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    Zalora Credit Card Promotions 2019

    Zalora, like all other major e-retailers, also offers shoes, clothes, beauty products, bags, and more from leading brands at discounted prices from time to time. They organise seasonal sales and flash sales. With the right promo code, you can save a lot on Zalora.

    .Do you find the prospect of being able to pick and choose the latest clothes and fashion items from thousands of options from the comfort of your favourite couch too much to resist? If yes, then it’s safe to assume that you’re well acquainted with Zalora, one of the leading online fashion stores in Singapore. You probably look for the same attributes – chic, understated, and affordable – in your fashion items that millions around the world look for when they shop online. Browsing through the endless collection of designer fashion items and accoutrements available at the most reasonable prices, an hour spent on Zalora could be very therapeutic. To add more honey to the already amazing deals available, Zalora offers several promotional discounts on its own or in collaboration with top card issuers and partner merchants in Singapore.

    Make Everyday a Shindig With These Credit Card Promotions on Zalora

    Most card deals are special discounts on the cart value on meeting a minimum spend requirement. You may also get a special discount when you use your card to purchase a certain category of products or a specific item from a certain brand. Some card issuers may also offer cashback or reward points on purchase of items from Zalora as welcome gifts. If you’re lucky, you may also get a Zalora gift card on sign-up.

    Offers Expiring Soon: Act Fast Because Time Is Ticking Away

    CIMB Credit Cards

    Why You Should Stop Worrying and Start Hurrying: S$20 Off the Cart Value at Zalora

    What you get: S$20 off the total bill at checkout when you pay with your CIMB credit card by using the promo code CIMBZAL20.


    • Spend at least S$110 in a single transaction.
    • This offer is valid only on Zalora website and mobile app.
    • This discount can’t be clubbed with other offers and promotions.
    Expiring on: 31 July 2018

    UOB Credit Cards

    Want to Steal a Deal? Here’s Your Chance: 20% Off Zalora Purchases with UOB Cards

    What’s the deal: Get 20% off when you shop for fashion items with your UOB card. Use the promo code ZAL20UOB.


    • Spend at least S$120 to be eligible for this offer.
    • This promo code can’t be combined with other codes.
    • This offer isn’t valid for certain brands.
    Expiring on: 31 August 2018

    Time & ‘Special Offers’ Wait for None. Hurry and Get: Up to 23% Discount with UOB Lady’s Card

    What’s the offer: Get up to 23% discount. Also, top three spenders during the campaign period can get up to S$400 Zalora Shopping Spree per month.


    • Spend at least S$150 to be eligible.
    • You can use the code ZAL20UOB once per month during the offer period.
    • Gifts will be sent to winners within 50 days of the offer expiry.
    Expiring on: 31 August 2018

    Maybank Credit Cards

    Deal Clincher: S$30 Off Zalora Shopping Bill with Maybank Cards

    What makes the deal a winner: A discount of S$30 is offered to anyone who used the promo code MBGSS30 upon checkout.


    • A minimum of S$130 has to be spent to unlock the deal.
    • The promotion is valid for the first 625 redemptions.
    • Some brands and sellers are excluded from this promotion.
    Expiring on: 31 July 2018

    Get the Additional Motivation to Rejig Your Wardrobe With These Special Deals

    Now here are some promotions that are here to stay until the end of the year. Use your credit cards and happy shopping!

    UOB Credit Card Offer

    Along with Thousands of Options, You Get: 15% Off Cart Value on Zalora Purchases

    What you get: Up to 15% off the cart value upon checkout on the website when you use your UOB card and the code UOB2018.


    • This offer is valid on a minimum spend of S$100.
    • Some brands are excluded from this offer.
    • You have to use this code during checkout for the offer to work.
    Expiring on: 31 December 2018

    American Express Credit Card offer

    Feeling Low? Shake It Off with This Offer: Up to 15% Savings on Zalora

    What’s the deal: Enjoy up to 15% savings when you shop using your American Express Card and use the code AMEX2018.


    • You have to spend at least S$100.
    • This code can be used only once per card.
    • Certain products and brands are excluded from the offer.
    Expiring on: 31 December 2018

    Citi Credit Card Offer

    Every Cent Saved Matters. So, Get This: Up to 2% Cashback on Zalora Products Bought via ShopBack.

    What makes it special: Get up to 2% cashback on Zalora when you shop via ShopBack using your Citi card and an additional S$10 cashback for Citi cardholders who join ShopBack for the first time.


    • No promo code is needed.
    • This offer is valid only if you access the brand via Shopback.
    • Additional Zalora terms and conditions may apply.
    Expiring on: 31 December 2018

    Standard Chartered Credit Card Offer

    Save with Every Purchase. Enjoy: 15% Off the Cart Value with Standard Chartered Cards

    What you can expect: 15% discount on the cart value when you pay with your Standard Chartered card for Zalora purchases and use the code SC2018.


