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    Right Credit Card in Singapore

    If you’re looking for the best credit card, you’ve come to the right place. First, there is no such thing as the best credit card! The best card depends solely on one factor, you. There are a million different credit cards out there, and there are a million customers, too. And customers differ in likes, wants, needs, earning capacities and even repayment patterns. The best credit card is the one that suits you the most and gives you maximum benefits. There are a variety of cards designed to cater to different types of customers.

    Things to look for in a credit card

    Customers want different things. Here’s some of the things you should look out for to reveal the best credit card for you.

    • Reward points – where you can earn points on your expenses and redeem them later for something you like.
    • Cash back offers – gives you a small percentage of your purchase back to you.
    • 0% APR deals – where you don’t have to pay interest for the first few months.
    • Discounts – banks sometimes have tie-ups with stores to give you great discounts.
    • Miles – earn miles on your expenses and redeem them for air tickets to travel the world.
    • Fuel rebates – avoid fuel surcharges when you use your credit card
    • EMI conversion options - which allow you to convert your big spends into monthly instalments that make repaying the purchase easier.
    • Balance transfers – if you have an outstanding balance on a credit card with high interest, you may find a better offer from another credit card which will allow you to transfer your balance to them and pay their interest rate. Sometimes this service is offered at no charge.
    • Annual fees – the amount you have to pay to hold the card.

    How to determine what kind of customer you are

    The following questions will help you determine which credit card suits you best.

    Are you a regular spender or do you use your card only for emergencies?

    If you spend regularly, a card that lets you earn rewards, cash back and discounts would be good for you. Credit cards usually come with annual fees, and you should be able to make those fees worth it. So look out for added benefits during your travels and stays, outings and entertainment.

    If you save your credit card only for those necessary situations, a card that has no annual fees and zero non-usage fee would be better. These cards don’t charge you anything to hold on to the card but also come with less fluff and rewards.

    Are you one to pay your bills on time and in full?

    If you pay your bills on time, interest rates may not matter to you. If you don’t carry forward a balance, you won’t incur interest.

    If you’re one to pay the minimum due and carry forward a balance, you need low interest rates.

    What do you spend on the most?

    You may spend on travel, lifestyle shopping, groceries, dining, entertainment, fuel and much more. Determine the pattern of your expenditure to know which credit card you should pick.

    How to find the best credit card?

    A number of websites provide comparison services. Take advantage of this on to compare different credit cards and what they offer. Choose the best one that suits you. The information you need to know to pick the right card may not always be presented to you up front. Find out the details of each card to know which card is a better option for you.

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