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    FEVO Prepaid MasterCard Cards

    FEVO Card is a prepaid card that combines the privileges of MasterCard and the functionality of EZ-Link card into one card. Since it works both as a prepaid MasterCard and a CEPAS enabled EZ-Link card, you can enjoy the convenience of both cashless and contactless payments with your FEVO Prepaid MasterCard Card.

    You can use this card internationally, including for making mobile and online transactions, as long as the merchant accepts a MasterCard. Being an EZ-Link card, it can also be used to pay for public transport in Singapore. As the name of the card suggests, you will have to top up both the MasterCard wallet and the EZ-Link wallet separately before you can use it to make payments.

    FEVO Prepaid MasterCard also give you the freedom to design your card. You can personalise the card with any image from FEVO’s online gallery or with your own picture.

    Types of FEVO Cards in Singapore

    • Personalised FEVO Card: You can personalise any regular FEVO card with a design or picture of your choice. Whether it’s a picture of your friends or of your favourite location in the world, FEVO cards can be personalised the way you want. Apart from the EZ-Link wallet and EMV smart chip, personalised FEVO Cards also feature MasterCard PayPass technology that lets you make payments by just tapping the card against a contactless reader. You can get your Personalised FEVO Card for S$26.50. Prices are inclusive of registered mail charges and a certain value pre-loaded onto your card.
    • Special Edition FEVO Card: You can also design your FEVO MasterCard with a special edition theme from FEVO’s art gallery. The special edition cards from FEVO now also feature stars from reality TV show Supermodelme. If you are a fan of characters from the tokidoki universe, you can get those characters printed on your FEVO Prepaid MasterCard. These Special Edition FEVO Cards and tokidoki FEVO cards are also equipped with an EMV smart chip, MasterCard PayPass technology, and EZ-Link wallet. Special Edition FEVO cards are priced at S$26.50. Prices are inclusive of registered mail and load value of S$5.
    • Corporate FEVO Card: This card can be designed to include your company logo, contact details, and other secondary graphics. This way you can promote your brand by giving out Corporate FEVO Cards as gifts to your employees, loyal customers, or clients. In addition, you can also configure Corporate FEVO Card to match your requirements. You get to choose if the card will be reloadable or non-reloadable, or whether the card will be open, closed, or semi-closed loop.
    • NFC FEVO Card: Based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the NFC FEVO Card lets you make cashless transactions with a simple tap of your phone at a merchant store. The card can only be used at merchants that accept MasterCard PayPass payments. You don’t need any physical card; just an NFC enabled phone will be sufficient.


    Personalised FEVO Card

    • Doubles up as your EZ-Link card
    • Can be personalised with any picture of your choice
    • Equipped with MasterCard PayPass technology

    Special Edition FEVO Card

    • Can be designed using special edition themes from FEVO art gallery
    • Works as an EZ-Link card for making contactless payments for public transport in Singapore
    • Allows you to make contactless payments through MasterCard PayPass technology

    Corporate FEVO Card

    • CEPAS-enabled EZ-Link card
    • Accepted by MasterCard merchants worldwide
    • Can be used as a corporate gift for your employees, clients, or customers
    • Customisable to match your requirements; available in reloadable or non-reloadable formats

    NFC FEVO Card

    • Allows contactless payments by simply tapping your phone
    • Card stored in a secured element, which is typically an NFC-enabled SIM card
    • Can be topped up online and through AXS machines, with a top-up value of at least S$1 and S$5, respectively.


