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    DBS Student Credit Card

    DBS has a range of cards that cater to its diverse consumer base and offers DBS credit cards such as family credit cards, shopping credit cards, travel credit cards, etc. For students and employees just starting off their career, DBS offers the DBS Live Fresh Student card that lets you earn rewards points on your purchases.

    Features of the DBS Student Credit Card

    • Enjoy annual fee waiver on this credit card for 5 years.
    • The card comes equipped with an EZ-Reload facility that allows you to use your card as an EZ-Link card.

    Interest Rates on DBS Student Credit Cards

    DBS charges an interest rate of 25.90% p.a. for its student credit card, with a minimum interest rate amounting to S$2.50 being charged. The interest rates are applicable only when the outstanding payments have not been paid in full. The card requires a minimum payment of 3% of the outstanding balance or S$50. If the outstanding balance is lower than S$50, then that amount needs to be paid.

    When you fail to make a minimum payment on time, you will be charged a penalty interest rate of 3% in addition to the prevailing interest rate. This interest rate is applicable from the day after the statement due date. The prevailing rate of interest will be reinstated when you pay the outstanding minimum payment on or before the next statement due date. This will take effect on the day after the next statement due date.

    Fees on DBS Student Credit Cards

    Product/Item Fees and charges
    DBS Live Fresh Student Card Principal card - S$128.40 inclusive of GST. The annual fee is waived for the first 5 years.
    Interest charges Interest charged on card transactions is 25.90% p.a. with a minimum charge levied of S$2.50 being levied.
    Cash advance fee Fee is the higher of either 6% of the amount withdrawn or S$15.
    Interest on cash advance Interest charged on card transactions is 28% p.a. with a minimum charge of S$2.50 being levied.
    Late payment fee The late payment fee charged is S$100 when the outstanding due on the credit card is S$50.01 or more. For outstanding balances of S$50 or below, no late payment fee is charged.
    Minimum monthly due Minimum payment is 3% of the outstanding amount or S$50, whichever of the two is higher.
    Lost or stolen card liability A maximum fee of S$100 is charged.

    Eligibility Criteria for DBS Student Credit Cards

    • Singaporean citizens, Permanent Residents, and foreigners can apply for the DBS student credit card.
    • The applicant must have attained a minimum age of 18 years to apply for the principal card and a maximum of 27 years.
    • Applicants below the age of 21 must require consent from legal guardian or parent.
    • You need to be an undergraduate student from NTU, NUS, SMU, SIM, SUTD, SIT, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic.
    • The minimum annual income required to request for increase in credit limit is S$30,000 per year.

    Documents Required for DBS Student Credit Card

    Tertiary students must submit the following documents to apply for this credit card:

    • A copy of their NRIC, both front and back.
    • A copy of their Student ID card or Matriculation Card.
    • Students below the age of 21 who wish to apply for this card must also provide the front and back copy their parent or legal guardian’s NRIC.
    • In case the legal guardian has provided consent, then they must also produce a Legal Documentation of Guardianship.

    Working adults must submit the following documents to apply for this credit card:

    • A copy of their NRIC, both front and back.
    • Salaried employees must provide the most recent computerised payslip dating back 3 months OR latest Income Tax NOA (Notice of Assessment) along with the most recent computerised payslip OR provide the latest 6 months’ CPF Contribution History statement.
    • Self-employed, commission-based employees and variable income employees must submit the copy of their latest 2 years’ Income Tax NOA (Notice of Assessment) OR a copy of their 12 months’ CPF Contribution History statement.

    Supplementary credit card applicants are required to provide a copy of their NRIC, both front and back or a copy of their valid Passport.

    How to apply for a DBS Student Credit Card

    You can apply for a DBS Student Credit Card online by visiting the bank’s official website, navigating to the respective card’s web page. Here you will find the option to “Apply Now”. Clicking on this button will direct you to the next step which will require you to fill in certain fields of information to begin the application process. You can also apply for the card online by using your DBS iBanking login credentials. Alternatively you can visit your nearest DBS branch and request for credit card application.

    How to cancel a DBS Student Credit Card

    You can cancel your DBS student credit card either by writing in to DBS with the reason for cancellation. You are advised to cut the credit card when the cancellation has been confirmed. You can also use the iBanking Messages function to cancel your credit card. Upon logging in, you can compose a message by clicking on the ‘Messages’ option on the top right, You will then have to set ‘Credit Cards’ as the Topic and ‘Cancel Card’ as the subject, Key-in your 6-digit iB secure PIN and mention your card number along with the reason for cancelling the card. You will still have to pay any outstanding balances on the card even after cancellation until it has been fully paid off.

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