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    Find The Best ICBC Credit Card

    ICBC cards are one of the ideal options you could consider if you’re someone who frequently travels to China. This is because ICBC offers UnionPay and Visa credit cards that are widely accepted in Mainland China. Currently, ICBC offers 4 credit cards which come with several features and benefits. One of the prominent features of the ICBC cards is that you don’t have to pay any conversion fee when you make transactions in RMB (Renminbi) or USD (United States Dollar). Also, with an ICBC card, you’ll get to enjoy various promotional offers in categories like shopping, dining, travel, and more.

    ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Credit Card: Best for Dining

    • Up to 12% discount at ICBC-Koipy participating restaurants. To name a few – 8% discount at Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat, 10% off at House of Seafood (Punggol), and 12% discount at Xie Lao Song.
    • Complimentary Sands Rewards LifeStyle Elite Membership Card as one of the ICBC-Koipy special privileges offering several discounts and offers.
    • Annual fee waiver for initial 3 years + privileged cash advance fees for cash withdrawals you make at any of the Mainland China ATMs.

    With this card, you’ll get to enjoy up to 12% off at more than 40 ICBC-Koipy qualifying merchants. Also, since this is a dual currency credit card, you’ll have the flexibility of making your payment in both SGD (Singapore Dollar) and RMB currencies. Another privilege is, you don’t have to pay an administrative fee on your RMB transactions.

    As a part of the “I GO Singapore” program, you’ll get a complimentary Sands Rewards LifteStyle Elite Membership Card. With this card, you’ll get 9% instant Reward Dollars at participating restaurants plus 3% instant Reward Dollars (guaranteed) at more than 200 qualifying outlets that includes dining, hotel stays, entertainment, and shopping. Also, you’ll qualify for 12% discount at Sky View Pavilion (on a la carte menu). You also get to earn a cashback of up to 3% using this card. When you spend at least S$1,000 in a month, you’ll get a cashback of 3% on your entire spend. When you spend less than S$1,000 in a month, you’ll get 1% cashback on your total spend (cashback will be capped at S$60). You’ll get cashback on all spends irrespective of how many transactions you make and what kind of transactions they are.

    Annual Fee Interest Rate for Transactions (p.a.) Interest Rates for Cash Advance
    S$150 24% p.a. 24% p.a.

    ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card: Best for All Retail Spends

    • Enjoy a cashback of up to 8% on qualifying transactions.
    • Enjoy special cash advance rates for cash withdrawals at any of the ATMs in Mainland China.
    • All Mainland China transactions will automatically get charged in RMB. You can pay for your transaction either in SGD or RMB currencies.

    The ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card is one of the most accepted cards in China. You’ll get an annual fee waiver for the first 3 years. Also, this card will earn you a cashback of 8% when you spend more than S$500 for 3 consecutive months in an eligible quarter. You’ll earn 0.5% cashback on all transactions worth up to S$500. You’ll get 2%, 5%, and 8% cashback for the first 3 months, respectively of every eligible quarter for all spends above S$500.

    This credit card will qualify for the “I GO Singapore” program. With this program, you’ll get to enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts at various qualifying merchants. The eligible merchants of this program are categorised into 6 main groups – shopping (promotional discounts at shopping malls), dining (signature dishes), hotels (discounted room rates), leisure (holiday in Singapore), beauty & wellness (health specific products), and other categories (local food delicacies and more). Also, this card will give you access to eligible ICBC airport lounges in Mainland China.

    Annual Fee Interest Rate for Transactions (p.a.) Interest Rates for Cash Advance
    S$30-S$150 24% p.a. 24% p.a.

    ICBC VISA Dual Currency Credit Card: Best for Dual Currency Transactions

    • Pay for your transactions in USD and SGD currencies.
    • An administrative fee of 2.5% will be waived for any transaction you make in USD.
    • Annual fee waiver for the initial 3 years.

    This is the first credit card in Singapore that allows you to make your payments in both SGD and USD currencies. Additionally, 2.5% administrative fee will be waived off for all your transactions that involves USD currency. This card will allow you to make convenient contactless transactions via Visa payWave.

