OCBC Voyage Credit Card Reviews

    The OCBC Voyage Credit Card is a travel credit card that offers voyage miles on your local, overseas and other purchases. With this card, you will earn 2.3 voyage miles per S$1 you spend on dining in Singapore and 1 voyage mile per S$1 you spend on other local expenses and using the tax payment facility. You will earn 2.3 voyage miles per S$1 you spend overseas.

    The most unique aspect of the OCBC Voyage Credit Card is that you can redeem your miles on any airline and at any time, i.e. there are no black-out dates for redemption of your voyage miles. Furthermore, your earned miles will never expire.

    This credit card offers additional privileges that include personal concierge services when it comes to travel, shopping, planning events and much more. You will also enjoy complimentary travel insurance on this card and complimentary access to more than 70 VIP airport lounges worldwide. This card additionally offers complimentary limousine service and exclusive Visa Infinite benefits.

    Apply for the OCBC Voyage Credit Card to enjoy exclusive discounts, deals and perks on Wine & Dine, Travel & Experiences and Retail & Entertainment. You will have the option to choose from numerous welcome gift options.

    OCBC Voyage Credit Card Promotions

    • Travel and Hotel offer: Get 10% off on all holiday packages and 10% off on food and beverages at Bintan Lagoon Resort with your OCBC credit card. This offer is valid until January, 31st, 2018.
    • Travel and Hotel offer: Book with your OCBC credit card and get business class and economy class fares to all Emirates-operated destinations. Get 10% off on Flex and Flex Plus fares and 5% off on Saver fares. Use promo code, SGOCBC1. Cardholder has to book before July 31st, 2017 and travel by October 31st, 2017.
    • Petrol and diesel offer: Get 14% fuel savings using your OCBC credit card at Esso.
    • Petrol and diesel offer: Get 14% off on petrol or diesel using your OCBC credit card at Caltex.
    • Travel and Hotel offer: Get daily breakfast for 2, $25 dining credit per stay, and room upgrade with your OCBC Visa card when booking your 'Visa Appetite to Stay' offer at Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts. This offer is valid until December 31st, 2017.
    • Dining and entertainment offer: Get a return voucher worth S$10 at Soup Restaurant using your OCBC credit card. The voucher can be redeemed for a minimum spend of S$60 (excluding service charge and prevailing GST). This offer is valid until December 31st, 2017.

    Joining Benefits/Perks:

    • With an annual fee of S$488, earn 15,000 Voyage Miles, or get 150,000 KrisFlyer Miles with annual fee of S$3,210.

    Features Of OCBC Voyage Credit Card

    • This is a metal credit card as opposed to a plastic one, giving it a classy look and making it long-lasting.
    • Annual fee is not applicable for the first 2 supplementary cards.
    • You get response on all Voyage Miles requests within 1 hour.
    • The Voyage Miles can be used on all days – without any blackout periods – and on any participating airline and hotels, without needing any kind of conversion.


    The OCBC Voyage Credit Card gives you rewards in the form of Voyage Miles. These miles can be redeemed either partially or fully, without a waiting period. The Voyage Miles do not have an expiry date linked to them and can be carried forward as long as you wish. You get:

    • 2.3 Voyage Miles for each S$1 spent in foreign currency
    • 2.3 Voyage Miles for each S$1 spent at local restaurants and cafes
    • 1 Voyage Mile for each S$1 of all other purchases

    The Voyage Miles buildup is capped at 230,000 per month, but the miles never expire. You can also change your Voyage Miles to KrisFlyer Miles at an administrative fee of S$25, but you can buy tickets from all participating airlines or book hotels directly with Voyage Miles without conversion. For redemption, you can call the Voyage Exchange Hotline +65 6593 9999.

    Benefits Of OCBC Voyage Credit Card

    • You can pay your income tax through OCBC Voyage Credit Card either in full or on a 12-month instalment with a processing fee of just 1.9% of the total amount.
    • You can get information about latest events, restaurant openings, concerts and movies and get priority bookings.
    • You get a 24x7 personal concierge to take care of your lifestyle and travel needs.
    • You get access to over 70 premium VIP airport lounges across the globe and complimentary entry to 2 lounges in a year, through Plaza Premium Lounge membership. Another 2 free visits can be earned when 100,000 Voyage Miles are redeemed.
    • You receive a free limousine transfer service on spending at least S$5,000 in a month.
    • You can enjoy green fees waiver in premium golf resorts such as Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore.

