DBS Recurring Bill Payment

We understand that paying different bills every month can be quite a hassle. Keeping track of all your expenses and paying them on time can get a bit tricky. Writing different cheques for different bills might not seem like the best utilisation of your time, but, you cannot afford to default either. Missing payment deadlines might result in penalties, which you definitely do not want. Fortunately, the DBS Recurring Bill Payment Plan simplifies this process for you. You can clear all your payments with just one bill and avoid all the hassles associated with having to make multiple monthly payments.

Associated Benefits

Some of the benefits of the DBS Recurring Bill Payment plan are:

  • All your bills can be managed by one account. This means you need to make just one payment for all your bills.
  • You no longer have to worry about writing separate cheques or wait in endless queues to make payments.
  • This can help you avoid defaulting on your bill payments and the penalties that come along with it.
  • You can earn DBS rewards points by paying your bills using this facility.

What Can You Use It For

DBS has collaborated with a number of different merchants to enable you to manage various different kind of expenses. The merchants that you can make payment to using this facility are:

  • SP Group
  • Singapore Town Councils
  • MSIG
  • Prudential
  • StarHub Ltd
  • M1 Limited
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How to Apply

Applying for the recurring bill payment service is actually a simple to step process.

  • Visit the bank’s website to download the form and fill it up.
  • After you are done filling it up, you can just simply mail it back to the bank.

You can also directly contact the merchants offering this service and set up a bill payment plan arrangement directly.

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About the Form

In this section, we will take a look at the different parts of the application form you need to complete for applying for the service.

  • The first part of the form is where you need to fill up your personal details. You will have to mention information like your name, mailing address, NRIC/ Passport details, contact details and, card details.
  • Then you have different sections for the merchants you want to pay the bills for. You can fill in all the necessary details, according to the merchants you choose.
  • After filling up the details, you have to use the provided envelope and mail it to the bank.
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