    • You have to spend at least S$100.
    • The code can be used on the relevant webpage only.
    • This offer excludes certain brands.
    Expiring on: 31 December 2018

    HSBC Credit Card Offer

    An Unmissable Deal: 15% Off Zalora Products on the Total Cart Value

    How you can make most of it: Save 15% on all products when you checkout and pay with your HSBC card and use the code HSBCZ.


    • You have to spend at least S$100 to be eligible for this offer.
    • This offer can’t be combined with other promotions.
    • Certain brands are excluded from this deal.
    Expiring on: 31 December 2018

    Maybank Credit Card Offer

    Start Your Zalora Journey with: A 15% Discount on Your Total Bill

    What you should know about the offer: Get up to 15% off your cart value when you shop with your Maybank card and use the promo code MB2018.


    • Spend at least S$100 to enjoy the offer.
    • The promo code has to be entered upon checkout from Zalora.
    • Certain brands are excluded from this offer.
    Expiring on: 31 December 2018

    DBS Credit Card Offer

    Glam up Your Wardrobe and Also Get: 15% Discount When You Use Your DBS Card

    What you’ll love: 15% discount when you shop on Zalora with your DBS card and use the promo code DBS2018.


    • This offer is valid only on a minimum spend of S$100.
    • Certain brands are excluded from this promotion.
    • This offer isn’t valid on items sold by sellers.
    Expiring on: 31 December 2018

    OCBC Credit Card Offer

    Bored with Vanilla Deals? Try This Chocolate for a Change: 15% Discount on Zalora with OCBC Cards

    What you get: 15% discount when you use your OCBC card and use the code OCBC2018.


    • You’ll be eligible with a minimum spend of S$100.
    • This promo code can’t be clubbed with other offers and deals.
    • Certain brands and sellers are excluded.
    Expiring on: 31 December 2018

    Shopping’s Your Hobby? Then Don’t Want Miss These Exclusive Offers

    Don’t have any of the above credit cards to take advantage of alluring offers? Here are some deals offered by the brand.

    Catch This Soon! Style Meets Affordability with This Offer: Up to 70% Discount at Great Singapore Sale 2018

    What you get: Get up to 70% off fashion accessories and clothing collections on top brands in addition to another 40% discount.


    • There is no minimum spend requirement.
    • This offer may only be valid only if you enter 40GSS.
    • This offer is valid on selected items only.
    Expiring on: 15 July 2018

    #Clothes & # Fashion Accessories

    New to Zalora? Here’s How You’ll Be Welcomed: S$15 Voucher on Signing up for Zalora’s Newsletter

    Why you should hurry: Get a voucher of S$15 when you subscribe to the brand’s newsletter for the first time.


    • This offer is only available to new customers.
    • It works only when you register your email ID on Zalora.
    Expiring on: Unknown

    #Newsletter Subscription

    Getting Introduced to Honestbee Groceries? Get This, Too: A S$20 Discount on the First Order

    Why you’ll be a winner out & out: You’ll get S$20 off your first grocery order when you use the code ZALORA20.


    • This offer is only applicable on your first order.
    • This offer is valid up to 30 days from the coupon application.
    • This offer is valid on a minimum spend of S$40.
    Expiring on: Unknown


    Order on Honestbee and Get This Offer: Get S$12 Off Your Food Bill

    What you get: A discount of S$12 off your first food order on Honestbee with this coupon code - ZALORA12.


    • You’ll have to spend at least S$24.
    • This offer is valid for up to 30 days of coupon application.
    • This offer is valid only for first-time customers of Honestbee Food.
    Expiring on: Unknown

    #Food Delivery

    Pay Less, Eat Well, with: 15% off food bill at Aura

    What you get from the offer: Get a discount of 15% when you show a Zalora eDM for food orders at AURA.


    • This offer is valid on your total food bill only.
    • It can’t be clubbed with other offers and promotions.
    • It can’t exchanged or replaced in part or whole.
    Expiring on: Unknown


    Here Are Some Offers You Just Missed

    Well, there are always some deals you would have loved to have used, but missed by a few days, or a few hours even. Here are some deals that Zalora had until the end of June. And why are we telling you this? So that you can keep an eye out for similar deals in the future!

    Offer Specifics: 15% Off Purchase of American Tourister Travel Bags on Zalora

    What made it work: A discount of up to 15% was offered on American Tourister trolleys on Zalora, purchased with OCBC cards.


    • The offer was available on spends of S$100 and more.
    • The code ZCR715 had to be entered during checkout to access the offer.
    • Terms and conditions imposed by the merchant were also applicable.
    Expired on: Until stocks lasted

    Why Was It Popular: 20% Off Zalora Products with HSBC Cards

    How you could have benefited: 20% discount sitewide by using the HSBCGSS20 code.