    Insurance Provided By OCBC Voyage Credit Card

    If your travel expenses, especially the flight tickets, are paid through the Voyage Credit Card, you are eligible for a travel insurance of up to S$1 million. The maximum trip duration allowed for claiming this insurance is 30 days in a row, and the insured person should not be more than 65 years old. The coverage available is as follows:

    Death and permanent disability S$1,000,000
    Overseas Medical Expenses Reimbursement S$500

    Instalment Payment Plans

    There are 2 kinds of instalment plans available with OCBC: The 0% Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) and PayLite. Under the OCBC IPP, instead of paying for a purchase in full on the spot, you can split the payment into multiple instalments spread over a few months. This scheme can be availed at around 1,000 participating outlets island-wide, including automotive businesses, educational institutions, insurance payments, shopping, travel, health clinics, and beauty and wellness centres. For example, if you buy items worth S$1,500 from Brighton Furniture, and apply for an IPP on the bill, it may be split into 6 interest-free instalments of S$250 per month. The bank decides the break-up of the amount and the duration in which the amount will be paid off. If the instalment amount is not paid every month on schedule, the regular interest charges of the credit card will come into force.

    With PayLite, you can convert purchases of more than S$500 into a fixed monthly repayment amount for up to 2 years. You can apply for this provision after making the purchase, through online banking or via the PayLite form that needs to be filled and faxed in to the bank, within 7 days of making the transaction. This scheme is available for purchases from any merchant in Singapore and abroad, irrespective of the bank’s partnership with it. The applicable fees and charges on PayLite are as follows:

    PayLite duration EIR Processing fee
    3 months 18.18% 3%
    6 months 10.43% 3%
    1 year 9.5% 5%
    18 months 9.23% 7%
    2 years 9.15% 9%

    Voyage Miles may not be accrued if your payments are converted into any kind of instalment payment plan.

    Fees And Charges:

    Annual fee S$488 OR S$3,210
    Supplementary card fee S$188
    Interest rate (annual) 25.92%
    Late payment charges S$80
    Cash advance fee 6% or minimum S$15, whichever is higher
    Interest on cash advance (annual) 28.92%
    Interest-free period 23 days

    Transactions In Foreign Currencies And Overseas Use Of The Card

    For foreign currency transactions, an administrative fee of 2.8% – 1% charged by Visa and 1.8% by OCBC, is applicable, while overseas transactions in Singapore dollar is subject to a fee of 1% of the transaction amount.

    Cash Withdrawals:

    There are 2 options when taking a loan from your OCBC credit card: Cash-on-Instalment and OCBC Cash Advance. With Cash-on-Instalment, you can transfer funds from your OCBC Voyage Credit Card to your or your friends and families’ bank accounts. The minimum borrowing amount needs to be S$1,000, and the maximum amount you can take, including the processing fee and interest rate, should not be more than 90% of your available credit limit. The repayment can be done in instalments for durations of 1 to 5 years. You can apply for this facility either by submitting an application form online through the OCBC website, or through SMS by sending a CW to 72222. The bank will call you within 3 working days to proceed with your loan application. The fees and charges applicable are as given in the table below:

    Period of Cash-on-Instalments Processing Fee EIR
    1 year 6% 11.47%
    2 years 2% 12.80%
    3 years 2% 12.11%
    4 years 2% 11.71%
    5 years 2% 11.38%

    Under cash advance scheme, you can borrow money at a moment’s notice using your credit card. The maximum amount you can borrow is 70% of the credit limit if your card was approved after August 22, 2012, and 100% of your available credit limit if your card was approved before August 22, 2012. The applicable interest rate is 28.92% and a cash advance fee of 6%, or S$15, whichever is higher will also be charged. The withdrawal can be done in 3 ways:

    • From an OCBC ATM in Singapore or Visa/MasterCard-compliant ATMs outside the country
    • From OCBC bank branches
    • By calling 1800 363 3333 (from Singapore) or +65 6363 3333 (from abroad)

    How To Apply For OCBC Voyage Credit Card

    There are 2 ways to apply for the OCBC Voyage Credit Card:

    1. Online, by requesting a call from the bank through the OCBC website. The bank will get in touch with you and guide you through the application procedure.
    2. Offline, by visiting your nearest OCBC branch with the required documents.

    Eligibility Criteria For OCBC Voyage Credit Card

    • Minimum age:
      • Primary cardholder: 21 years
      • Supplementary cardholder: 18 years
    • Minimum income: S$1,20,000
    • You have to be an OCBC Premium Banking customer.

