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    HSBC Advance Credit Card For Cashback

    The HSBC Advance Credit Card offers you cashback on expenses that you charge to it. You can get up to 2.5% as cashback on your monthly spends and if you’re an HSBC Advance banking member, your rate of cashback goes up to 3.5% without the need to fulfil any minimum spend criterion. On the other hand, normal customers are required to comply with certain minimum spend criteria if they are to get their cashback rates. There are, however, certain excluded spends that are not eligible for this cashback. In addition to this, if you apply for this card on or before 30 September 2018, you are eligible for a welcome gift from HSBC. You can choose either a 55 cm Astra luggage from Samsonite valued at S$350 or a cashback of S$100. For those who apply online, there is an additional gift of a RED Bockiee backpack by Samsonite. This additional welcome gift is available only if you apply directly through HSBC.

    Key Features

    Feature Description
    Cashback on eligible retail purchases Up to 3.5%
    Complimentary travel insurance Up to S$300,000

    Up to 2.5% Cashback for Normal Customers

    If you’re not an HSBC Advance banking customer, you can get up to 2.5% cashback on your transactions every month. If you total monthly purchases are worth more than S$2,000, you can get a cashback of 2.5%. if your monthly bill is S$2,000 or less, your cashback rate will be 1.5%. The maximum amount you can accumulate in terms of cashback is S$70 every month.

    Exclusive Offer for HSBC Advance customers

    If you’re an Advance banking customer of HSBC, you get 3.5% as cashback on the monthly spends you make on this card irrespective of how much you spend every month. There is no minimum spend criterion. The amount of cashback that you can accumulate each month is limited to S$125. In addition to this, you also get a lifetime waiver on your card’s annual fee (including your supplementary card).

    Joining Perks and Signup Bonuses

    New and existing customers who apply online for this card on or before 30 September 2018 and have it approved by 15 October 2018 are eligible for this joining perk:

    New customers:

    If you are a new customer of HSBC and apply for this card online, you will get a sign-up gift of either a Samsonite Astra 55cm Luggage (available in navy blue and red) or S$100 cashback. To enjoy this promotion, you must:

    • Not hold any HSBC credit card or have cancelled a card in the past 12 months.
    • Charge at least S$600 (in eligible transactions) within 1 month from the date of card issue.

    Existing customers:

    If you are an existing cardholder, you will get a cashback of S$50, provided:

    • Your existing card was issued over 24 months ago.
    • You have not cancelled any HSBC credit card in the past 12 months.
    • You charge at least S$600 (in eligible transactions) to your card from the date of issue.

    Additional Benefits

    • Make contactless transactions via Apple Pay and Visa payWave.
    • If you are an HSBC Advance Banking customer, enjoy an annual fee waiver for life.
    • If you hold a supplementary card, earn cashbacks every time the credit card is used.

    Earning Cashback?

    • Earn 2.5% cashback if you spend more than S$2,000 in a month and 1.5% cashback if you charge at least S$2,000 or below (non-Advance Banking customers).
    • Receive 3.5% cashback if you spend more than S$2,000 in a month and 2.5% cashback if you charge at least S$2,000 or below (Advance Banking customers).
    • The caps on cashback for Advance Banking and non-Advance Banking customers are S$125 and S$70, respectively.
    • The cashback amount will be credited to your account by the end of the following month.

    Calculate Cash Rebate from HSBC Advance Credit Card

    Let us look at a sample spend in various eligible categories. We’ll then compute how much cashback you’ll earn.

    Spend category Monthly spend Cashback rate Cashback amount (1.5%)
    Local dining S$500 2.5% S$12.5
    Online shopping S$400 2.5% S$10
    Grocery S$300 2.5% S$7.50
    Petrol S$300 2.5% S$7.50
    Other retail spends S$1,500 2.5% S$37.50
    Total S$3,000 2.5% S$70 (the max. you can earn)

    Complimentary Insurance Coverage

    This card offer 3 types of insurance policies, which are:

    Personal Travel Accident Insurance

    Benefits Coverage amount
    Accidental death or Permanent Disability Up to S$300,000
    Loss of limbs Up to S$300,000
    Loss of eyesight Up to S$300,000

    Golfers’ Insurance

    Benefits Coverage amount
    Public liability Up to S$500,000
    Personal accident Up to S$100,000
    Medical expenses Up to S$1,000
    Loss or damage to equipment Up to S$4,000
    Loss or damage to personal effects Up to S$1,500
    Hole-in-one achievement Up to S$500

    Flight Inconvenience Insurance

    Benefits Coverage amount (Insured person only) Coverage amount (Family members and insured person)
    Trip cancellation Up to S$4,000 Up to S$10,000
    Flight delay Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000
    Missed flight Up to S$400 Up to S$800
    Delay of luggage Up to S$400 Up to S$800
    Loss of luggage Up to S$1,000 Up to S$2,000
    Funeral costs or repatriation Up to S$4,000 Up to S$8,000

    Who All Will be Covered by the Insurance Policies?

