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    What you get
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    Credit Cards for Entertainment

    After a tiring day at work, a day full of assignments at college, or a difficult time with the toddler at home, we all need some entertainment. And what can be better than a credit card that allows you to save money while you’re chilling out with popcorn in a cinema hall? Entertainment and nightlife aren’t quite cheap in Singapore, so any amount of savings in this category is great news. There are several credit cards in Singapore that offer great deals and rewards on entertainment, ranging from movies to clubs to family KTVs to golf. Whatever form of entertainment you desire – whether it is a day out at a theme park with the family or a night out with friends at a classy bar – these credit cards allow you to save money and gather points or rebates for future use.

    Everyone will have their own preference in what makes the best credit card in a category. Here we present to you our pick of the best entertainment credit cards in Singapore, based on the rewards/rebates and the discounts available. While some cards gives rewards in the form of points, others have attractive cashback to help you save. Read on to find the right entertainment card for you.

    Best entertainment credit cards Singapore(updated 2017)

    Here are some of the top credit cards that we think give you the best deals and reward you justly for your spends:

    HSBC Revolution Card:

    This is rewards credit card that gives 5 times the usual amount of points per dollar for your online payments, local dining and entertainment. The best part about this card is that you get unlimited points and you can start earning points from the first dollar you spend using the card!

    Advantages of the card – You will get the following benefits on the HSBC Revolution Card:

    • Rewards points: The card gives 5 points per S$1 for online transactions – including shopping, insurance premium payments (yay!), food orders, and bookings of movies, events, flight tickets, hotel rooms, and taxi rides, – for dining at cafes, fast food joints and restaurants in Singapore, and for entertainment expenses such as KTVs, clubs, pubs, bars and cinemas. For all other transactions, you will earn 1 point per dollar.
    • Unlimited earnings: There is no cap on how many points you can earn in a month, and there is no minimum spend requirement.
    • Conversion to miles: You can convert the points into air miles at the rate of 1 mile per 2.5 points and fly out for free at least once a year. Conversion can be done in blocks of 5,000 points and a Mileage Program fee of S$40 per year is applicable.

    Disadvantages of the card – Here are some components where the card doesn’t do too well:

    • Fewer contactless payment options: You can only link your card to Apple Pay and not to other mobile payment systems such as Android or Samsung Pay. Visa payWave is also available on the card.
    • Fewer spend categories: This card is best used only for online transactions, entertainment and dining, because other purchases – groceries, department stores or overseas – give you only 1 point per dollar.

    American Express Platinum Credit Card:

    Now, this is a costly credit card at an annual fee of S$321, which does not even have a waiver. But the experience with it in your wallet is highly enriching.

    Advantages of the card – Here are some benefits available on the American Express Platinum Credit Card:

    • Lifestyle experiences: American Express has one of the best dining and lifestyle programs in the world. The exclusive dining programs – Platinum Dining, American Express Selects, Love Dining @ Hotels and Love Dining @ Restaurants – promise up to 50% cheaper dining bills at some of the island’s best eateries, while overseas dining bills can be saved through the American Express Global Dining Program. Platinum Lifestyle gives you access to a host of movie, entertainment and nightlife discounts, while Chillax! by American Express is for those who like relaxing with a drink in hand. With Platinum Wellness, you get spa privileges, golf lovers will enjoy the perks such as green fee waiver and golf trips offered through Platinum Golf.
    • Rewards points: On top of all these privileges, you also get 2 Membership Points for every S$1.60 you spend using the card, irrespective of the category you spend it in. These points have perpetual validity and can be redeemed for either vouchers from the rewards catalogue, or can be converted into frequent flyer miles. You can even offset your bills against the points.
    • Insurance: The American Express Platinum Credit Card gives you travel accident cover as well as fraud protection, along with purchase protection and 90-day return guarantee on any purchase made in Singapore.

    Disadvantages of the card – Here are some components where the card doesn’t do too well:

    • Annual fee: You can only afford to keep this card and pay its annual fee every year if you are making full use of the privileges on the card, and if your income is high (the card needs you to earn just S$50,000 per year, though).

