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    Standard Chartered Manhattan World Mastercard

    If you are searching for a cashback credit card that can be used to meet your daily dining, shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle needs, you may consider applying Standard Chartered credit cards. This card comes with an annual fee waiver and offers cashback of up to S$800 a year.


    By opting for this card, you can get 0% interest instalment plan and enjoy the convenience of making mobile payments that do not require you to carry your wallet. Let us find out the various offers, benefits, and privileges of this credit card.


    • Recurring Payment Plan: You can use this card to consolidate and pay all your utility bills without missing due dates. All your telecom, broadband and other linked bills would be shown on your credit card statement to help you make easier payments.
    • Fund Transfers: You can transfer funds from your credit card to pay your loan from another bank, to make payments for non-Standard Chartered credit card bills, or transfer money from your card to a savings or current account. You can enjoy 0% interest-free annual charges with a one-time service charge. The minimum amount you need to transfer to enjoy this rate is S$1,000.
    • Mobile Payments: This card gives you the convenience of making cashless payments by linking it to your phone. You can visit any sales terminal and make payments using Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay.
    • Annual fee waiver: By opting for this card, you will get a first-year annual fee waiver.


    • The card gives you a flat cashback rate of 0.5% to 3%, which is awarded depending on how much you spend in a month.
    • You are entitled to get up to 20% cashback benefit on your Uber fares.
    • This card provides various discounts under The Good Life programme. From travel discounts of 20% to dining privileges at popular restaurants in Singapore, you can save on your essential as well as entertainment expenses.


    • Uber: Whether you’re using Uber in Singapore or abroad, you can save up to 20%. The cashback is capped at S$50 per month, and can be enjoyed only if you spend at least S$900 a month on the card. This promotional offer is valid until 30 September 2018.
    • Caltex: You can save up to 22.30% on your fuel purchases every month. To get this rebate, you need to meet the minimum monthly spend parameter of S$600. The savings are in the form of 16% spot discount for Caltex Platinum 98 petrol, 4.5% off the nett amount from the bank, and up to 3% cashback from the Manhattan World Mastercard. For each month, the maximum rebate you can receive is S$200. The promotional offer is valid until 30 June 2018.

    Rewards programme

    You can earn up to S$800 cashback in a year using your Standard Chartered Manhattan World Mastercard. You can earn up to 3% cashback on all qualifying purchases. The system works in three tiers, which is detailed below:

    • You’ll get 0.5% cashback if you spend less than S$1,000 on your card in a calendar month.
    • You’ll receive 1% cashback if your monthly card transactions are between S$1,000 and less than S$3,000.
    • If your purchases in a month come up to more than S$3,000, then you are eligible for a 3% cashback on the whole amount.
    • The cashback is credited to you on a quarterly basis, and you have to meet the minimum spend criteria for all three months of the quarter to get the full cashback.
    • The cashback that is earned is credited one month after each quarter. The maximum cashback you can earn per quarter is S$200, which comes to a total of S$800 per year.

    Instalment payment plans

    Standard Chartered has 2 types of instalment payment plans: EasyPay and 0% IPP. You can use the 0% Instalment Payment Plan to pay your dues in easy monthly repayments. The tenure is up to 3 years and there are no additional charges when you sign up for the instalment payment plan. However, you will need to ensure that you mention the instalment payment plan at participating merchant establishments before charging your card. Purchases made under 0% IPP are eligible for cashback as well.

    EasyPay allows you to convert your retail transactions – irrespective of which merchant you’re buying from – of S$500 or more into either 6 or 12 easy monthly instalments. There is no applied interest rate, but a one-time processing fee of 5% is applicable. However, do check with the bank for effective rates of interest.

    Fees & charges

    Annual fee S$192.60 inclusive of GST (waived for the first year)
    Supplementary card fee Free
    Interest rate 25.9% per year
    Minimum monthly payment The higher of S$50 or 1% of principal plus interest fees, charges and any over limit, outstanding due amount
    Late payment fee S$80
    Cash advance fee 6% cash advance fee per transaction (minimum S$15)
    Interest on cash advance 0.77% per day
    Over-limit fee S$40

    How to activate/use your Card Overseas

    Your Standard Chartered Manhattan World Mastercard is disabled by default for security purposes. If you would like to use your card overseas, it will need to be enabled first. Card activation can be done through SMS, or by visiting the Standard Chartered website or by visiting any of the nearest branches. Some countries still use magnetic strip (located on the back of your card) instead of EMV chips for point of sale transactions. Your card needs to be activated successfully prior to performing any POS-based transactions at outlets that use the magnetic strip.

    You can make the card transaction-ready in any of the following ways:

    • Through Standard Chartered online banking
    • Through the 24-hour hotline number
    • Through an SMS

    You will be notified once your card is successfully activated. Your overseas activation will be valid for a period of 12 months. If you are enabling the card via the website, you can set an expiry date based on your preferences.

    Foreign currency transactions

    All foreign currency transactions that include both online and overseas payments made in US dollars will be exchanged into Singapore dollars. All other transactions that are done in any other currencies will first be converted into US dollars before converting it to Singapore dollars. The conversion rate is based on the existing foreign exchange rate decided by Mastercard.

    All foreign currency transactions will attract a prevailing fee of 1% charged by Mastercard and 2.5% charged by the bank. This is applicable on the converted Singapore dollar amount.

    Cash advance/cash withdrawals

    A cash advance fee of 6% is applicable per transaction. This is subject to a minimum charge of S$15. In addition to this, an interest of 0.77 % per day is applicable and these charges would continue until the dues are paid in full. The interest is chargeable from the day you make the withdrawal.

    How to apply for Standard Chartered Manhattan World Mastercard

    You can apply through the Singapore Standard Chartered website, or fill and download the form and take it to the nearest branch along with the required documents.

    Eligibility Criteria

    In order to qualify for the credit card, you will need to meet the following criteria:

    • You will need to be aged between 21 and 65.
    • If you are a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident, you will need to have a minimum yearly income of S$30,000.
    • If you are a foreigner and holding a P1, P2 or Q Pass (with at least 1-year validity), you will need to have a minimum yearly income of S$30,000.

    Documents required

    Salaried individuals

    • Latest 1 month’s computerised salary slips OR
    • CPF contribution statement for the last 6 months OR
    • Most recent income tax notice of assessment AND latest computerised salary slips OR 6 months’ CPF contribution statement

    Self-employed individuals

    You will need to submit your IRAS notice of assessment. You must be in business for a period of at least 2 years.

    Individuals earning commission

    Interest rates

    An effective interest rate (EIR) of 25.9% p.a. is applicable on transactions. If partial credit card repayments are made, finance charges of 0.071% would be charged on a daily basis until the dues are cleared in full. If you pay the bill in full, you don’t have to worry about any interest charges.

    Bill Payments

    Payments to your credit card can be done using the following methods:

    • Cheques
    • Online banking
    • Phone banking
    • At teller counters, cash deposit machines or express cheque deposit box at any Standard Chartered branch
    • Interbank GIRO
    • AXS stations

    What should you do if your Manhattan World Mastercard is stolen?

    You will need to notify Standard Chartered bank immediately by calling the hotline number in the following scenarios:

    • If the card is lost
    • If the card is stolen
    • If the PIN is disclosed to a third person

    Once you let the bank know, if any purchases are made on your card, the bank will not hold you liable for that payment. At the most, you are responsible for paying S$100 as lost card liability. You will have to assure the bank that the theft or loss was not because of your negligence, and you are not complicit in the fraud.

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