    Personal Travel Accident Insurance: You and your family members will be covered under this policy if you charge your entire conveyance fare of the overseas trip to the credit card. Members who will be covered are:

    • Legal spouse
    • Siblings
    • Parents-in-law or parents
    • Dependent and non-married child who is between 1 and 25 years of age.

    Golfers’ Insurance: You will be covered under this worldwide insurance policy if:

    • You have charged the game fee to your card.
    • You are between the ages of 18 and 65 years.
    • You are registered as a member or invited as a guest.

    Flight Inconvenience Insurance: You and your family members are protected under this policy if you charge your entire flight fare and deposit of the overseas trip to the credit card. The journey must begin from Singapore. Members who will be covered are:

    • Legal spouse
    • Siblings
    • Parents-in-law or parents
    • Dependent and non-married child who is between 1 and 25 years of age.

    HSBC Advance Credit Card Interest Rates

    Type of Interest Charge
    Retail purchases 25.9% p.a.
    Cash advance 28% p.a.
    Instalment Payment Plan 0% instalment plan

    HSBC Advance Credit Card Fee and Charges

    Type of Charge Charge
    Annual fee S$192.60 (first year annual fee waived)
    Overseas transaction fee Administrative fee of 1.5%
    Late payment fee S$55
    Cash advance fee S$15 or 6% of the transaction amount, whichever is more
    Over-limit fee S$40
    Supplementary card fee Complimentary for life

    Activating the Card for Overseas Expenses

    You have to activate your HSBC cards if you want to use them outside Singapore. This is to enhance the security of your credit card. When we say activate, it means that the card’s magnetic stripe, which is not needed for transactions in Singapore, will have to be made ready for use. The stripe may be required in countries outside Singapore where they do not have EMV chip technology yet.

    Your card can be activated in the following ways:

    • Online: Visit the HSBC official webpage for activation.
    • Offline: Call the HSBC hotline.

    Instalment Payment Plans Available

    With the bank’s credit card instalment plan, you can convert you your purchases of S$500 into interest-free and affordable instalments over a tenure of 6 to 24 months. The purchases must be made at the participating outlets only.

    All you have to do is ask the merchant for this plan and sign a charge slip. Upon signing, the bank will the entire amount for you and then charge the monthly instalments to your card account.

    Cash Withdrawal on the Credit Card

    The amount of money you can take is based on your credit limit and the status of your account. You can make a withdrawal from more than 900,000 Plus/Visa ATMs and MasterCard/Cirrus ATMs in over 120 countries. The maximum limit of cash withdrawal in a day is S$6,000.

    Eligibility Criteria

    To check whether you qualify to apply for this card, please visit our HSBC credit cards page.

    Lost/Stolen Cards

    If your card is lost, stolen, or misused, immediately notify your bank by calling the customer service hotline. If it is a case of theft, you must register a police report, and provide proof required to prove your innocence to the bank. The maximum amount you may be liable to pay on the unauthorised transactions if the card is illegally used is S$100. This is subject to the bank being convinced that the misuse/loss/theft was not because of your negligence.

    You can find the best credit card offers on Bankbazaar’s promotions page. This page will have comprehensive details of all the promotional offers together with the validity period. You must go through the terms and conditions carefully before applying.

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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions

    Via GIRO

    To activate auto debit to pay your monthly credit card bills, submit HSBC’s Interbank GIRO application form. You can either set this up to pay the minimum amount or the complete amount from your HSBC current or savings account.

    If you want to disable auto debits for card payments, then you will have to write to HSBC.

    To set up recurring bill payments on your credit card, complete and submit the ‘Recurring Bill Payment Application Form’. You can even call HSBC to get more details on how to set up standing instructions. To disable standing instructions, you will need to contact the respective merchants.

