Maybank Credit Limit Review

No one can anticipate the emergencies you are going to face in life, for which you might need an increased credit limit. A greater limit allows you to have increased financial flexibility, which might come handy on a rainy day. This gives you enough spending power to make large purchases as well as something to count on during emergency situations. For this reason, Maybank provides you the service of increasing your credit limit. Maybank lets its customers apply for two types of credit increase, credit limit review and temporary credit limit increase.

Credit Limit Review

Maximise your credit card benefits and enjoy financial flexibility along with greater spending power. Here is how you can request for a credit limit review from Maybank.

How to Apply

You can apply for a credit review on your Maybank credit card with a quick and easy process. All you need to do is download the form from the bank’s website and take a print out. You need to fill up the form and mail it to the address on the website, along with all the required documents. You can also fax the completed form to the bank’s fax number provided on the website.

Required Documents

We’ve compiled a list of all the necessary documents that you will need to provide when applying for this service. The documents requirements are categorised according to the type of your employment in Singapore.

For Fully-Salaried People:

  • Copy of last 12 months CPF contribution history statement, or
  • Last computerised payslip, or
  • Most recent Income Tax Notice of Assessment along with latest computerised payslip/last 12 months CPF contribution history statement.

For Self Employed People:

  • Copy of last 2 years Income Tax Notice of Assessment.

For Variable Income Earners:

  • Copy of latest 12 months CPF contribution statement, or
  • Last 3 months computerised payslip, or
  • Most recent Income Tax Notice of Assessment along with the last 3 months computerised payslip/last 12 months CPF contribution history statement.
More About Maybank Credit Limit Review Form

Temporary Credit Limit Increase

Maybank also provides the option of a temporary credit limit increase, these are made for situations for when you need to spend more than anticipated.  You can use this increase to meet short-term financial needs and counter emergency situations. The application process for this is typically quick and hassle free. For further assistance and applying for this service, you can directly call the bank on the number mentioned on the website.

About the Form

This section will explain the form a little better so that you might be able to avoid mistakes and fill the form easily

  • The first section of the form is concerned with the amount of credit limit required by you. I you do not specify the amount, the bank will decide the most fitting limit.
  • The second section of the form is where you need to specify your particulars. Here you will need to provide details like, your name, NRIC details, credit card number,Maybank CreditAble account number, contact number and address
  • On the last section of the form, you have to sign the document as main cardholder
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