BOC Chinese Cultural Debit Card

If you’re a connoisseur of Chinese art and culture or want to stay connected with your Chinese roots, the Chinese Cultural Debit Card offered by Bank of China (BOC) will be useful to you.

Cards offered by BOC gives you a range of exclusive privileges and features. You can enjoy free access to library services offered by BOC China Cultural Centre, discounts on tickets to events and workshops organised by the centre and also stand a chance to win free tickets to various events and activities organised by it.

This Platinum Mastercard will allow you to make use of the various offers provided by the associate merchants of BOC from around the world. With a superior payment technology in place, these cards can be used effortlessly across the shared ATM network islandwide.

Features & Benefits

The features and benefits offered by this BOC card are as follows:

  • Get free access to services and over 17,000 books available in the library of the Chinese Cultural Centre by activating the barcode embossed on the back of your card. Remember to carry your NRIC or passport along with this debit card to the centre on the first day of your visit for free activation.
  • Pay for workshops and/or cultural events organised by the Cultural Centre with your Chinese Cultural Debit Card and get up to 10% discount.
  • You’ll also have a chance to win free tickets to Chinese cultural affairs organised by the centre.
  • This contactless-enabled card will allow you to make quick and convenient payments at merchant POS terminals harmonised with this feature. You can use this BOC card to pay for your bus and train rides booked through the account-based ticketing pilot run in coordination with TransitLink and Land Transport Authority.
  • The card gives you access to Mastercard global network. You can swipe your card at Mastercard merchant POS terminals located throughout the world and use the global ATM network administered and controlled by the multinational payment processing service.
  • When you use your Chinese Cultural card to make payments in Singapore or abroad, you get a 0.1% cash rebate for an aggregate spend of at least S$100 per month. The cash rebate is capped at S$10 per calendar month.
  • No transaction fee would be charged for withdrawals made with this debit card from over 24,000 BOC ATMs in Mainland China. Also, transaction fees will not be charged for using this card across 200 local ATMs in Singapore carrying the “atm5” logo to perform cash withdrawals or to check your account balance. You’ll also enjoy exclusive offers and benefits proffered by the bank’s merchants all over the world.

Annual Fees and Charges

The following table gives you an idea of the fees you’ll have to pay for making transactions with your card.

Transaction Type Charge
Annual fee NIL
Cash withdrawal in foreign currency from Mastercard ATM network 2% of the transaction amount with a minimum of S$5 and a maximum of S$60
Cash withdrawal in foreign currency from UnionPay ATM network S$4 or RMB20 on every transaction
Cash withdrawal through ATMs powered by UnionPay in Mainland China RMB5 on every transaction
Reissuance of PIN for your BOC card S$5
Replacement of BOC card S$5
Account balance enquiry via UnionPay powered ATM abroad S$0.80 or RMB4 on every transaction
Withdrawing cash from BOC branches in Mainland China 1% of withdrawal amount between S$5 and S$20
Activation of barcode on your card for library access at Chinese Cultural Centre S$20 deposit (refundable)

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this card, you must be 16 years or more and a holder of one of the following BOC accounts:

  • SGD current account
  • SGD savings account
  • Multi-currency savings account with an SGD sub-account

To activate or deactivate the barcode on your card, you’ll have to carry your passport, NRIC or work permit to the Chinese Cultural Centre in Singapore.

How to Apply for BOC Chinese Cultural Debit Card?

This card is available automatically to all holders of any one of the following:

  • BOC SGD savings account

  • SGD current account

  • Multi-currency savings account

To apply for one of the above accounts, you’ll have to produce your NRIC or passport for verification purposes if you’re a Singapore national or PR. If you’re a foreigner, you may have to produce your work permit/employment pass, authentic student ID and other relevant travel documents.

The eligibility criteria and application process may vary slightly depending on the type of the account.

List of Other Debit Cards by BOC

Some of the other debit cards offered by the bank are:

  • BOC Zaobao Debit Card

  • BOC UnionPay Dual Currency Debit Card

  • Bank of China Great Wall International Debit Card.


Q: Can I use this card without activating the barcode at the back of it?

A: Yes, you can use this card without activating the barcode which gives you access to library services offered by the Chinese Cultural Centre in Singapore. The activation/deactivation of the card won’t affect its daily usage.

Q: Can the Chinese Cultural Centre library facilities be used even if I misplace or lose my card?

A: If you lose your card, you’ll first have to inform the centre and deactivate the barcode. You’ll have to carry your NRIC, passport, work permit/employment pass and other relevant documents for verification purposes. You’ll also have to follow the full activation process for your BOC replacement card.

Q: Will the card be valid after deactivation of the barcode?

A: The card will continue to remain valid even after the deactivation of the barcode and won’t alter the usage of the card in any way.

Q: Am I eligible to receive free tickets to events and activities hosted by the China Cultural Centre?

A: Your eligibility will be decided by BOC at its sole discretion. If you qualify for complimentary entries, you may receive free tickets in accordance with the bank’s policies or the terms and conditions of the relevant promotion. The bank reserves the right to make changes to the clauses of its promotions as per its will. If you’re eligible, you’ll be informed by the bank as to how you can collect your ticket(s) before the event.

Q: What should I do if my card gets stolen, lost or misused?

A: If you notice unauthorised transactions on your BOC card or if it is lost/stolen, inform the bank as quickly as possible. You can reach the bank through its 24-hour customer care hotline number 1800-66-95566 if you’re in Singapore or call (65)677 95566 if you’re abroad.

Q: Will BOC charge a fee for replacement or reissuance of PIN on my card?

A: You’ll have to pay S$5 if you need a replacement debit card or need to reissue your PIN on your old card.

Q: Can I ask for a receipt for a transaction completed at a merchant’s POS where signature isn’t required?

A: For your own safety and to know whether the correct amount has been debited, you’re advised to collect a customer’s copy from the merchant whenever you make a transaction at a POS terminal.

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