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Common Transactions That Will Not Earn Cashback for Credit Cards

Singapore has many credit cards that give cashback on day-to-day purchases such as groceries, fuel, eating out, GrabPay, Grab rides, and bakery items. You also have credit cards that offer you cashback on movie tickets, adventure sports, air tickets, retail buys, hospital bills, and utility expenditure such as electricity, water, internet, and Town Council bills. And people love these rewarding cards.

However, there are certain common transactions on which you will not be offered a cashback by a majority of the credit cards. Being aware of such transactions will remind you to not expect rewards for them. Listed below are some such purchases.

Payment at Government Offices

When you use your credit card to pay for transactions such as postal services, court cases, bond and bails, fines, parking spaces and garages, intra-government expenses, and tax payment, you will not get cashback.

Payment at Educational Institutions

You will not receive cashback when you use a credit card to pay your child’s fees at a school or a college. The same applies when you pay for other expenses such as books and supplies in educational institutions.

Bank-related Transactions

You will not get cashback when you use your credit card to purchase cash instalment plans and preferred payment plans. Cashback is also not available when you use it to pay for a balance transfer, personal loan charges, cash advances, cheque processing charges, interest, annual fees, fund transfer, foreign exchange transactions, and late payment fees.

Using your credit card to pay for an instalment amount that has been rolled over from the last month will not earn cashback.

Service Providers

When you use your credit cards to make payments for any prepaid cards or top-ups on prepaid accounts (such as NETS Flashpay, Transitlink, and EZ-Link), on a payment service provider, you will not get cashback.

Cashback is not available when you purchase from professional service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

Payment to Insurance Companies

You will not receive cashback when you use your credit cards to pay:

  • For your insurance premiums.
  • An insurance company to underwrite a policy.
  • For other sales regarding insurance policies.

Certain Entertainment Purchases

While credit cards offer cash back on tickets to movies and adventure parks, you will not be able to get the same for risky activities such as betting, which includes buying chips for casino games, lottery tickets, and racetrack wagers.

Miscellaneous Transactions

The following payments will also not earn you cashback:

  • Making donations to charitable, religious, social, and non-profit organisations.
  • Transactions through AXS and SAM.
  • Trading of crypto-currencies or securities.
  • Transactions that are later reversed, voided, disputed, or cancelled for any reason.

Now you know the payments for which you will not be eligible for cashback. Hope this has cleared your doubts, if you were confused earlier, and will help you take better decisions on the usage of your card. In any case, it would always be wise to check with your bank about such transactions. Reading through the terms and conditions will also help form a good idea about whether rewards apply for these transactions or not.

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