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    DBS Esso MasterCard



    • Enjoy fuel savings of up to 17% at Esso stations across Singapore.
    • For every S$2 you spend on purchases using your DBS Esso MasterCard, earn 1 Smiles point. Convert these Smiles points into fuel savings at Esso stations across Singapore. In order to avail the offer, type Smiles <space> NRIC <space> first 8 digits of your Esso card and send the SMS to 76060 to register yourself.
    • Get 1 Smiles point for every litre of Synergy fuel you purchase using your DBS Esso MasterCard.
    • Enjoy savings of up to 50% at over 1000 popular dining outlets across Singapore.

    The DBS Esso MasterCard

    The DBS Esso MasterCard gives you the exclusive opportunity to earn excellent fuel savings at Esso stations when you use your credit card for shopping, dining and other purchases. Earn Smiles points with your card for every SGD you spend and save on fuel across Singapore. Let us take a look at the benefits, fee details, features and other aspects of the DBS Esso MasterCard.

    Joining Benefits/Perks

    Upon approval of your card application, enjoy additional savings of up to S$90 at Esso stations besides the 17% fuel savings that can be earned through purchases made using your credit card.

    Features of the DBs Esso MasterCard

    • The annual fees for the first year on your Esso card is waived.
    • The DBS Esso card gives you the opportunity to earn reward points on your purchases.
    • The card allows you to make convenient payments through instalments on expensive purchases.


    • With every S$5 you spend on purchases using your card, earn 1 DBS point.
    • You can redeem these points for wide ranging offers from dining discounts to travel privileges and savings on fuel at Esso stations.
    • Besides DBS points earned on purchases, earn 1 Smiles point for every S$2 you spend using your card.
    • Enjoy instant redemptions of S$30 on fuel purchases when you earn 750 Smiles Points.

    Benefits of the DBS Esso MasterCard

    • The DBS Esso MasterCard can be used to make cash withdrawals from ATMs.
    • The card enables you to make convenient contactless payments for amounts less than S$100 through MasterCard PayPass.
    • The DBS Esso Card allows for instalment payment plans for customers wishing to conveniently pay their motor insurance and road tax.
    • The card lets you earn additional savings (over the 17% that can be earned) of up to 2.5% on fuel purchases through the Esso Loyalty Program.

    Instalment payment plans

    The card allows for flexible instalment options towards motor insurance and road tax payments. The offer is meant exclusively for customers with a DBS/POSB Current account or Savings account. The cash amounting to the motor insurance and road tax amount is credit to the account within 7 working days and can be repaid over a 12-month payment period.

    Fee and charges

    Type of fee Amount payable
    Annual fee S$85.60
    Supplementary card fee S$42.80
    Interest rate 25.90% p.a.
    Late payment charges S$80 if the monthly outstanding is more than S$50
    Cash advance fee 6% of the withdrawn amount
    Interest on cash advance 28% p.a.

    Transactions in foreign currencies

    • Foreign currency transactions will be charged a currency conversion fee of 1% levied by the card association.
    • An additional administrative fee of 1.5% is levied by the bank on the converted SGD amount.
    • Foreign currencies are first converted to USD and then to SGD at existing interbank rates or exchange rates mandated by the government.

    Cash withdrawals

    • The DBS Esso MasterCard can be sued to make cash withdrawals both at domestic and overseas ATMs.
    • A cash advance handling fee of 6% of the amount withdrawn is charged by the bank. In addition to this, an interest rate of 28% p.a. is levied on cash advances.
    • The interest charges that are levied on cash advances are subject to compounding until the amount is paid in full. Interest is charged on a daily basis (a minimum charge of S$2.50 is imposed) until the entire amount is repaid in full.

    How to apply for the DBS Esso MasterCard

    You can apply for the DBS Esso MasterCard by visiting the official DBS site and filling the online application form. You can also visit any DBS branch and apply for the card. Approval of the credit card application is completely contingent on satisfying the eligibility criteria.

    Eligibility criteria for the DBS Esso MasterCard

    • Minimum age: 21 years of age
    • Minimum income:
      • Singaporeans & permanent residents: S$30,000 p.a.
      • Foreigners: S$45,000 p.a.

    Documents required

    • Salaried individuals:
      • Copy of NRIC, latest computerized payslip, CPF contribution history for the last 1 year.
    • Self-employed individuals:
      • Copy of NRIC, bank statements for the last 3 months, latest Notice of Income Tax Assessment.
    • Individuals with varied income:
      • Proof of income, Copy of NRIC, bank statements for the last 3 months, Notice of Income Tax Assessment.
    • Foreigners:
      • Copy of Passport, Employment letter obtained from employer, latest computerized payslip, Employment pass.


    Customers are required to make a minimum monthly payment of 3% of the total monthly outstanding amount. Additionally, any overdue amounts from previous minimum payments and amounts exceeding credit limits are also charged under the minimum monthly payment for the given month. Late payment charges of S$80 are also accordingly applicable if payments are not made before the due date.

    Lost/stolen card liability

    The liability for lost/stolen cards is S$100. Liability is imposed by the bank if the bank observes gross negligence or fraud on the part of the customer and unauthorised transactions take place before the bank is notified about the loss/theft of the credit card.

    Reporting lost/stolen credit cards

    The bank can be contacted directly in case of lost/stolen credit cards. Customers can reach out to the bank by dialling the bank’s Customer Service Number and providing details about the card and recent transactions performed on the card. The bank will then block the card, thereby disallowing future transactions to take place.

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    News About DBS Esso MasterCard

    • DBS Fuel Promo

      Run Time – This offer is available till 30th June, 2016

      Particulars – Avail fuel vouchers worth SGD 60, when you apply for DBS Esso Card.

      Terms and Conditions –

        • The card application has to be approved during the offer period

        • One card member will receive one voucher only


    Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online.

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