OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card

    OCBC Bank cares about its customers and provides innovative solutions for the ever changing needs of its customers. The OCBC NTUC PLUS Visa Credit Card is tailored for the customers, allowing them to enjoy the perks and benefits to the fullest. Avail discounts on shopping, refuelling, etc. and live life king size.


    The NTUC Plus! Visa Card is one you can easily rely on for your day-to-day expenses. It is a cashback card that provides you with discounts for several purchases. You get to enjoy discounts and LinkPoint rebates at a wide range of participating merchants such as FairPrice, Unity, Cheers, Caltex, Esso and many other retail outlets. You don’t have to pay annual fee for the principal card. Also, for up to 3 supplementary cards there is no annual fee. This definitely makes the card a favourable option for many Singaporeans.


    Let’s take a look at the important features of NTUC Plus! Visa Card:

    • The OCBC NTUC Plus! Card is enabled with Visa PayWave. You can make contactless payments with ease via Visa PayWave.
    • There is no annual fee on this card – you only have to make sure that you pay your NTUC membership fee. Find more cards with no annual fee
    • You can conveniently make your credit card bill payments via internet banking or OCBC mobile application.


    Take a look at several benefits you get when you own an NTUC Plus! Visa Card:

    • You can earn LinkPoints on purchases at several stores, including FairPrice (online and offline), Unity Pharma, Warehouse Club, recurring telecom bill payments, Popular Bookstores, and Cheers.
    • When you purchase 250 litres of Synergy fuel within a month using the Esso Smiles card, you will be rewarded Smiles points that are equal to 2.8% fuel savings.
    • You can enjoy special discounts throughout the year on dining, travel, shopping, mobile payments, entertainment, online shopping and more, through OCBC’s promotional offers.


    • FairPrice and Unity: Buy CNY Abalone Sets at a discount of S$5 until 28 February 2018.
    • Zalora: Spend at least S$120 when shopping online and save 20% on the bill until 28 February 2019. The promocode to use is ‘CNYOCBC20’.
    • Expedia: Get 10% discount on hotel reservations done at expedia.com.sg/ocbc up to 31 January 2019 using the promocode ‘OCBC10HOL’. The stay should be completed by 30 April 2019.
    • Alligator Pear, Fairmont: Save 25% on food bill until 31 May 2018. The number of diners should be between 2 and 8, and the offer cannot be utilised on public holidays and special occasions. Similar offers are available at several other Fairmont restaurants as well.

    Rewards Programme

    The OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Card rewards you in a number of ways:

    • FairPrice (FP) rebate: As an NTUC Plus! Credit Card member, you can earn an FP rebate of 12% on monthly transactions made through Visa payments at FairPrice supermarkets (inclusive of both FairPrice Finest stores and FairPrice Xtra), Unity medical stores, and Warehouse Club. In order to qualify for this 12% FP rebate you need to spend at least S$400 outside the store in a month. Your FP/Unity/Warehouse Club rebate comprises:
      • 4% FairPrice annual cash rebate
      • 7% rebate in LinkPoints
      • 1% LinkPoint rebate if you have an NTUC-OCBC Starter Account and your salary is being credited into it
    • FairPrice Online (FPOL) rebate: You can earn an FPOL rebate of up to 8% on monthly bills paid through Visa transactions. You need to spend a minimum of S$400 as your out-of-store spend in the same month to get this discount. Your FPOL rebate of 8% comprises:
      • 4% FairPrice annual cash rebate
      • 3% rebate in LinkPoints
      • 1% LinkPoint rebate if you have an NTUC-OCBC Starter Account with salary deposit
    • Esso Service Stations: You get to save up to 18.5% on your fuel bills at Esso Service Stations. On the gross price of fuel, you get an upfront discount of 14% and an additional rebate of 4.5%. Your savings of 18.5% is calculated as follows:
      • Smiles Card discount of 5%
      • Esso service station site discount of 5%
      • OCBC credit card discount of 4%
      • S$15 cash rebate when you spend at least S$300 in a month on your nett fuel purchase, which equals to an additional rebate of 4.3% (or a rebate of 5% on the nett fuel price)
      • When you make nett fuel transactions using the OCBC credit card, you get 0.2% rebate on every S$1 that was charged to your Visa Card.
    • Your rebates will be awarded to you in the form of LinkPoints provided you meet the below-mentioned conditions:
      • Your Visa transactions should be of at least S$20 at FairPrice supermarkets (including FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra), Unity Stores, and Warehouse Club.
      • FairPrice will reward you with 2 LinkPoints (1.33%) at the time of transaction for every S$1 spent. Also, an extra 8.5 LinkPoints (5.67%) will be rewarded by the OCBC Bank if you meet the minimum criteria for spending at least S$400 as your out-store spend.