    Citibank SMRT Card:

    Now here is a card that rewards your purchases in multiple categories and not just entertainment and related spends. With the Citi SMRT Card you can save on groceries, movies, dining, cafes, books, toys, online shopping and utility bill payments – almost a whole array of purchases an average household might need.

    Advantages of the card – The following are the benefits of having the Citibank SMRT Card:

    • SMRT$ rebates: The savings through this credit card are as given below –
      • Up to 14% on petrol from Shell and Esso
      • 5% SMRT$ rebates at FairPrice, Giant, Sheng Siong, POPULAR bookstores and Toys ‘R’ Us
      • 5% on dining and café payments, movie ticket purchases
      • 5% on selected town council payments
      • 3% on online shopping excluding travel spends
      • 2% on EZ-Reload Auto Top-Ups
      • 1% on telecommunication bills from SingTel, M1, or StarHub, payments to ACE Insurance, Prudential Insurance and on newspaper bills of Singapore Press Holdings
      • 0.3% on all other purchases
    • Rebate format: The rebates are credited to your account in the form of SMRT$ which can be redeemed to pay bills at partner outlets, for vouchers, or for rides.
    • EZ-Link card: The Citibank SMRT Card can double up as your EZ-Link card, and you can automatically top up the balance when the funds are low. Plus, convenience fee for top-ups is waived.
    • Citibank discounts: You will have access to wonderful discount programs of Citibank such as Citi Rebates, Gourmet Pleasures, Citi Globeshopper and regularly updated promotional deals throughout the year.

    Disadvantages of the card – One of the cons of this card is listed below:

    • Spend requirement: This is a bit complicated. You will get 0.3% less rewards of your monthly spend is less than S$300. So you’ll only get 4.7% instead of 5% at Giant if your monthly credit card bill is, let’s say, S$295. Per transaction cost should be at least S$50 to get higher rewards. For EZ-Reload, you need to spend at least S$30 per transaction. The maximum SMRT$ you can accrue for a year is 600.

    UOB Yolo Card:

    This is the ultimate entertainment credit card for the Singaporean youth. The card gives up to 8% cash rebate on dining and entertainment both inside and outside Singapore. You don’t have to worry about spending too much while travelling to the entertainment venues either, with free weekend rides in Grab Taxi.

    Advantages of the card – The following benefits are available on the UOB Yolo Card:

    • Cash rebates: You get 8% cash rebate on dining and entertainment in Singapore and overseas during weekends, and 3% rebate in the same category during weekdays. If you’re buying fashion or making travel bookings online, you get 3% cashback.
    • Free taxi rides: To ride for free in Grab taxis during the weekends, you need to do two things: a). Use the promocode UOBYOLO, when paying for your Grab taxi rides during the week, and b). Make at least one dining or entertainment transaction during the week. The free taxi ride is limited to one ride per weekend, worth not more than S$10.
    • Dining discounts: The card gives you excellent deals such as free dinner for one and discounts of up to 15% on dining at popular choices such as Shangri-la Hotel, Haagen Dazs, Seoul Garden, Full of Luck Club, Sakae, and Japan Food Town.
    • Mobile payment: You can link your Yolo card to Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or UOB Mighty to pay with your mobile phone instead of using the physical credit card.
    • Link to UOB One Account: If you have a UOB One Account, you can link the Yolo credit card with it and earn extra interest on the account while spending at least S$500 per month using the card.
    • Annual fees: The primary card comes at S$192.60 per year and the supplementary has an annual fee of S$96.30. The fee is waived for the first year for primary cards, and there is permanent waiver for the first supplementary card.

    Disadvantages of the card – Here are some components where the card doesn’t do too well:

    • Spend requirement: You need to spend at least S$600 every month to enjoy the higher cash rebates, or all transactions will earn you just 0.3% cashback. You can only earn a maximum of S$60 per month as cash rebates.
    • Low rebate rate on other transactions: This card is useful only if your major spend categories are dining, entertainment and online travel and fashion shopping. Other categories such as groceries, departmental store purchases and utility bill payments will give you jus 0.3% cashback.

