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    Contactless Payment Services in Singapore

    Contactless Payment services have revolutionised modern transactions and have brought in crucial elements of convenience, enormous ease, heightened security and seamless swiftness. Besides, with the manner in which contactless payments are structured, it takes absolutely no effort to have one’s hand on the pulse of routine transactions. It must be said that over the last few years, several companies have invested heavily to usher in the era of contactless payments.

    Contactless payments – a brief

    With contactless credit card payment services, you don’t need to carry your wallet everywhere you go! With a few touches of your mobile screen, you can make payments towards dining bills, purchases at health and wellness centres, entertainment establishments, online shopping and more. Here are some features of contactless payment services. Most importantly, you also don’t need to carry your card with you - you can just register your card on the payment service and make payments with absolute ease.


    Contactless payment platforms make sure that all transactions taking place are safe and secure. Advanced security systems are in place to prevent breach of personal data and credit card related information.


    Another noteworthy aspect of these services is that payments can be made in a swift manner. With minimal steps involved, you’d have literally spent no time in making a payment towards a purchase.

    Ease and Convenience

    The most important criteria for any service to be successful is the ease and convenience involved in operating or accessing the service. Through Visa PayWave, make payments at your convenience anytime and anyplace in the word.

    Keep a tab on your spending

    A rather impressive feature of contactless payment services offered by companies is that you can, at all times, keep a tab on all purchases you make. This leads to better management of personal finances and effective handling of credit.

    Let us take a look at some popular contactless payment services in Singapore. Here is a list of some popular digital payment platforms that enable contactless payments in an easy and convenient manner.

    MasterCard PayPass

    MasterCard PayPass is compatible with all Master debit and credit cards offered by banks. The contactless payment facility has been evolved to benefit MasterCard users, allowing for convenient and swift payments to be made on a diverse range of products and services.

    In order to use MasterCard PayPass, download the application and register your card details. Authenticate your credentials and start making your payments at various merchants across the world.

    Visa PayWave

    Visa PayWave is similar to MasterCard PayPass - only that it is compatible with Visa debit and credit cards. The features of Visa PayWave are similar to MasterCard PayPass - both of them are built to offer the same set of features and benefits to customers.

    In order to start making your purchases and payments through Visa PayWave, register your credentials on the application and authenticate them. Once approved, you can make payments on the move without using your Visa debit card or credit card.

    Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Apple Pay

    These three payment services are particularly different from Visa PayWave and Mastercard PayPass. These payment services can be used irrespective of the type of card you have (beit Visa or MasterCard). Samsung phones come with Samsung Pay installed with them, iPhones with Apple Pay and Android phones with Android Pay.

    Through these payment services, you can perform a wide range of transactions including purchases at shopping outlets, retail outlets, entertainment establishments and more.

    As already mentioned, these services are compatible with particular credit and debit cards. Just wave your card at the merchant terminal and your payment will be made in no time.

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