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    Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Payment

    Standard Chartered Singapore offers a widespread range of payment options to pay your credit card bills that can suit any lifestyle.

    Find below the different credit card bill payment options available for Standard Chartered Cards:

    • Cheques
    • Phone Banking.
    • Online Banking.
    • Standard Chartered Bank branches.
    • Interbank GIRO.
    • AXS.


    • You will need to mention the amount/s and the corresponding account number/s for which you want to make the bill payment, for every account on the back of the cheque.
    • Make sure to not postdate your cheques as they will not be accepted.
    • You will need to make sure that the cheque reaches the bank a minimum of 2 days before the “Payment Due Date” in order to process your payment.

    Phone Banking

    • Standard Chartered has a Phone Banking Team that is available at your service 24 hours a day. The Phone Banking Number is 1800 747 7000.
    • In order to use the Phone Banking service, you will need your Phone Banking PIN.

    Online Banking

    • Standard Chartered Online Banking facility is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
    • Standard Chartered offers a choice of 3 different ways to pay your credit card bills through online banking namely scheduled payment mode, immediate payment mode and fund transfer.
    • Log into your online banking account and select “Payments/Transfer”. Under this option, choose “Card Payment” and then choose the card for which you wish to make the payment.
    • You can make 3 types of payments – the outstanding balance, the minimum due or the full amount. Once you have selected the option of payment, you can still change it to any of the 3.

    Paying a 3rd party Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card using Online Banking

    • Log into your online banking account and select “Payments/Transfer”. Under this option, choose “3rd Party Funds Transfer/Bill Payments”. Here you need to add a new payee for the bill payment.
    • Then click on the “SCB Cards” (Standard Chartered Bank Card) from a merchant list and then fill in the credit card details of your payee.
    • Once you have submitted the payee information, you can pay all your future bills through scheduled payment mode, immediate or fund transfer.

    Viewing your Credit Card Statement through Online Banking

    • You can view the current statements of any of your Standard Chartered Credit Cards. You can view your latest statements as well as the past 2 month’s statements through online banking.
    • Log into Online Banking and click on “Cards”. Then select the option “Transactional History”. Followed by this, provide the period for which you would like to view the transaction history on a particular credit card.  

    Standard Chartered Bank Branches

    • You can visit any of the Standard Chartered Bank branches near you to make bill payments on your credit card.
    • The bank branches offer the following services to pay your credit card bills:
      • Express Cheque Deposit Box.
      • Teller Counters.
      • CDM or Cash Deposit Machines.
    • Note that the operating hours are different for each of the Standard Chartered Bank branches. You can check the operating hours of the bank branch you wish to visit online on the ATMs & Branch Locator web page of the official Standard Chartered Singapore website.

    Interbank GIRO:

    • You will need to download the GIRO application form. The form is called the “Application for Credit Card, Funds Transfer, Personal Loan and Line of Credit GIRO”. This form is available on the Application Forms web page of the official Standard Chartered Singapore website.
    • You will need to fill up this form and then submit it to Standard Chartered Bank via mail on the mailing address provided on the form.
    • The bank will take between 4 and 6 weeks to process applications for New Instruction or making Amendment to Existing Instruction. Until your application has been successfully processed, you will need to continue making your credit card bill payments through your current payment mode.
    • Once Interbank GIRO has been successfully setup for your account, all future bill payments for your Standard Chartered Credit Cards will automatically be deducted from the respective Singapore Dollar (S$) bank account approximately 2 days prior to the “Payment Due Date”.

    AXS Stations:

    There are more than 900 AXS Stations strategically located across Singapore that can be conveniently accessed to make your credit card bill payments. AXS also provides an option to select the region and then accordingly view the AXS stations located in that region. The following regions are can be accessed to view the AXS stations:

    • South West.
    • Central.
    • North West.
    • North East.
    • South East.

    The link to view the list of AXS Stations across the island can be found on the Payment Methods and Other Useful Information web page of the official Standard Chartered Singapore website.

    Important Information for Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Payment:

    • No matter which payment method you choose to make payments on your credit card bills, ensure that you make the payment a minimum of 2 business days prior to the “Payment Due Date” so your bill payment can be successfully processed.
    • If you are only paying the minimum due on your credit card, the amount payable for your account can be found on your monthly statement under the option, “Minimum Payment Due”. However, note that only making minimum payments on your credit card incurs finance charges on your account. Therefore, if you wish to avoid these charges, it is advisable to make payment on the “New Balance” of your account. This amount can also be found on your monthly statement before your “Payment Due Date”.
    • Make sure to pay each of your credit card account separately as mentioned on your monthly statements. Note that credit balance on any account cannot be used automatically to offset the outstanding balance from any of your other accounts.
    • In order to avoid paying any late payment fee, make sure that at least the minimum payment due is made to the bank before the Payment Due Date.
    • If the bank does not receive the full payment before the Payment Due Date indicated on your monthly statement, finance charges will be applied daily with an EIR (Effective Interest Rate) of 26.9% p.a. on your outstanding balance. Finance charges will be incurred starting from the date mentioned on your statement and on any new transaction you make in the consecutive statement cycle until you make the full payment.
    • If your Payment Due Date for a month is on a nonbusiness day, your Payment Due Date will become the next business day.
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