Standard Chartered MANHATTAN $500 Card

    The SC MANHATTAN $500 Card can get you into the most popular clubs, exclusive deals, offers and promotions and rebates on all your purchases.

    Manhattan$500 credit Card Review

    Credit cards have made our day-to-day transactions much easier and have transformed the way we shop. While there are plenty of cards to choose from, you will need to check which one is apt to suit your needs. If this is the first time you are applying for one, you may consider applying for Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Credit Card.

    This standard chartered credit card is primarily aimed at undergraduates or first-time jobbers. It offers a credit limit of S$500. By opting for this card, you are exempted from paying an annual fee of S$32.10 for the first year. The Manhattan $500 card also provides 0.25% cashback on all your purchases. For all your Uber rides, you are eligible to get up to 20% cashback, ranging to a maximum of S$50 each month, if you spend at least S$900 in a month.

    If you are looking for a card that offers low annual fees and a basic credit limit to meet you’re spending needs, this card may be the right one for you.


    • Enjoy annual fee waiver for the first year.
    • The card has a credit limit of S$500.
    • This credit card is meant for working adults earning less than S$30,000 p.a.


    If you have been using the SC MANHATTAN $500 Card for a while now but you have started earning more than S$30,000 p.a. you can switch to a MANHATTAN World MasterCard that offers extended benefits and deals with just a phone call. You can call the bank on the number provided on the SC MANHATTAN $500 Card webpage of the official Standard Chartered Singapore website and the bank will send you the application form. You simply have to complete the form, attach the required documents and mail it back to the bank. Once, your application is approved, the bank will send you your new MANHATTAN World MasterCard.

    To make the transition even more convenient for you, the bank will make sure that you’re old SC MANHATTAN $500 Card will share the combined credit limit as your new MANHATTAN World MasterCard which is up to 2X your monthly income. Although this is an option, Standard Chartered encourages cardmembers to cancel their old MANHATTAN $500 when they apply for the MANHATTAN World MasterCard.


    • What you get – 0.25% cashback on all purchases.
    • How to redeem – Use this credit card to pay for all retail purchases such as dining, shopping, paying bills etc.
    • Charges and details – Cashback will be awarded on a monthly basis. Cashback will not be applicable for paying fees and charges on the credit card such as annual fees, instalment payments etc.

    Fees and Charges on SC Manhattan $500 Card

    Type of fee Amount payable
    Annual fee S$32.10 (1-year annual fee waiver)
    Interest rate 25.9% p.a.
    Late payment charges S$80
    Cash advance fee 6% of the transacted amount with a minimum charge of S$15
    Interest on cash advance 0.077% per day on the transacted amount until the full payment is made.
    Overlimit fee S$40

    Transactions in foreign currencies

    • All foreign currency transactions made in USD (US Dollar) will be converted into SGD (Singapore Dollar).
    • For all foreign currency transactions other than USD, the transaction will first be converted into USD and then into SGD. All such transactions are subject to a conversion rate determined by the card association. The conversion rate will be applicable on the date the transaction is processed and not on the date it was first made.
    • For all foreign currency transactions, 1% prevailing charge will be imposed by MasterCard on the converted SGD amount + 2.5% prevailing fee on the converted SGD amount.
    • DCC or Dynamic Currency Conversion – A prevailing charge of 0.8% will be applicable on the transaction amount on all foreign currency transactions converted through DCC. This charge is imposed by MasterCard.
    • For all SGD transactions that are processed overseas, MasterCard imposes a prevailing charge of 0.8% of the transaction amount.

    How to apply for the SC MANHATTAN $500 Card

    To apply for this credit card, visit the SC MANHATTAN $500 Card webpage of the official Standard Chartered Singapore website. You will find the “Apply Now” option on the page. Click on this option and download the application form. Fill in the necessary details, attach the requested documents and mail the completed application form to the bank.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Only Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible to apply for this card.

    • Applicants must be students or working adults who are also tertiary graduates.
    • Students must be studying at the following educational institutions only: NUS, NTU, SIM or University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (Asia Campus).
    • Minimum age: 18 years.
    • Maximum age: 32 years.
    • Minimum income: S$18,000 p.a. (annual income should not exceed S$30,000).

    Documents Required


    • Front and back copy of NRIC AND
    • If younger than 21 years, a front and back copy of parent’s/legal guardian’s NRIC + the same parent/legal guardian must sign the application form AND
    • A front and back copy of Student Identity Card, Student Card or Matriculation Card.

    Working adults who are also tertiary graduates:

    • Front and back copy of NRIC AND
    • Last month’s/current month’s computerized payslip (applicable for regular income earners) OR
    • Last 3 months computerized payslips (applicable for commission based earners) OR
    • Last 6 months CPF Statements OR
    • Previous year’s/current year’s Income Tax NOA (Notice of Assessment).

    Self-employed who are also a tertiary graduates:

    • Front and back copy of NRIC AND
    • Previous year’s/current year’s Income Tax NOA (Notice of Assessment).
    • The self-employed applicant must be in business for at least 2 years.

    Interest Rates

    The Effective Interest Rate or EIR on the SC MANHATTAN $500 Card is 24.455% p.a. This interest rate will be applied on your credit card balance if you do not make the full payment on your outstanding balance by your payment due date. This finance charge will be calculated daily at 0.067% on your outstanding balance from your statement date.

    The interest will be calculated starting from the transaction date and until the payment is made in full. The repayment grace period on this credit card is 22 days from your statement date and only applicable if you pay the outstanding balance in full. This interest free credit will not be applicable on partial payments on the minimum amount due.


    The minimum repayment per month on the SC MANHATTAN $500 Card is S$50 OR:

    • 1% of the principal outstanding amount +
    • Interest +
    • Other fees and charges +
    • Overlimit amount (if any) +
    • Past due amount (if any).

    If you do not pay the minimum due amount by your payment due date, a late payment charge of S$60 will be applicable. If the minimum due amount is not paid by the next statement cycle, the interest rate on this credit card will be adjusted to 28% p.a. Once you start making timely payments on your minimum due amount by your payment due date, the interest rate will be reverted to 24.455% p.a.

    Lost/stolen card liability

    You will be liable for all unauthorized or fraudulent transactions made on your credit card before you notify Standard Chartered Bank regarding the loss or theft of your card or if your PIN has been disclosed to a third party. The maximum liability on such transactions is S$100 provided you notify the bank immediately.

    Card Security

    CardSafe Guarantee is only applicable on unauthorized online transactions:

    • SMS Alerts – The bank will send you an SMS every time a transaction is made using your credit card. You will also have the option to set a pre-set limit where the bank will send you a message whenever a transaction exceeds that limit. You will have to sign up for SMS Alerts online.
    • OTP (3-D Secure) Transactions for online purchases – An OTP or a One-Time Password will be sent to your registered mobile number to complete online transactions at 3-D Secure merchant establishments.
    • 24 hour protection – The bank has a fraud detection system which watches for any suspicious activity on your credit card round the clock. In case of detection of any suspicious activity, the bank will contact you for verification.

    Reporting lost/stolen credit card

    If you have lost your SC MANHATTAN $500 Card or it has been stolen, you must notify Bank immediately by phoning their 24 Hour Client Contact Centre standard chartered credit card hotline number. This number is available on the application form for this credit card. You can find a link to download this application form on the SC MANHATTAN $500 Card webpage of the official Standard Chartered Singapore website. 

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