    For more clarity on how you earn LinkPoints through this card, take a look at https://www.ocbc.com/plus/assets/pdf/terms-and-conditions-governing-ntuc-plus-visa-card-rewards-programme.pdf.

    Insurance Benefits with the OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Card

    You can buy NTUC Income’s Plus! Term Life Insurance at lower premiums if you are an OCBC NTUC Plus! Card holder. You can check out further details here – https://plus.com.sg/apply/insurance/plus-term-life-insurance.

    Instalment Payment Plans

    As an NTUC Plus! Credit Card holder, you are given the flexibility to convert your large credit card purchases into easy monthly instalments. To add to your convenience, these instalments are interest-free as well. Take a look at the instalment payment plans offered by the OCBC Bank below:

    • PayLite: When you make online, local, and overseas transactions using your NTUC Plus! Visa Card and those transactions sum up to more than S$500, you can convert your credit card payment into fixed monthly instalments that can stretch up to 24 months. You will be charged 3% as your one-time processing fee and your instalments will be completely interest-free to ease your burden.
    • 0% IPP: You can convert your payments at selected stores – around 1,000 outlets of education, health and wellness, beauty, shopping, insurance, travel and automotive – to monthly instalments. A cancellation fee of S$150 is applicable if you want to pay off the instalments in one go after the 0% IPP has been applied.

    Fee and Charges

    Type of fee Amount payable
    Annual fee Prevailing NTUC Membership fee only
    Supplementary card fee No annual fee for up to three supplementary cards
    Interest rate 25.92% p.a.
    Late payment charges S$100
    Cash advance fee 6% or S$15 of the withdrawn amount. Whichever amount is higher will be considered
    Interest on cash advance 28.92% p.a.

    OCBC NTUC Plus! Activation

    The NTUC Plus! Visa Cards sent to you will be an inactive card. This is deliberately done by the OCBC Bank so that your card is protected against credit card fraudulent activities.

    You can activate your credit card for local use by either of the following ways mentioned below:

    • OCBC phone banking
    • Go to link “www.ocbc.com.sg/activate”
    • OCBC online banking
    • Visit your closest OCBC Bank branch
    • Give a call to 1800 – 363 3333 and talk to our customer service professionals

    Soon after you activate your credit card successfully, you will receive an SMS via your registered mobile number. Also, activation of the magnetic stripe that is present on the backside of your credit card is not required for local usage. However, it needs to be activated for transactions made when you are travelling overseas. There are 5 main ways to activate and deactivate your credit card (magstripe) for an overseas purchase:

    • Through OCBC.com (ocbc.com/magstripe)
    • Through OCBC Online Banking
    • Through OCBC Mobile Banking
    • Through SMS Banking
    • At your nearest branch of OCBC Bank
    • By calling 1800 363 3333 (local) or +65 6363 3333 (from outside Singapore).

    You can also activate or deactivate your card for overseas ATM cash withdrawal through mail-in forms. Both activation and deactivation will be done within 7 functional days.

    Foreign Currency Transactions

    Apart from US dollar (USD) transactions, all other transactions in foreign currency will be first converted into USD instead of SGD depending on the rate quoted by the relevant card associations. Along with 1% currency conversion charge which is levied by the relevant credit card associations, 1.8% of your foreign transaction amount will also be imposed as an administrative fee by the bank. So a total of 2.8% is chargeable on the amount in Singapore dollars (not the currency you pay in).

    Cash Advance/Cash Withdrawals

    If your credit card was approved prior to 22 August 2012, your cash advance withdrawal limit will be set as per the available credit limit you hold. If your credit card was approved after 22 August 2012, your cash advance withdrawal limit will go up to 70% of your credit card’s approved credit limit.

    Using an OCBC ATM, the maximum amount you can withdraw is S$1,000 for a single transaction and it can go up to your available credit limit. The maximum withdrawable amount is S$20,000 in a single day. Your withdrawal limit might vary when you are overseas. For cash withdrawal, your credit card PIN is mandatory.