    • These cards can be used anywhere in the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted. These cards can also be used for making online and mobile transactions.
    • With EZ-Link function, FEVO Prepaid Cards allow you to make contactless payments for public transport in Singapore.
    • You can use your FEVO Prepaid Cards to make MasterCard PayPass payments of no more than S$100. In addition, you can also use your NFC FEVO Cards at MasterCard PayPass terminals in Singapore and overseas.
    • Topping up the wallets is easy. You can add money to your MasterCard wallet online or through the FEVO mobile application. You need to add at least S$20. The FEVO Card’s EZ-Link wallet can be topped up at using the machines at MRT stations or through other channels like AXS stations, DBS or POSB ATMs and 7-11 convenience stores.
    • These cards offer you exclusive benefits, which are in addition to the privileges you get from your MasterCard membership.
    • With the FEVO Prepaid Cards, you will also get to enjoy exclusive MasterCard PayPass deals when you tap your card to make contactless payments.
    • There is no minimum income requirement.
    • FEVO Prepaid MasterCard doesn’t charge any annual fee or late payment penalties.

    How to apply for a FEVO Prepaid MasterCard Card?

    You can apply for a new card online in four steps:

    • Select the type of card that you want.
    • Fill in your personal details to complete the application process.
    • Provide your card delivery and payment details.
    • In the final step, you will have to submit all the details.

    Upon submission of all the details, your FEVO Card will be delivered to your address within seven days (or 21 days if you are personalising the card).

    How to activate?

    • Once you receive your prepaid card, you can proceed with the activation process. To make the card transaction-ready, you will have to create a FEVO account, either online or through the FEVO mobile app. To create the account, you will need your card number and activation code.
    • Once you have created your account, you will have to upload your ID document. Make sure you upload both the side of the document. Your NRIC, work permit, and concession card are accepted as valid ID documents. Without uploading the documents, you won’t be able to top up your card or enjoy any FEVO privileges.
    • In the third step, you will have to submit your personal information. FEVO will link your personal information to your card for security reasons.
    • In the final step, you will have to verify your account by entering the six-digit One-Time Password that you will receive on your phone.

    Eligibility criteria

    You should have a Singapore registered address to be able to apply for a FEVO Prepaid MasterCard. The card is not delivered to addresses that are not registered in Singapore. Besides, there is no minimum income requirement for this card.

    Documents required

    To apply for a FEVO Prepaid MasterCard, you will need to submit a valid ID proof. The following documents are accepted as valid ID proofs:

    • NRIC (both sides)
    • Work permit/pass (both sides)
    • Concession card (front only)

    Lost/stolen liability

    There will be no refund or replacement for any lost or stolen card. However, if you have registered your card, you can get your remaining balance from the lost/stolen card transferred to your new FEVO Card. There will be no balance transfer if your FEVO Card was not registered. Additionally, if your card is lost, there will be refund for your EZ-Link wallet.

    How to report if your FEVO Prepaid MasterCard Card is stolen?

    If you have registered your card, you can call the FEVO Hotline to report any such incident and to get your card blocked. You can also go online and use your card details to suspend your account.


    Q. How many FEVO Prepaid MasterCard Cards can I purchase?

    A. You can buy up to 20 cards, with a different image on each card.

    Q. Does the FEVO Prepaid MasterCard Card expire?

    A. Yes, your FEVO Prepaid Card comes with a date of expiry. This date is printed on the card’s front side.

    Q. Is the cost or value of the card refundable after/before expiry of the card?

    A. The cost and the top-up value on your card are non-refundable before the card expires. However, once the card expires, you get up to one month to refund the balance on your card. However, the EZ-Link wallet will not be deactivated on expiry of this prepaid card.

    Q. Is there any dormancy fee charged?

    A. When you don’t make any payment or transaction with your FEVO Card for three consecutive months, starting from the date of last transaction, a dormancy fee will be charged. The fee will be deducted directly from the value on your card.

    Q. What is EZ-Reload?

    A. It’s a service provided by EZ-Link that allows the cardholders to link their EZ-Link wallet with their FEVO Prepaid Card wallet through the EZ-Reload facility. With this facility, your EZ-Link wallet will get topped up automatically whenever the balance is low.

    Q. Is it possible to transfer value between two FEVO Cards?

    A. No, you can’t transfer value from one FEVO Prepaid Card to another.

    Q. Is it possible to withdraw money using this prepaid card?

    A. No, you can’t withdraw money using the FEVO Prepaid Card.

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