• Credit Cards for Entertainment

    Entertainment credit cards offer discounts and cashback on all your spending at movie theatres, theme parks, pubs and everything that entertainment covers. The benefits of entertainment cards include low annual fee, discounts on expenses other than entertainment, and additional cashback and rewards points during weekends. Make the most of your card by using all the benefits and features it provides. Whether it rewards you with rebates or points, learn how to accumulate them and use them wisely within the last validity date.

    Knowing what your card offersand how to use it well can help maximise your savings. Who says entertainment has to be expensive? Get rewarded while you spend a day out with your family or when you go clubbing with your friends or if you want to spend a night out having dinner at any of the top restaurants in town. Having fun couldn’t be more cost-effective. Entertainment credit cards in Singapore also offer rewards such as discounts on petrol, helping you save money as you travel to various places in the country.

    Cards Name Best for
    HSBC’s Revolution Credit Card Reward points
    OCBC FRANK Credit Card Entertainment Rebates
    Citibank SMRT Card Savings on Entertainment
    DBS Live Fresh Card Cashback on Entertainment Spends
    UOB YOLO Credit Card Sign-up Cash Credit and Entertainment Rebates
    UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card UNI$ (or Miles) on Entertainment Spends
    Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card TREATS Points and FC Barcelona Offers
    Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card TREATS Points and Manchester United offers
    CIMB World Mastercard Golfing Privileges
    Maybank World Mastercard Overseas Golfing Privileges

    Compare Entertainment Cards in Singapore

    These cards offer discounts and cashback on all your spending at movie theatres, theme parks, pubs and everything that entertainment covers. The benefits of entertainment cards include low annual fee, discounts on expenses other than entertainment, and additional cashback and rewards points during weekends.

    Card Name Annual Fee Earning Rate Minimum Spend Requirement (per month)
    American Express Platinum Card S$321 Up to 40% on spa services, access to golf course, complimentary drinks at select pubs None
    American Express True Cashback S$171.20 1.5% cashback on all eligible purchases None
    Citibank SMRT Card S$192.60 Up to 5% savings on movies The earn rate will be reduced by 0.3% if you don’t spend a minimum sum of S$300 in a month.
    DBS Live Fresh Card S$128.40 Up to 5% cashback on contactless payments Regular promotions on entertainment-related spends S$600
    HSBC Advance Credit Card S$180 Up to 3.5% cashback on all purchases S$2,000 or more to get 2.5% Below S$2,000 to get 1.5% Additional 1% for HSBC Advance Banking customers
    HSBC Revolution Card S$160.50 5x Rewards on entertainment shopping None
    HSBC Visa Infinite Card   S$650 Up to 10x rewards points at select merchants None
    Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card S$120 1.6% unlimited cashback on all local spend None
    Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card S$80 10 TREATS Points for every dollar spent at Manchester United Store None
    OCBC 365 Card S$192.60 3% on movie tickets S$600
    OCBC FRANK Card S$80 Up to 8% rebate on entertainment S$400 spent in offline transactions
    Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card S$192.60 1.5% cashback on all spend None
    UOB One Card S$192.60 Up to 5% cash rebate on all spend S$500
    UOB YOLO Card S$192.60 Up to 8% rebate on entertainment S$600

    Going out for movies and other entertainment activities such as partying in clubs or heading out for a few drinks with your friends or colleagues in Singapore can be pretty expensive. If you are someone who loves to go out on a regular basis or if you like partying or watching movies often, it might end up costing you quite a bit every month.

    Certain credit cards give you discounts and cash rebates when you use them to pay for your entertainment expenses, along with a host of other benefits. Not only will you be able to have a good time with your family and friends, you will also be able to save a lot of money. Use your credit card to its fullest potential to reap its benefits. Paying for your movie nights or clubbing experiences need not be as expensive as they are right now. Using the right card can help you save big on entertainment spends. Given below are some of the best cards that offer rewards in this regard.

    Best for Reward Points on Entertainment

    HSBC’s Revolution Credit Card

    This card gives you 5x rewards when you use it to pay for your entertainment transactions within Singapore. This includes bars, pubs, clubs, and family KTVs. It also gives you 5x rewards when you pay for online purchases such as concert tickets and movie tickets. This 5x reward is equal to earning 2 miles for every S$1 you spend. The HSBC’s Revolution Credit Card also gives you 1 reward point for every S$1 on every other payments you make. There is no minimum spend criterion to get the 5x rewards. The bank waives off the annual fee payable for the first two years.

