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    How to choose the best Air-Miles Credit Card in Singapore

    Are you a frequent flyer and not able to decide which credit card you should go for? Well, an Air-miles Credit Card can be your best companion when it comes to earn extra miles and redeem them against your frequent flyer programs. Air-miles are like any other reward programs offered by credit cards ; you earn loyalty points which you accumulate to get something for free.

    An air-miles credit card usually comes with a lot of attractive benefits such as - cardholders can earn miles on both local and overseas spend, redeem those miles against a wide range of frequent flyer programs, complimentary travel perks, airport lounge access, discounts on dining and shopping etc. Given that a variety of air-miles credit cards are available in the Singapore financial market, how do you choose a one that is best suited your individual needs? Listed below are some of the tips that may help you choose the right air-miles credit card for you:

    1. Look for air-miles cards that offer easy bonus:

      There are air-miles cards that offer signup bonus. Check if the card you have chosen provide signup bonuses or not. Also, check for bonus miles. For example, with Citi Prestige Card you can earn annual “Relationship Bonus” based on your relation with Citibank and how much you spend annually on your card. Bonus is paid out in Citi Dollars. Certain air-miles cards offer bonus for paying annual fees. For example, you get 15,000 free air miles as bonus from OCBC Voyage Card when you pay your annual fees.

    2. Check if any conversion fee involved in redeeming miles:

      Once you have collected enough air-miles and want to redeem them against a flight ticket, check if there is any conversion charge involved in converting the miles on your credit card. You can convert your accumulated miles following the method of redemption followed by your bank or as per the Frequent Flyer Program.

    3. Check if you are paying fuel surcharges?

      There are airlines in Singapore that charge fuel surcharges when you try to redeem your collected air-miles for a flight ticket. So, it’s better you choose an airline that does not fuel surcharges. Airlines such as Air Berlin, Aer Lingus, LAN Airlines, US Airways and United Airlines usually don’t charge fuel surcharges. Fuel surcharges can be avoided by avoiding certain routes. In certain routes, fuel surcharges are cheaper compared to other flown by the same airline.

    4. Eligibility Criteria:

      Credit cards provider usually set certain eligibility conditions for issuing air-miles credit cards. So, make sure you fulfill the credit card eligibility criteria and minimum annual income required for applying for your chosen card.

    There are two ways you can earn air-miles – by signing up for service through the airline itself because certain airlines have their own frequent flyer program which is a part of their customer loyalty program. Thus, you can earn miles by flying regularly with specific airlines. The other way to get air-miles is to opt for a travel credit card that offers air-miles. You can also earn dining out and shopping. Using air-miles you can save a lot of money each year.

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