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    DBS Woman's Card for Rewards

    Come take a look at what the DBS Woman's Card gives you. Find out all about its benefits, features, and what you get when you use this card. Later on, you can also read our review to get a better idea of whether it makes sense for you to get it or not.

    Rewards Points Benefits That Might Interest You

    Take a look at the main benefits that you get when you use this card:

    • Get 5 DBS Points (equivalent to 10 miles) for every S$5 you spend on online transactions (5x rate).
    • Get 1 DBS Point (equivalent to 2 miles) for every S$5 you spend on every other transaction.
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    How You Earn DBS Points

    On every transaction, you will earn the base rate of 1 DBS Point on the next working day after the day on which your transaction is posted. For every online transaction of 5 dollars or more, you will get the extra 4 points on the 16th of the next month. All the rewards you earn on your primary card and supplementary cards will be considered together under the principal card account. If at any point you reverse any of your transactions, you will lose any points that you have earned on such a transaction.

    You can earn points at the 5x rate only for the first S$1,000 you spend online on the card. Once you reach this limit, the 5x rate of rewards will stop. However, you will still keep earning rewards at the rate of 1 point for every 5 dollars (1x rate) on every transaction. There is no cap on how many points you can earn at the 1x rate.

    An example may help you understand this better:

    Spend Category Monthly Spend Earning Rate DBS Points Earned
    Online food orders S$200 5 points for every S$5 200
    Online fashion S$600 5 points for every S$5 600
    Online flight booking S$200 5 points for every S$5 200
    Online flight booking S$100 1 point for every S$5* 20*
    Fuel S$200 1 point for every S$5 40
    Dining S$300 1 point for every S$5 60
    Total S$1,600   1,120

    *In the above table, online flight bookings are eligible to earn points at the 5x rate. But since there is a S$1,000 monthly-spend limit on earning 5x DBS Points, only the first S$1,000 spent in the above table will get you points at the enhanced earning rate. Therefore, out of the total of S$300 that was spent on booking flights online, only S$200 will qualify for the 5x rate. The remaining S$100 will earn points at the 1x rate. Note: The above numbers are to be taken only for illustrative purposes.

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    Other Benefits That You Might Like

    Now that you’ve seen the main benefits of the card, take a look at some of the other aspects of the card that you can benefit from:

    • Get the annual fee waived for the first year.
    • Enjoy a range of promotions and offers from beauty and wellness brands such as Aveda, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain, and escentials.
    • Get discounts on dining at outlets such as Bedrock Bar & Grill, Kinki Restaurant + Bar, The Marmalade Pantry, Fat Cow, and Kitchen Language Catering. This is valid till 30 December 2018. Also, enjoy entertainment and dining discounts at hotels and dining outlets at Sentosa till 31 December 2018.
    • Get discounts when you update your wardrobe by purchasing from fashion brands such as Reebonz, Zalora, and other merchants till 31 December 2018.
    • Enjoy discounts on hotel bookings with Expedia and, save on Emirates flight bookings, and get discounts when you book Hertz rental cars anywhere in the world. These offers are available till 31 December 2018.
    • Enjoy the services of Quayside airport lounges for free courtesy of JetQuay. This applies to you and a companion travelling along with you. This is valid till 31 October 2019.  
    • Enjoy financial flexibility by converting your purchases into instalments and paying them over time using the 0% My Preferred Payment Plan facility available on this card. This facility has the following features:
      • You can apply for it only for purchases that have a minimum value of S$100.
      • Up to 10 transactions can be combined in a single application.
      • You can choose from payment periods of 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.
      • The zero percent processing fee is valid only till 31 December 2018.
    • For all the latest promotions and benefits that are available on the DBS Woman’s Card, you can check out this link.
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    Do You Think You Should Get the DBS Woman’s Card?

    In a country like Singapore where there is no dearth of credit cards that offer reward points, does the DBS Woman’s Card stand out? Does it have enough to make a stand against the others and come out on top? Let’s take a look at the card from a few different angles to get a better idea about this:

    1. Points for Online Spends – Consider the Expiry date

    With the DBS Woman’s Card, you can earn up to 1,000 points each month at the 5x rate and unlimited points at the 1x rate. You can redeem them for various DBS Rewards or convert them into miles. But do keep in mind that these points are valid only for one year from the quarter in which you earn them. For example, the points you earn between 1 October and 31 December of a year will expire on 31 December of the next year. So if you’re thinking of accumulating your points over a few years, well, you can’t.

    2. Consider Your Card Usage – Online Spends vs. Other Spends

    The way you pay for products and services will help you determine whether this card will work for you or not. Sure, you earn points on your purchases, but keep in mind that paying for services and goods online will help you earn a lot more.

    For example, if you want to buy clothes and spend S$300 when buying them at your favourite brand outlet in your locality, you will get only 60 DBS Points (at the 1x rate). Now if you were to spend the same amount on buying clothes online, you would get 300 DBS Points instead (at the 5x rate).

    Take a look at where you normally buy things from. This will help you decide whether this card will work for you. If most of your purchases are made at physical stores and outlets, then you may not be able to make the most of the benefits this card offers you. On the other hand, if online shopping is your thing, then it would make sense to apply for it.

    3. Annual Fee Waiver – Your Annual Spend Can Make the Card Free

    There are quite a few cards in Singapore that come with annual fee waivers for the first year or the first few years. After this period, the annual fee will apply.  But the DBS Woman’s Card belongs to the select group of cards that waive off this fee if you spend a certain amount of money on the card in a year.