    Card Highlights:
    • You also get 5x rewards when you use the card to spend for food orders, airline tickets, online retail shopping, taxi rides, and insurance premiums.
    • You can also get 5x rewards on selected local dining options such as cafes, restaurants, and fast food joints.
    • Get a free supplementary card. All spends on this supplementary card give you rewards points that are added to your card.

    Best for Rebates on Entertainment

    OCBC FRANK Credit Card

    Get rebates of up to 5% when you use the card to pay for purchases at cinemas, bars, clubs, KTVs, and certain cafes, from Friday to Sunday. On the remaining days of the week you are eligible for a 3% rebate on your entertainment expenses. You will also get a rebate of 3% on the first 2 auto top-ups on NETS FlashPay. You can accumulate rebates of up to S$60 every month when you spend at least S$400 in offline transactions. The bank also waives off the annual fees of S$80 for the first two years.

    Card Highlights:
    • The card gives you a 6% rebate on your online purchases of gadgets, clothes, hotels, flights, and Grab rides.
    • Every other purchase is eligible for a rebate of 0.3%.
    • Make faster payments at selected merchants with the “tap and pay” option on this card.  

    Best for Savings on Entertainment

    Citibank SMRT Card

    Get savings of up to 5% on movie tickets when you use this card to pay. If you use Visa Checkout, you can get 4 tickets when you pay for 3 using the Golden Village promotion. This offer is valid till 29 June 2018. If your total bill for purchases is less than $100, you can use the Visa payWave facility to complete your payments faster.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get 5% rebate on all your grocery spends, subject to applicable terms and conditions. FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave users get 7.3% discount.
    • Get up to 5% rebate when you use the card to pay for fast food purchases, and coffee. Also get exclusive dining offers and privileges at many of the best restaurants in Singapore through the Citibank Gourmet Pleasures promotions. These options give you the best dining experiences in the country.
    • Get savings of 3% on all eligible online retail shopping expenses.

    Best for Cashback on Entertainment Spends

    DBS Live Fresh Card

    The DBS Live Fresh Card gives you a whole range of entertainment benefits and other offers. From entry tickets to the island’s biggest parties to trips overseas, and movie tickets, this card has them all. Every time you spend S$50 on this card, you get a chance to win a trip for 2 to Bali. This Ultra Beach experience is for a period of 5 days and 4 nights. The package includes return tickets for 2, accommodation at Katamama’s Pool Suite, airport transfers, and 2 tickets to Ultra Beach Bali, giving you the party experience of a lifetime, complete with accommodation and transport options. This offer is valid if you apply before 31 July 2018.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get cashback of 5% when you shop online and also on purchases made through Samsung Pay, Apple pay, and Google Pay. All other purchases get 0.3% cashback.
    • Your card is enrolled automatically for the EZ-Reload Facility.
    • Use the EZ-Reload Facility to top up your card automatically when you tap it for payment and have insufficient stored funds.

    Best for Sign-up Cash Credit

    UOB YOLO Credit Card

    The bank gives you a cash credit of up to S$180 when you sign up for the card. You can use the cash credit to pay for your entertainment expenses such as movies, parties and drinks. Also, get rebates of up to 8% on your entertainment expenses. This rebate rate of 8% applies to all weekend spends. On weekdays, you can get a rebate of 3% when you use it to pay for your entertainment expenses. For the first 3 months after your card approval, you can get a maximum rebate of 12% all through the week if you spend at least S$600.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get a 3% rebate when you pay online for travel and fashion expenses. All other purchases are eligible for a 0.3% rebate. Also get offers and discounts on dining expenses at local restaurants.
    • Pair this card with a UOB One Account and get an interest rate of up to 3.33% on your bank deposits.
    • Invest your interest and rebates automatically into a unit trust to get additional returns.

    Best for UNI$ (or Miles) Points

    UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card

    The UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card gives you UNI$ on certain entertainment spends that you charge to it. When you book movie tickets online, you get 10x UNI$ for each S$5 that you spend, or 4 Miles for every 1S$ you spend. The maximum amount of UNI$ you can accumulate every month is 2,000. After you reach this limit, every S$5 you spend will earn you 1x UNI$. You can redeem the accumulated UNI$ at more than 4,000 participating outlets in the country. You can also choose to convert your UNI$ into miles at the rate of 2 miles for every UNI$1. Keep in mind that you will not get UNI$ when you shop with merchants who offer SMART$.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get 10x UNI$ on other online purchases such as retail shopping and food orders.
    • Get exclusive dining privileges at some of the best restaurants on the island.
    • Get 10x UNI$ on retail purchases at over 10,000 stores in Singapore when you use your Visa payWave card to tap and pay.

