merchants.
  • You can use your debit card PIN to make local and overseas transactions.
  • You can make cash withdrawals in Singapore and overseas.

DBS Debit Card Fees and Charges

Type of Fee Fees and Charges
DBS Takashimaya Debit Card annual fee S$5 (3-year fee waiver)
DBS NUSSU Debit Card S$10 (4-year fee waiver)
Foreign currency transactions Up to 3.25% of the transacted amount
Dynamic Currency Conversion fee 2.8% of the transacted amount
Singapore dollar transactions processed overseas 2.8% of the transacted amount
Overseas cash withdrawals at ATMs

    • Up to 3.25% of the transacted amount

    • S$5 service fee at overseas Cirrus/Plus ATMs. Select ATM withdrawals will enjoy a preferential fee of S$2

Eligibility for DBS Debit Cards in Singapore

The following eligibility parameters need to be met in order to qualify for a DBS Debit Card in Singapore:

  • Minimum age: 16 years old.
  • You must have any of the following accounts: a POSB Savings Account, a DBS Savings Plus Account, a DBS Current Account or the DBS Autosave Account.
  • Additional criterion for the DBS NUSSU Debit Card: You must be an NUS student.

How to apply DBS Debit Card in Singapore?

You can apply for a DBS debit card by visiting the official DBS Singapore website and click on the Apply Now option available against the debit card on the particular debit card webpage. For instance, if you wish to apply for the Visa Debit Card, you must navigate to the Visa Debit Card webpage and click on the Apply Now option available on that page. Check out DBS Hotline numbers for further assistance.

How to activate DBS Debit Card?

There are several ways to activate your DBS debit card which are as follows:


  • Use your User ID and PIN to log into your iBanking account.
  • Click on “Cards” and then “Activate Debit & ATM Cards”. After this, use your 6-digit iB Secure PIN to log in.
  • Select your DBS debit card for activation.
  • Read the terms and conditions and then “Accept” them. Click on “Next”.
  • Verify your details and then click on “Submit”.


  • Use your User ID and PIN to log into your digibank account.
  • Go to “Menu” and select the option, “Card Services”.
  • Select the option, “Activate ATM/Debit Card”.
  • Use your 6-digit iB Secure PIN to log in.
  • Complete card activation by following the instructions.

SMS Banking

Send an SMS to 77767 with this command: Activate last four digits of your debit card.


  • Insert your inactive DBS debit card.
  • Enter the PIN you received by mail.
  • Select the option, “More Services”.
  • Select the option, “Cards/PIN/iBanking/Phonebanking”
  • Choose “Activate Card”.
  • Complete card activation by following the instructions.

Note: Card activation through this service is only available between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Video Teller Machine (VTM)

  • Complete the required authentication process by scanning your passport or inserting your credit card/debit card/ATM card/NRIC.
  • Select the option, “Activate Card” found under “Card Services”.
  • Now insert your inactive DBS debit card.
  • Enter the PIN you received by mail.
  • You will now have to provide your NRIC Number, your nationality and DOB.
  • You will have to press “Confirm” to activate your card.

DBS Debit Card FAQs

Q. Will I receive my DBS debit card and PIN in the same mail?

No. You will receive your DBS debit card PIN within 5 business days of receiving your debit card.

Q. Will I be charged for cash withdrawals made using my DBS debit card in Singapore?

No. Cash withdrawal charges on DBS debit cards are only applicable when withdrawals are made overseas.

Q. Are interest charges applicable on debit cards?

No. Interest charges are not applicable on debit cards. They are applicable on credit cards.

Q. Will contactless payments made using my DBS debit card require a signature to complete the transaction?

No. Contactless payments made using a DBS debit card do not require a signature to validate or complete a transaction.

Q. Do DBS debit cards have supplementary cards?

No. DBS debit cards do not have supplementary cards.

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