    If you spend at least S$15,000 on this card in a year, the bank will waive off its annual fee for the next year. This may seem attractive, but think about whether you will spend this much on the card every year or not.

    That being said, take into account the fact that you can convert your DBS Points into air miles. For example, you can convert them into KrisFlyer miles at the rate of 2 miles for every point. The minimum number of points you need for this conversion is 5,000 DBS Points. A S$26.75 administrative fee will apply on every conversion.

    Now, let’s say you spend S$1,000 every month on online purchases. That makes it S$12,000 in online transactions for the year and it gives you points at the 5x rate. That comes up to 12,000 points from online spends alone. Say you spend another S$3,000 over the year on other eligible transactions. It earns you an additional 600 DBS Points (1x rate) and also brings the total annual card spend to S$15,000.

    So, not only do you get the yearly fee of the card waived for the next year, but you also get 20,000 KrisFlyer miles (10,000 points x 2). With 15,000 miles, you can get a free economy class ticket to Indonesia, Malaysia, or Brunei on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir. So, you can redeem the miles you’ve earned to get a free ticket to Brunei or get discounts on a ticket to any other eligible destination.

    If your annual spend is usually S$15,000 or more, this card seems like a good choice.

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    What Will It Cost You to Own the DBS Woman’s Card?

    Benefits and rewards are great, but you should also know how much it will cost you to a credit card. We’ve made a list of the fees and charges related to the DBS Woman’s Card below:

    Annual fee for primary card S$160.50 (1-year waiver)
    Annual fee for supplementary card S$80.25 (1-year waiver)
    Interest rate on purchases 26.80% p.a. (25.90% p.a. till 11 December 2018)
    Interest rate on cash advance 28% p.a.
    Cash advance fee 6% of the amount withdrawn (min. S$15)
    Overseas transaction fees 2.8% of the transaction amount
    Late payment fee S$100


    Now that you know how much it costs, what do you think? Does it look like a card worth applying for? If you’re interested in it, you can apply if you’re a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident earning an annual income of at least S$30,000 or more. If you’re a foreigner, you can apply if you’re earning a minimum of S$45,000 p.a. For more information on whether you are eligible to apply for this card, check out our applications page.

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    Our Take: How Does the DBS Woman’s Card Fare When Compared With Other Cards?

    This DBS card gives you points on every spend with enhanced rewards on online spends. But does that make it stand out from the rest of the credit cards in Singapore? Let’s take a look at a few comparisons to see how this card stacks up against the others that offer reward points.

    DBS Woman’s Card vs. DBS Woman's World Card

    The DBS Woman's World Card just like the DBS Woman’s Card, offers you a base rate of 1 point on every S$5 you spend on every retail transaction. But including this, it also gives you 10 points for every 5 dollars (10x rate) you spend on online transactions and 3 points for every S$5 (3x rate) you spend on foreign currency purchases.

    Now comparing the two, the DBS Woman's World Card evidently gives you more points per dollar spent. Also, it allows you to earn points at the 10x rate up to a monthly spend of S$2,000 which is twice that of its counterpart. But do keep in mind that it costs S$192.60 every year to own the card, making it more expensive than its cheaper sibling. Also, you need to earn at least S$80,000 p.a. to be eligible to apply for the World Card.

    DBS Woman's Card vs. UOB Lady's Card

    Two cards made specifically to suit the spending needs of women in the country. The UOB Lady's Card gives you UNI$5 for every S$5 you spend buying clothes online in foreign currency, while you’re abroad, or at your local departmental store. You also get the same rate of rewards when you take cab rides in Singapore.

    The points-earning rate is the same for both the cards, but while the DBS card rewards you only for online spends, the UOB card does so for overseas and department store purchases as well. But here’s the big difference – DBS rewards you for all online spends whereas UOB rewards you only for fashion spends.

    Both cards give you the option of splitting purchases into instalments. But while DBS allows you to split any purchase of S$100 or more in value, you need to spend at least S$500 in one single purchase on the UOB card to pay it in instalments. Besides, it also charges a higher annual fee than the DBS Card.

    Considering these points, we feel the DBS card has a slight edge over its opponent.

    DBS Woman’s Card vs. HSBC Revolution Credit Card

    The HSBC Revolution Credit Card rewards you with 5 points on every dollar you spend on online transactions, and dining and entertainment transactions (local), and 1 point on each S$1 spent on every other purchase.

    This definitely looks a lot more than what DBS gives you. But when it comes to redeeming the points you earn, let’s look at how you can convert them into air miles. Both cards require you to exchange points in blocks of 5,000. As we saw earlier, with the DBS card, you can redeem 1 point for 2 miles. This gives you 10,000 miles for every 5,000 points. But when it comes to the HSBC card, you’ll get only 2,000 miles for every 5,000 points. So while the earning rate on the HSBC card is 5 times more, the redeeming rate is 5 times lower than the DBS card. Both cards cost the same as well.

    All said and done, the DBS Woman’s Card is a good option if you’re someone who loves transacting online. Spend online, earn DBS Points, and redeem them for rewards or air miles. Also, you get to enjoy a range of discounts and offers on dining, wellness, travel, and fashion spends. Overall, a good card to have if you do the bulk of your monthly shopping on the internet.

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