    Best for TREATS Points and FC Barcelona Offers

    Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card

    The card also offers you a chance to win a trip for 2 people every season to go and watch FC Barcelona play live at their home ground, Camp Nou. Each S$50 spent on local transactions and each S$50 spent in foreign currencies will give you 5 and 10 chances, respectively, to win this trip. Also, get cash rebates of 1.6% on all local payments made with this card. These are unlimited rebates with no limit to how much you can accumulate. There is also no minimum spend criterion in order to be eligible for this reward. You will also get 2x TREATS Points for each S$1 you spend on transactions that are made in foreign currencies.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get 10% discount when you shop on the Official Online Store Asia Pacific of FC Barcelona.
    • Get a discount of 5% on purchases you make at the official store - the Camp Nou FCBotiga store.
    • Get free travel insurance when you pay the full amount for travel packages or air tickets with this card.

    Best for and Manchester United Offers

    Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card

    This card, in collaboration with the English football club, Manchester United gives you 10 TREATS Points for each S$1 you spend at Manchester United’s United Direct Online Megastore. Every time the club wins a Premier League match, you get 5 TREATS Points for each dollar you spend using the card. You also get a discount of 10% at the Red Cafe at Old Trafford, on their food and drinks menu. Using the card, you can get a discount of 20% on tickets for the Manchester United Stadium and Museum Tour, when you purchase the tickets at Old Trafford.

    Card Highlights:
    • The annual fee of S$80 is waived off for two years and subsequent waivers on spending at least S$3,600 per year.
    • You can get a free supplementary card.
    • Get free travel insurance with up to S$300,000 coverage when you book travel packages and air tickets and pay the whole amount with the card.

    Best for Golfing Privileges

    CIMB World Mastercard

    If you love playing golf, this just might be the card for you. The CIMB World Mastercard gives you exclusive privileges at many of the most prestigious golf clubs in Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. This card gives you access to these greens without having to pay green fees. Access to these golfing clubs are otherwise available only to club members. This card will automatically give unrestricted access to these greens.  

    Card Highlights:
    • Get a cash rebate of 1% when you use the card to pay for your retail purchases, both overseas and locally. There is no cap on how much cash rebate you can earn.
    • If you are a principal card holder, the card is free of cost. You don’t have to pay any joining fees or annual fees.
    • Get up to 50% off at some of the best restaurants on the island when you dine with groups of two to ten people.

    Best for Overseas Golfing Privileges

    Maybank World Mastercard

    The Maybank World Mastercard is one card that can get you offers on golfing when you travel overseas. With more than 85 golf courses under its belt in 18 countries (including Singapore), it offers you special privileges if you want to indulge in a bit of the sport when you are travelling to countries such as Australia, Turkey, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, China, Denmark, France, USA, Portugal, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Get complimentary green fees at all participating golf clubs. The card also offers golfing privileges at The Els Club in Malaysia where 4 people can play when you pay for 3.

    Card Highlights:
    • Get savings of up to 19.1% when you pay for petrol using this card.
    • Get 10x TREATS Points for every 1 Singapore dollar you spend at selected merchants.
    • Use the 5-star private terminal, JetQuay at Singapore’s Changi airport, for free.

    Disclaimer: All the “best” cards detailed here are only recommendations. These cards are recommended without any preference to or prejudice against any particular brand.

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Entertainment Cards?

    Choose the Right Card

    Choosing the right card is an important step. This will help you make the most of the offers and features that the entertainment card gives. The best way to choose a card that’s right for you is to analyse your spending patterns. Make a list of your usual expenses and see which categories they fall under. If you spend more on movies than on other entertainment options, choose a card that gives you better offers and rewards at theatres, cineplexes, and other movie-related expenses. If you love going to pubs and bars frequently, choose a card that gives you rewardsin this regard. This will help you maximise your benefits based on your expenditure.

    Use More Than One Card if Necessary

    Different entertainment credit cards offer different rewards. if you feel you can benefit from more than one card, apply for another one that suits your needs well. However, do keep in mind that most credit cards charge an annual fee. You may end up paying a lot in terms of annual fees if you aren’t careful. Many banks offer a waiver on their annual fees (at least for the first year) as a promotional offer or if you fulfil certain conditions. Look for these types of cards. If they match the rewards you’re looking for, you can benefit from them.

