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Timezone Credit Card Promotions 2019

Timezone, an international chain of videogame centres, besides offering entertainment, also offers a range of promotional deals to make your family visits extremely satisfying. While children have always loved their time at the arcade centres managed by Timezone, elders also have a lot of activities to keep themselves busy. Timezone, which has been entertaining families for the last 30 years, still designs its games and activities keeping in a way that they are suitable for entire families.

To make your visits to these arcade centres more appealing and fun, Timezone also offers a range of exciting prizes if you play a game well. You may enjoy individual value packs or even host birthday parties for your friends. If you’re alone, simply buy a fun pass and you’re set for the next 2 hours. For bigger groups, Timezone offers special packages. Usually, these packages offer unlimited access to yellow reader games and a limited number of other games. In addition, you’ll have the chance to save big when you reload your Timezone powercard or use a credit card from a partner bank to pay for the games.

When you use your credit card, you may even earn game credits. While Double Dollar deals at Timezone give you game credits equal to the denomination you have purchased, there are others that may get you food vouchers or discounted rides. Everytime you top up your Timezone game credit card, you’ll earn bonus game credits. Plus every time, your card gets an upgrade, you’ll get free game credits, e-Tickets, and get to play games at heavily discounted rates. You may also get to play certain games free for a limited number of times. The number would depend on the status of your powercard.

Credit Card Promotion on Timezone: Amp Up Your Fun Quotient With 1-for-1 Deals on S$50 and S$100 Game Credits on HSBC Cards

HSBC Credit Cards

Why You Should Consider It: 1-for-1 Deal on S$50 and S$100 Game Credits

What you get: Get an equivalent denomination of game credit to what you have purchased when you use your HSBC credit card to buy them.


  • This offer is subject to availability and advance booking.
  • This offer can’t be clubbed with other promotions and privileges.
  • No discount would apply to service fees and taxes.
Expiring on: 30 December 2018

Add a Smile to Your Kid’s Face at Timezone With These Appealing Offers

What Makes It Attractive: Bonus Points on Timezone Powercard Reload

What you get: Get bonus game credits when you top up your Timezone powercard. This means more game time for less. Offer specifics:
  • Get a bonus game credit worth S$3 on topping up your card with S$20.
  • Get a bonus game credit worth S$6 on topping up your card with S$30.
  • Get a bonus game credit worth S$12 on topping up your card with S$50.
Expiring on: Unknown

#Standard Promotion

What Makes It Special: A Chance to Lap Up 1,000 e-Tickets

What you get: Get a chance to win 1,000 e-Tickets, redeemable for exciting prizes, when you play paper-ticket games at select Timezone arcade centres.


  • This offer is available at centres with paper-ticket facility.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply. Check with Timezone executives.
Expiring on: Unknown

#Hot Deals

Why You Should Hurry:Buy Vouchers Worth of S$30 or S$60 & Get Free Game Credits and Free Food Vouchers

What you get: As a part of Hari Raya celebrations, Timezone is offering bonus game credits and Orchid Bowl vouchers on vouchers worth S$30 and S$60.


  • This offer can’t be clubbed with other packages, deals, and discounts.
  • The voucher offered isn’t refundable, replaceable or exchangeable.
  • Check the voucher for full terms and conditions.
Expiring on: 30 June 2018

#Hot Deals

Deals You Just Missed

What You Missed: 2x Game Credits for the Price of 1 on 24 June 2018

What you would have got: On the purchase of game credits worth S$30/S$50, a bonus S$30/S$50 worth of game credit was offered.


  • This offer couldn’t be combined with other deals and promotions.
  • The company could alter terms and conditions at its sole discretion.
  • Contact Timezone for full terms and conditions.
Expired on: 24 June 2018

What You Missed: 1-for-1 on Bumper Car Rides Till June 21 2018

What you would have got: On buying one ticket for bumper car ride, you would have got another free ticket.


