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    UOB Credit Card Balance Transfer

    UOB provides a wide range of financial solutions to customers in Singapore. You can borrow funds from the bank to meet your different financial requirements. UOB offers an excellent fund option known as UOB Credit Card Balance Funds Transfer. This form of financing can be easily procured from the bank without any hassles.

    Features and Benefits of UOB Credit Card Balance Funds Transfer

    Uob Credit Card Balance Transfer

    Let us take a look at the salient features and benefits of UOB Credit Card Balance Funds Transfer:

    Additional cash: You will get additional cash for your various needs such as home renovation, wedding expenses, education fees, vacation, etc. These additional funds are provided at 0% interest!

    Consolidation of funds: UOB balance funds transfer programme will enable you to move your unsettled balances of your credit cards from other bank accounts to your UOB account. This will allow you to keep all your funds in one place and hence, you can organise the flow of your funds very efficiently.

    Available to primary cardholders: This programme can be used only by principal cardholders of UOB.

    Quick approval process: When you apply for the UOB balance funds transfer programme, you will have to wait only for a short period of 5 days (not including Saturdays).

    Great repayment options: When you go for the UOB Credit Cards Fund Transfer, you can pay the higher amount of S$50 or 3% of the outstanding balances.

    Fees and charges

    Let us take a look at the fees and charges for UOB Credit Card Balance Transfer:

    Processing fee

    Loan period (in months)

    Effective interest rate (p.a.)













    Note that the effective interest rate is computed by assuming that a fund transfer of S$10,000 has been offered to you with a 3% of the amount as your minimum repayment amount for each month.

    How to Apply For UOB Credit Card Balance Funds Transfer

    If you are a new customer with UOB, you must sign up for a UOB Credit Card through the online process. Then, you must select the balance funds transfer programme and follow the simple instructions to apply for it. When your loan gets sanctioned by the bank, your loan amount will be reduced from your UOB credit card limit and sent to the savings account that you select.

    Existing UOB credit card customers can go for the balance transfer in two ways:

    • Login to your personal internet banking account.
    • Visit UOB’s official website where you can fill the online application form.

    Credit Card Balance Transfer from Other Banks

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