    Weigh the Costs and Benefits

    This is something you should do before applying for an entertainment credit card. Do an analysis of the costs you will incur when applying for the card and compare it with the benefits that it offers. If you apply for a card, pay the annual fee, and end up not using it, you are in-effect spending money unnecessarily. Don’t apply for a card simply because its rewards and offers appear attractive. Make sure that you get more benefits than the cost you’re incurring.

    Opt for Interest-Free Payment Plans Only if You Can Afford the Payments

    Most banks offer 0% Instalment Payment Plans (IPP) on their credit cards. These appear to be really enticing, but they actually are not. Don’t fall for the no-interest claims. Ask your bank for the Effective Interest Rates (EIR) that apply to these IPPs. EIR shows you the true cost of the “interest-free” plan the bank gives you. Once you know the EIR and how much you have to repay every month, check your monthly budget and see if you can afford these repayments. Don’t choose to pay using the IPP option if you can’t afford the monthly instalments. Remember that a single late repayment or inability to repay credit card dues will adversely affect your credit rating.

    Keep an Eye out for Promotional Offers

    Offers on credit cards keep changing from time to time. Banks offer promotional offers for brief periods. You can make use of these promotions to get additional discounts and other rewards such as rebates over the existing rewards (if any) that your card offers. Before using your card, check with the bank for the latest offers it provides in the country.

    Shop With Participating Merchants for Better Rewards

    Almost all credit cards partner with selected merchants from time to time to offer specific offers to their customers. These offers give you better rewards than the usual ones that the bank gives on all standard purchases. For example, certain cards have tie-ups with specific brands of fuel. Purchasing petrol from such fuel stations will get you much higher discounts when compared to other fuel stations. This applies to all other categories such as online shopping, dining, movies, and travel. Keep an eye out for such merchants and purchase from them to make the most of the benefits from your entertainment card.

    Why Should You Use Entertainment Cards?

    As the name suggests, people who prefer to spend their money on entertainment should get such a card. Entertainment includes sports, movies, golf, clubs, pubs and bars, events/concerts, amusement parks, KTVs and others.

    How Does It Work in Singapore?

    With most entertainment cards, you will earn miles, rewards points, or cashback on all your entertainment purchases. For example, with the UOB YOLO Credit Card, you will get a cash rebate of up to 8% on entertainment spending both local and overseas. However, to get this cash rebate you will have to make a minimum purchase of worth S$600.

    On the other hand, with the HSBC Revolution Card, you will get 5 Rewards Points per dollar spent on all entertainment transactions such as family KTVs, bars, pubs, and clubs, without any minimum spend or points cap. Most of these rewards points will have an expiry date and so you must redeem these points before they expire.

    Also, note that these cards offer discounts and cashback on more than just entertainment spending. For example, the HSBC Visa Infinite Credit Card offers a lot more on dining and travel as well.

    Things to Consider Before Getting an Entertainment Card

    Here is a list of things that you must consider before getting an entertainment card:

    • Know how much you can spend each month on entertainment and abstain from spending anything more than your credit limit.
    • If you also travel often, get an entertainment card that offers air miles that you can collect over time to redeem later to get air tickets.
    • Be careful about withdrawing cash using your credit card as the interest rate charged will be very high and you will only go deeper into debt.
    • Get a clear understanding of the numerous terms and conditions linked to the card and the minimum purchase amount to become eligible for rewards.
    • Make sure that your annual fee and interest charges are not negating the savings you make through an entertainment card. There is no point if you are spending too much to earn rewards or cashback but are unable to pay the annual fee or full monthly bill on time.

    How to Choose the Right Entertainment Card

    You can choose the right entertainment credit card by following the tips mentioned below:

    • Make a decision on whether you need a rewards credit card or a cashback card.
    • If you are opting for an entertainment card, also find out under which other types the card offers rewards points or rebates.
    • Contemplate on the interest amount that you will have to pay if you do not make the entire repayment.
    • Opt for an entertainment card only if you can balance the annual fees with the points or rewards that you receive.
    • Make sure you know your favourite categories where you like to spend the most. Apply for a card only if you spend often in this category.
    • Apply for the card only after you make sure you fulfil the eligibility criteria set by the card. Your credit score will come down if your application gets rejected.

    The right entertainment credit card can be very useful, especially to younger Singaporeans. But use the card smartly to avoid incurring unnecessary debt.

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