    For every cash withdrawal transaction you make, either 6% of the withdrawn amount or S$15 will be applicable as cash advance fee. The amount which is higher will be considered as your cash advance fee.

    On a day-to-day basis, 28.92% p.a. will be the cash advance interest that will be calculated (minimum of S$2.50). This will be imposed on the withdrawn amount from the date on which the withdrawal was done, till the date your complete payment is received. Your cash advance interest will be subjected to compounding if your monthly interest fee is not repaid completely.

    How to Apply for OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card

    You can apply for the NTUC Plus! Visa Card online on the OCBC Bank’s official website. All you need to do is go to OCBC Singapore and find the OCBC NTUC Plus! Credit Card webpage. On this webpage, check for the ‘How to apply’ button. Click on ‘Start’ to apply for your credit card and then follow 5 easy steps.

    You can also go to your nearest branch of OCBC Bank and apply for the credit card in person.

    Eligibility Criteria

    In order to qualify for the this Card, there are certain criteria you need to meet on a mandatory basis. These are given below:

    • Nationality criteria: Permanent Residents, Singapore citizens, and foreigners can get this card.
    • Age requirement: 21 years and above.
    • Annual income criteria:
      • Annual income for Permanent Residents and Singapore citizens needs to be at least S$30,000.
      • Annual income for foreigners needs to be at least S$45,000.

    You also need to be an NTUC Member to apply for the OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Card.

    Documents Required

    Here are the documents that you must submit along with the application form to successfully apply for this credit card:

    • Salaried individuals need to submit:
    • Variable employed, commission-based, and self-employed employees need to submit:
      • An NRIC copy with both the sides
      • Most recent Tax Notice of Assessment; OR
      • Latest statements of CPF Contribution History for the last 12 months.
    • Foreigners need to submit:
      • A passport that has proper validity
      • An employment pass with a minimum validity of 6 months AND
      • Latest electronic or computerised payslip plus most recent Income Tax NOA (Notice of Assessment) OR
      • An official letter from the company that is certifying both salary and employment.

    Interest Rates

    The applicable rate of interest is 25.92% p.a. when you fail to pay your entire credit card bill within the stipulated due date. S$2.50 is the minimum charge for every month and this will be calculated from the date of transaction done till the date you have paid your complete outstanding bill amount to the OCBC Bank. There is an interest-free period of 23 days from statement date is available for transactions, but if you don’t pay your full bill by this time, then the annual compounded rate will be levied.

    Bill Payments

    When your outstanding balance amount is within the limit of your credit card, you need to make a minimum payment of S$50 or 3% of your entire balance amount within your due date. When your outstanding balance amount has exceeded the limit of your credit card, you need to pay 3% of your entire balance plus the excess of your credit limit along with any overdue amount.

    What Should You Do If Your OCBC NTUC Plus! Card is Lost/Stolen

    In case your NTUC Plus! Credit Card is lost, stolen, misplaced or your credit card PIN has been revealed to an unauthorised party, you will need to notify the bank authorities immediately. After informing the bank regarding your card being lost or stolen card, or your PIN disclosure, you will not be held responsible for any kind of unauthorised transactions. Although, the OCBC Bank will debit all card transactions (inclusive of cash advances) from your respective card account that has been processed before the bank is notified, and this includes transactions done without your approval.

    For unauthorised transactions on your card, your liability will be restricted to S$100. You will be eligible for this minimal liability only if you comply with the following conditions:

    • As soon as your card is stolen or lost, or your PIN number is compromised, you need to reach out to the bank.
    • You must assist the OCBC Bank in recovering the details for any unapproved transaction made on your NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card.
    • You need to provide a statutory declaration or police report to the OCBC Bank in the appropriate format. If needed, you will be asked by the bank to provide additional information.
    • The bank should be completely convinced that your credit card was not lost, stolen, or your PIN was not revealed because of your negligence.

    In order to notify the OCBC Bank regarding the loss of your credit card, you can reach out to the bank any time of the day by calling 1800 363 3333. A bank representative will then assist you in blocking your NTUC Plus! Visa Card.

    Suppose you retrieve your credit card after reporting the loss or theft of your credit card to the bank, you are not supposed to continue using the credit card. You need to cut the recovered card into pieces and give them back to the bank authorities. In the event of you failing to do this, you will be held responsible for every transaction made using your credit card. The bank will then issue a replacement card to you and an additional fee will be applicable.

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