  • This offer was available at Timezone VivoCity only.
  • Combining this offer with any other wasn’t permitted.
  • The ticket had to be purchased from Timezone, VivoCity counter.
Expired on: 21 June 2018

How Timezone Works

Spend a memorable evening with your family at Timezone amidst arcade games and rides. If you manage to take advantage of the ongoing promotions, you’ll leave the centre with a bigger smile and a fatter wallet.

Use Your Credit Card to Maximise Your Timezone Rewards

Many lenders in Singapore partner with Timezone to offer Timezone entertainment benefits to their credit card customers. Check with your bank or Timezone to see if any offer is available on your card.

This is generally how credit card promotions work at Timezone:

  • You may not be able to combine a credit card promotional offer with other offers, privileges, or packages.
  • A credit card offer may be subject to availability and other conditions imposed by Timezone.
  • Most card offers are available for a limited period. Check your bank’s website or contact Timezone for specific details.
  • Certain fees, charges and taxes applicable may not be included in a card offer.
  • A particular offer may or may not be available on all cards offered by the lender. Check the terms and conditions associated with the offer for details. Even if the bank offers a special deal under an umbrella programme, check to see if your card is included in the programme or not.
  • Since there are multiple Timezone centres across Singapore, make sure that your card offer is valid across all before claiming the benefits of the offer.

Planning a Trip to Timezone? Here Is What You Should Know About Independent Timezone Offers

While Timezone arcade centres are already very popular in Singapore, the deal-for-steal offers they provide from time to time act as added incentives.

Here is how the Timezone offers usually work:

  • Some promotional offers may not be available with the regular deals or packages. Check the terms and conditions of the offer before you take advantage of it.
  • The company reserves the right to alter terms and conditions associated with an offer at its discretion and without prior notice anytime during the qualifying period.
  • Not all offers may be available at all Timezone centres in Singapore. Check the terms and conditions to be doubly sure.
  • If you buy a voucher from Timezone, you won’t be able to exchange it. If you misplace your voucher, you may not be able to get it replaced.
  • Some offers may only be available till stocks last. In events when stocks get exhausted before the offer period ends and Timezone decides that it doesn’t want to relaunch the offer, this condition will take precedence.
  • Timezone usually runs special promotional campaigns before festivals and special events in Singapore. Keep an eye on the Timezone website to cash in on such offers.
  • Bonus game credits and e-Tickets credited to your Timezone powercard(s) may have predetermined expiry dates. In general, your card will expire within one year if you don’t use it for game transactions. You may also check the credit balance on your card via electronic kiosks at Timezone centres or by seeking the assistance of a Timezone executive.

In addition to promotional offers, Timezone also offers rewards on the purchase and upgrade of its powercards that can be used for game transactions. You have to charge a minimum of S$10 worth of game credits to your Welcome Card to get started. You’ll, however, receive S$1 worth of game credit for free. Upon spending at least S$200 on the card, your card will be upgraded to the Blue Elite status. You’ll get a one-time S$20 worth of bonus game credits and also 500 e-Tickets for free (one-time).

Upon charging at least S$1,000 worth of game credits to your card, your card will be upgraded to the Gold status. You’ll be given S$100 worth of bonus game credits and 2,000 e-Tickets. You can also play games at discounted rates. You can also play 2 yellow card reader games daily. Upon charging a minimum of S$5,000 worth of game credits to your powercard, the card will be upgraded to the Platinum status and you’ll get S$500 worth of bonus credits and 10,000 e-Tickets. For every subsequent S$1,000 worth of game credit top-up, you’ll get S$100 worth of free game credits and 2,000 e-Tickets.

Can You Club Credit Card Promotions With Timezone Promotions?

The promotions currently available on HSBC cards can’t be clubbed with other Timezone promotions. Check with Timezone to know if card promos can be clubbed with their own brand promotions or not. If you haven’t had time to catch up with your friends or family over a busy week, you can take them out for a fun-filled outing at Timezone without feeling the pinch.

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