    The ICBC VISA Dual Currency Credit Card lets you earn a cashback of up to 8% on retail purchases. To earn this 8% cashback, you need to spend more than S$500 for 3 continuous months in a quarter. The cashback amount is capped at S$30, S$40, and S$60 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd month of each quarter, respectively. Hence, the maximum cashback you can earn within a quarter is S$130 by spending more than S$500 every month in the qualifying quarter.

    Annual Fee Interest Rate for Transactions (p.a.) Interest Rates for Cash Advance
    S$150 24% p.a. 24% p.a.

    ICBC Global Travel MasterCard: Best for Travel

    • This card will let you earn a cashback of 3% on overseas spends.
    • You’ll get access to participating ICBC airport lounges in Mainland China.
    • Tap & pay for your train and bus rides via Mastercard contactless payments.

    Earn 1.5% cashback on local purchases. There is no cap on the amount of cashback you can earn using this card.

    With the ICBC Global Travel MasterCard, you can conveniently pay for your bus or train rides by just tapping your credit card. You’ll need to visit the official website of TransitLink, create your account, and add the details for your ICBC Global Travel MasterCard. Post 3 days of registration, your card will get activated for contactless payments.

    The ICBC Global Travel MasterCard entitles you to a program known as “I GO Singapore”. This program qualifies you for a wide range of offers, discounts, and privileges in categories such as shopping, hotels, dining, leisure, beauty & wellness, and others.

    Annual Fee Interest Rate for Transactions (p.a.) Interest Rates for Cash Advance
    S$150 24% p.a. 24% p.a.

    Compare ICBC Cashback Cards

      ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Credit Card ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card ICBC VISA Dual Currency Credit Card ICBC Global Travel Mastercard
    Cashback on all spends Up to 3% Up to 8% Up to 8% Local spends – 1.5% Overseas spends – 3%
    Dining privileges Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Travel offers Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Hotel discounts Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Airport lounge access (in Mainland China) No Yes No Yes
    Other promotional offers Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Why ICBC Credit Cards: Features & Benefits

    • Perform cash withdrawals via any ATM in China at preferential rates.
    • Make purchases with your credit cards using the ICBC Instalment Payment Plan (IPP), whenever you spend a minimum sum of S$500 in a single transaction.
    • Access a complete range of self-service centres and service networks in China with ICBC. Besides, UnionPay is the one and only financial services corporation in mainland China that aids RMB settlement.
    • Eligibility guaranteed for Express Chinese visa application services with the ICBC UnionPay Card. Qualify easily for special VIP services while applying for a Chinese Visa if you have an ICBC UnionPay Card. The Express visa application service provides you a separate VIP counter to help you speed up the queue when you are applying for your Chinese Visa.

    Eligibility Requirement for ICBC Cards

    To get an ICBC card, you need to meet the following qualifying parameters:

    Cards Name Minimum Income Residents (p.a.) Minimum Income Foreigners (p.a.) Minimum Age Other criteria
    ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Gold Credit Card NA 21 years You should be a student from institutions such as NTU, NUS, and SMU. NA
    Others S$30,000 p.a. 21 years Fixed deposit collateral worth S$10,000 is also admissible. NA

    Note: In case you are not able to meet the minimum income criterion or submit the mandatory documents required, you can sign up for a secured card. For this card, you will need to submit a fixed deposit worth a minimum of S$10,000.

    ICBC Card Rewards Programmes

    Currently, all ICBC credit cards offer cashback on eligible spends. Cashback earned in a month can be used to offset Singapore dollar transactions in the following calendar month.

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    ICBC Card Promotions

    ICBC credit cards offer discounts and promotions on dining, shopping, flight tickets, and more, from time to time. Check our page on credit card deals for more.

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    ICBC Card Hotline

    You can contact ICBC from Singapore or while overseas on their dedicated local and overseas hotline numbers. Alternatively, you can also contact them via email or fax.

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