    How to Apply for the Card & Check Application Status

    On our site

    You can apply for your card online on You will also get attractive sign-up bonus. To check the status of your application, call HSBC’s Customer Service Officers.

    How to Check Balance

    Internet banking/phone banking

    You can check the balance on your credit card by logging into your internet banking account or by using HSBC’s phone banking facility.

    How Can the Bill Be Paid?

    GIRO/SingPost offices/ATMs/Online banking and others

    You can pay the outstanding balance on your card through the following methods:

    • HSBC ATMs
    • AXS stations
    • SAM kiosks
    • Interbank GIRO
    • SingPost outlets
    • 7-Eleven outlets
    • HSBC online banking
    • HSBC phone banking
    • Via cash at any HSBC branch
    • Bulk cash deposit machines in ATM lobbies
    • Via cheques made payable to ‘HSBC’

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card?

    S$50 or 3% of balance

    The minimum amount to be paid each month is 3% of the outstanding balance or S$50, whichever is higher. If you have charged your card in excess of the credit limit, then the minimum payment amount will include this excess amount.

    What Is the Grace Period?

    20 days

    The interest-free period that you enjoy is 20 days from the statement date if all your previous bills are paid in full and on time.

    Which Mobile Wallets Can Be Used With This Card?

    Apple Pay

    You can add your Advance Credit Card to the Apple Pay wallet to make transactions.

    Can It Be Used With EZ-Link?


    This card can be used with EZ-Link. EZ-Link transactions charged to the card, however, will not earn any rewards.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card?

    Through 24-hour Customer Service Hotline

    To block or unblock your Advance Credit Card, call HSBC’s 24-hour Customer Service Hotline. Registered phone banking users can also call the bank’s 24-hour Phone Banking Hotline.

    How to Reset the PIN

    Fill & submit form

    HSBC credit card PIN can be reset by submitting the completed ‘ATM/Debit/Credit Card & PIN, Internet Banking, Phonebanking Request Form’ to the bank. The new PIN will be sent via post within 7 business days if you are in Singapore and if you’re outside the country it will take 2 weeks.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date?

    Can be found in credit card bill

    You will receive your bill once a month. The billing cycle will commence from the date on which your card was approved.

    The date by which the bill needs to be paid will be mentioned in your monthly statement. To avoid any late payment fees, make sure that the minimum amount, the complete bill amount, or a part of it, is paid by the due date.

    How to Get a Replacement Card

    Via a form

    Submit the completed ‘ATM/Debit/Credit Card & PIN, Internet Banking, Phonebanking Request Form’ to the bank. You will get the replacement card through post.

    How to Temporarily Increase the Credit Limit of the Card

    Internet banking/Customer Service Hotline

    Registered HSBC online banking users can request for a temporary increase in their credit limit by logging in to their account. Alternatively, call HSBC’s Customer Service Hotline.

    HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Reviews

    • HSBC Credit Card
      "saving on my insurance premiums every month"
      0.5 4.5/5 "Excellent!"
      I've got a family of 5 and monthly insurance premiums eat into my savings quite a bit. I'm glad that the HSBC Advance card allows me to earn $35 cashback on insurance premiums every month. I made sure to become an Advance Banking customer to get an additional 1% cashback.
      Was this review helpful? 13
      , singapore
      Reviewed on Oct 10, 2017
    • HSBC Credit Card
      "not enough ancillary benefits"
      0.5 3.5/5 "Pretty good"
      I got the HSBC Advance card when they had a nice sign-up promotion, but aside from using it on my insurance premiums, I don't think it's a very useful card. There aren't many other perks a HSBC card gives, unlike other bank cards.
      Was this review helpful? 12
      , singapore
      Reviewed on Oct 10, 2017
    • HSBC Credit Card
      "gorgeous card"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I love the new HSBC card designs, especially the red lion head of the HSBC Advance card.
      Was this review helpful? 15
      , singapore
      Reviewed on Oct 10, 2017
    • HSBC Credit Card
      "better than the other cashback cards of this nature"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      Although the HSBC Advance card has a cashback cap, unlike the Amex or Stan Chart versions, I find that I can still comfortably spend within the limit and occasionally even get 2.5% cashback. I'll use a different cashback card for things like groceries or dining, and use the Advance card for purchases that usually don't earn cashback on other cards.
      Was this review helpful? 19
      , singapore
      Reviewed on Oct 10, 2017
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