    Documents Required:

    • Salaried individuals:
      • Photocopy of NRIC (both sides)
      • Income documents such as latest computerised payslips for the past 3 months, latest 12 months’ CPF Contribution History Statement, or latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment
    • Self-employed individuals:
      • Photocopy of NRIC (both sides)
      • Latest 2 years’ Income Tax Notice of Assessment
    • Foreigners:
      • Employment Pass with at least 6 months’ validity
      • Photocopy of Passport with at least 6 months validity
      • Income documents such as latest computerised payslips for the past 3 months, latest 12 months’ CPF Contribution History Statement, or latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment
    • Supplementary card applicant:
      • Photocopy of NRIC (both sides) for Singapore citizens and PR, with at least 6 months’ validity
      • Photocopy of Passport AND a copy of Employment Pass or Work Permit or Dependent Pass or Student Pass or Long term visit pass for foreigners, with at least 6 months’ validity
      • Recent original telephone bill or original bank statement


    You have to make a minimum payment every month of 3% of outstanding credit card balance, or S$50, whichever is higher. If there are any overdue amounts, you should pay off those too along with the current bill, or face penal interest rates. The credit card bills can be paid in the following ways:

    • Through OCBC Bank ATMs using your debit card
    • Fast And Secure Transfers (FAST) fund transfers from accounts of participating banks
    • Through InterBank GIRO transfer
    • Through OCBC Mobile App
    • Through internet banking from OCBC account or other bank accounts
    • Through Phone Banking
    • Via cheque payable to OCBC Bank – Credit Cards with you card number specified behind the cheque leaf and mailed to OCBC credit cards, Robinsons Road, P.O. Box 1386, Singapore 902736, or dropped into Quick Cheque Deposit boxes at all OCBC branches and Fastlanes in Singapore
    • By cash at bank branches or cash deposit machines
    • At AXS Stations
    • At iNETS kiosks

    Card Protection Schemes:

    OCBC offers 2 card protection schemes at a small premium payment along with your Voyage credit card:

    1. Card balance insurance (CreditWise): With a premium of S$0.40 per S$100 of your outstanding credit card bill every month, you can get coverage of up to S$60,000 in case of your death or permanent disability, and if the death is due to an accident, the family gets an additional 50% of the sum assured.
    2. Fraud protection insurance (CardSecure): At a yearly premium of S$52.43 for the primary cardholder and S$93.63 for up to 5 persons in a family (including the primary cardholder), you can secure your credit card against fraud on lost or stolen cards (up to S$3,000), reimbursement for replacement cost of identity, cash and valuable documents (up to S$1,000) and replacement cost of personal belongings such as bags and wallets (up to S$200). This also gives you access to emergency cash advance of up to S$10,000 when abroad.

    Reporting Lost/Stolen Credit Cards

    The moment you realise that your credit card is not on your person – either because it is stolen, lost or misplaced, the best practice is to report it to the bank immediately through OCBC credit card hotline number. This will ensure that the card gets blocked and no one can make any purchases using it any more. As long as you do this, your liability towards lost or stolen cards is only up to S$100. However, if you fail to do this, and fraudulent purchases are made on your credit card before you report the case, your liability is dependent on the bank’s discretion. If you can prove that you were in no way party to the fraudulent activity, and that your negligence is not a reason for either the loss or the late reporting of the lost card, then the bank may consider waiving your liability on the purchases made by another party. If you suspect that the card has been stolen, you should also file a police complaint and inform the bank about the actions taken by you.

    OCBC Voyage Credit Card FAQs

    What is the eligibility criteria associated with the OCBC Voyage Credit Card?

    To apply for this card, one needs to be 21 years or older. On the income front, you must show a salary of S$120,000 or above.

    What is the annual fee charged for the OCBC Voyage Credit Card?

    The annual fee would stand at S$488 p.a. if you opt for 15,000 complimentary VOYAGE Miles. On the other hand, you have to pay S$3,210 if you 150,000 Miles, and S$10,000 if you opt for 500,000 Miles.

    What is the travel insurance coverage promised by the OCBC Voyage Credit Card?

    You’re promised travel insurance coverage of up to S$1.5 million, when you buy your air tickets using the OCBC Voyage Credit Card.

    What are the features of VOYAGE Miles on the OCBC Voyage Credit Card?

    You can redeem these unique currency miles for flights on any airlines, and anytime. There is no fear of black-out dates. The VOYAGE Miles never expire. These miles can be even redeemed for cash or retail vouchers on luxury branded goods.

    How do you earn VOYAGE Miles using the OCBC Voyage Credit Card?

    Card members can earn 2.3 VOYAGE Miles for every S$1 spent on local dining. They are also promises 1 VOYAGE Miles for every S$1 spent on local spend and tax payment facility. For overseas use, users can earn 2.3 VOYAGE Miles, every time they spend S$1 in foreign currency.

    News About OCBC Voyage Card

    • OCBC Singapore Waived of Admin Fee on Krisflyer Miles Redeem

      OCBC has waived off the admin fee of S$25 charged on conversion of VOYAGE Miles to KrisFlyer Miles. With this travel card from OCBC, one VOYAGE Mile can be converted into one KrisFlyer Mile, which can be redeemed for flight tickets.

      08th January 2018

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