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    Find Fake Credit Cards

    The Singapore market offers myriad credit cards, tailored to meet specific requirements of customers. However, in this vast and extensive financial market, there is also a high probability that you end up with a fake card, which shall not hold any use for your financial plans. Moreover, use of a fake card might put you in unwanted positions, involving fraud.

    Fake credit card market

    As the market expands, so does the extent of unscrupulous activities, such as creation of fake cards. Sometimes, the customers might find it easier to get their hands on cards from other sources, as in case of banks you might have to go through the ordeal of having your profile scrutinised and verified based on your credit history. But other sources, won’t take a detailed look into your credit report. Needing a credit card on exigent basis often leaves you with the sole choice of going to other sources, but the card you just obtained from such a source could turn out to be fake.

    As a result, it’s ideal that you get your card from a more trusted source, be it a bank or a third party, and verify all the details pertaining to it before procuring and using one. It’s only in your own interest that you don’t end up with a fake card, and avoid any situation that puts you in legal trouble because of use of such a card.

    Validating a credit card number

    Usually a credit card contains the number inscribed on it, a CVV code, and the holder’s name which help in asserting the validity of a card. Making purchases through a fake card can put you under unwanted liability.

    Usually card numbers follow a format, and the initial part of the number points out to the network the card operates under. So, you must have noticed while making purchases, you enter your card number, the payment portal for the cards usually detect the network within the first few digits typed. This proves that the card is not fake and is tied to a legitimate network. So, before you go ahead and make use of your card, it’s advisable that you ensure the credit card number isn’t fake.

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