    • This offer was valid on a minimum spend of S$130.
    • This offer can’t be clubbed with other special offers and promotions.
    • The promo code was effective when it was used on Zalora’s website.
    Expired on: 30 June 2018

    What Made the Deal So Sweet: Up to 23% Discount on Zalora Purchases

    What you could have got: An additional discount of up to 23% was offered on purchases made with DBS cards. No promo code was required.


    • An additional 20% discount was offered with a minimum spend of S$120.
    • An additional 23% discount was offered with a minimum spend of S$150.
    • Certain brands were excluded from the promotion.
    Expired on: 30 June 2018

    Why Was the Deal Worth the Trouble: A Discount of 20% on Shopping Deals

    What you just missed: A golden chance to get a 20% discount on the Zalora fashion items with the promo code SCB20.


    • The minimum spend requirement for this offer was S$120.
    • The code had to be entered at the time of checkout.
    • Some of the brands were excluded from the offer.
    Expired on: 30 June 2018

    What Made the Deal Stand Out: 20% Savings and a Chance to Earn an Additional S$5

    What you missed: You missed a chance to earn a 20% discount and another S$5 when you used your American Express card to shop on Zalora.


    • The basic minimum spend requirement was S$120.
    • You could have got S$5 by spending at least S$150.
    • The promo code applicable was AMEXSPREE20.
    Expired on: 30 June 2018

    How Zalora Works

    Whether you need a gown for an office party or a trolley bag for your next trip abroad, you’ll find it all on Zalora. There is no need to hop when you can stop at one place and find all that you need. It also maximises the value proposition on every deal by offering seasonal and regular promotions and discounts.

    Shopping Becomes Affordable With a Credit Card

    Zalora has tied up with most of the leading card issuers in Singapore and offers exclusive deals to credit card users from time to time. Here’s what you should know before the next card deal comes your way:

    • Check the brand’s website or that of your bank to find the latest card promotions.
    • While some promotions may apply to all cards offered by a bank, some may be specific to one or two cards.
    • Read the terms and conditions of an offer carefully to know whether it is available on your card. Don’t just assume.
    • Card promotions generally can’t be clubbed with other promotions. Refer to the offer details for clarity.
    • Most offers have an expiry date. If you can’t find it along with the other offer details, contact your bank or Zalora.
    • There may be a minimum spend requirement and a cap on earnings on an offer. Check these details carefully.
    • Most offers work only when you enter a certain promo code at the time of checkout from Zalora. Always keep your code handy while shopping on Zalora. Also the bank or the brand may change a code at their discretion within an offer period. Stay updated with the latest codes.

    Want to Look Fashionable Without Going Bankrupt? Zalora-Exclusive Deals Can Help You There

    While class never goes out of fashion, hefty price tags certainly can go out of your budget. If you know the right Zalora deal, you can look fashionable without worrying too much about the pricetag.

    Here is how these deals work:

    • Most of these deals have an expiry period. Stay updated. If you can’t find it among the terms and conditions of an offer, contact the brand.
    • Most of these offers can only be unlocked with the right promo code. Usually, you can use only one code at a time. Check with Zalora for more details.
    • These deals are usually seasonal in nature. However, Zalora also offers discounts on a daily or weekly basis.
    • The offers may not be valid on all products. Refer to the brand’s website for details.
    • Check the offer details to know if there is a minimum spend criterion or not. Some offers may also have an earnings cap.

    Can You Club Credit Card Promotions With Zalora Offers?

    You can enjoy discounts on Zalora in two ways. You may enjoy an offer on your card or you may get it simply by being a Zalora customer (independent offers).

    Usually, the deals on cards can’t be used in conjunction with exclusive Zalora deals. This becomes evident from the fact that the brand doesn’t allow you to club two separate promo codes. Most of the card deals and independent Zalora offers need promo/coupon codes.

    However, contact the company or your bank for confirmation. There may be exceptions, after all.

    Looking for Other Places Offering Shopping Deals? Check These Sites

    Here is a list of other websites where you may find excellent deals:

    • Lazada: Want a new smartphone or a new pair of Jimmy Choo pumps for your kitty party? Hop onto the Lazada “ship” and discover deals at unbelievable prices.
    • Qoo10: Beautify your home and your looks by getting the right products from an amazing collection on Qoo10. It matches its vast inventory by offering value deals every now and then. Keep an eye on these deals to save big.
    • Redmart: Looking to get palatable food and beverages delivered at your doorstep? Try Redmart. Deals usually float around on Redmart. It’s only a matter of getting hold of one. Check out the website from time to time to stay updated with the latest offers.
    • Rakuten: Rakuten is an extremely popular ecommerce site in Singapore for a reason. Not only do they offer matchless quality at incomparable prices on a regular basis, they also make their deals all the more tempting by introducing special deals and offers from time to time. Don’t miss out on such offers!
    • Reebonz: This is the online destination for premium shoppers in Singapore. Whether you need a designer watch or a high-end bag, don’t look further than Reebonz because 9 times out of 10, you’ll find what you need. With long running promotions, Reebonz makes its deals affordable, too.
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