    OCBC Frank Card:

    Another youth-centric credit card, the OCBC Frank Card promises rebates “for doing what you love”. This card rewards your purchases in the online shopping and entertainment categories with cash rebates of up to 6%. Above all, you can customize your card face with images from more than 120 pictures available in the Frank database.

    Advantages of the card – The benefits available on the OCBC Frank Card are listed here:

    • Cash rebates: The card gives you 10% rebate at participating merchants such as Topshop, H&M, Burger King and Subway in the retail and fast food categories until 31st July, 2017. There is a cash rebate of 8% on buying items from Apple Store online, 6% on online shopping, 5% cashback at cinemas, selected cafes, bars, clubs and KTVs on weekends and 3% in the same categories on weekdays, 3% rebate on the first two NETS FlashPay Auto Top-ups. All other spends earn you a cashback of 0.3%.
    • Contactless payments: Link your Frank card with mobile payment options such as Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Apple Pay and make payments without having to take your credit card out. There are also options to pay through Visa payWave and OCBC OneTouch.
    • Analytics: The card also analyses your spends and categories of expenses and give you insights that you can use in money management.

    Disadvantages of the card – Some of the aspects where the card doesn’t do too well are:

    • Spend requirement: The minimum amount you need to spend per month to be eligible for higher cash rebates is S$400, and that too in offline transactions. You will be able to earn only up to S$60 as rebates per month, irrespective of how much you spend.
    • Limited categories to cash in on: This card rewards you with cashback only for online shopping and entertainment, and even needs you to spend S$400 on offline transactions to get higher rebates on those categories. If your primary spends are in any other category, this card won’t suit you.

    Best Entertainment Cards (Summary)

    Here’s a quick run-through of the cards

    Card name Rewards/cashback Earning limit Minimum spend required Other perks
    HSBC Revolution Card 5 points per dollar for online transactions, local dining and entertainment None None

    • Promotional offers from HSBC

    • HSBC’s Vacations

    American Express Platinum Credit Card 2 points per S$1.60 None None

    • Platinum Dining

    • American Express Selects

    • Love Dining @ Hotels

    • Love Dining @ Restaurants

    • American Express Global Dining Program

    • Chillax! by American Express

    • Platinum Lifestyle

    • Platinum Wellness

    • Platinum Golf

    • Travel accident insurance

    • Fraud protection,

    • Purchase protection

    • 90-day return guarantee

    Citibank SMRT Card Up to 5% rebates on transactions of groceries, dining, cafes, town council, online shopping, EZ-Reload Auto Top-ups, repeated telecom bills, insurance payments, newspaper bills 600 SMRT$ per year S$300 per month, S$50 per transaction

    • Promotional offers

    • Citi Rebates

    • Gourmet Pleasures

    • Citi Globeshopper

    UOB Yolo Card Up to 8% cash rebate on dining and entertainment both locally and overseas, 3% on online fashion and travel spends S$60 per month S$600 per month

    • Free taxi rides on weekend

    • YOLOEATS Dining discounts

    OCBC Frank Card Up to 6% cash rebate on online shopping and entertainment S$60 per month S$400 in offline transactions OCBC Promotional offers

    How to choose the Best Entertainment Credit Card for you?

    Here are some tips on how to choose the right entertainment credit card for you:

    • You need to know which categories you spend the most in. Get an entertainment credit card only if you spend a lot in this category.
    • Decide whether you want a cashback card or a rewards credit card.
    • If you’re getting an entertainment card, also see which other categories the card offers rebates/extra rewards points in.
    • Choose a card where you can balance the annual fees with the rebates or points that you earn. It is not worth paying a high annual fee if the rebates you get don’t help make up for it.
    • Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria in age and income set by the card. If you get rejected, it would bring down your credit score a notch.
    • Consider how much interest you will have to pay if you fail to make full repayment every month
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