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    Citi M1 Card for M1 Recurring Bills Payment

    A card made specifically to give you rewards and benefits related to M1, the Citi M1 Card offers you Citi Rebates of up to 10% when you pay recurring bills from M1. You also get a 0.3% Citi Rebate on all other retail spends charged to this card. You also get to enjoy a series of other benefits on M1 purchases. Apart from this, you get access to a number of other exciting deals on dining, online shopping, travel, and petrol purchases. Read on, to find out how these rewards apply to you and how you can make use of the benefits to save money every month.

    Key Features

    Features Description
    Rebate on M1 recurring bills Up to 10%
    Rebate on M1 store purchases Up to 1%
    Rebate on M1 shop accessories 10%
    Rebate on other spends 0.3% (basic rate)
    Interest-free instalment plan On phone purchases above S$200
    Complimentary replacement For damaged and lost SIM cards

    Reduce Your Monthly Telco Bills With up to 10% Rebates

    Are your monthly phone bills shooting up? Then perhaps this card can help bring them down. If you spend more than S$600 on this card every month, you are eligible to get Citi Rebates of 10% when you pay your M1 bills. For total monthly spends between S$300 and S$600, you get a 3% Rebate. If your total monthly spend on this card is less than S$300, your M1 bill payments will get a 0.5% Rebate. You can redeem these Citi rebates at more than 300 outlets in Singapore. Use them to offset bills at participating merchants and enjoy direct discounts on groceries purchases, dining bills, and retail transactions. Also, convert them into KrisFlyer Miles or SunPerks points.

    Other M1-Specific Benefits

    This card also gives you a host of benefits that are specific to M1 transactions. Get Citi Rebates of 1% when you spend in M1 outlets. In addition to this, you can also enjoy a discount of 10% on device accessories purchased at M1 stores. The other M1 privileges include free replacement of damaged or lost SIM cards, waiver of the Data Passport activation charges, and waiver of connection charges for M1 value-added services.

    Save Money With Citi Privileges

    The Citi Privileges on this card give you a number of dining offers. These are courtesy of Citibank Gourmet Pleasures and help you save money every time you dine out at any of the restaurants participating in this programme. You can also make use of the petrol discounts of up to 14% at Shell and Esso petrol stations to reduce your monthly fuel expenses. There are also a number of exclusive offers on travel and online shopping.

    Joining Perk

    Get additional data of up to 24GB (for new Citi members) free of cost per month for every month for a year when you sign-up for this card. The terms and conditions related to this offer are as follows:

    • Existing Citi card members get 12GB per month for 12 months when they sign up for this card.
    • This offer is valid till 31 July 2018.
    • You must have a valid M1 plan (you should be an existing M1 customer when you apply for the card) and your application must be approved by 31 July 2018.
    • Once the bank approves your card, you should establish an arrangement with GIRO and Citibank to pay all your M1 bills via this card.
    • Irrespective of how many ever Citi cards or M1 plans you have, you will get only one free data offer.
    • The 12-month period starts on the date M1 activates your service.
    • For the complete list of terms and conditions that apply to this offer, visit this link.

    Additionally, when you refer a friend to apply for this card, you get a cashback of S$50. The T&C associated for this offer are:

    • The offer is valid till 31 August 2018.
    • You get a cashback of S$50 and your friend gets S$120, subject to fulfilling certain criteria.
    • You get the cashback reward only when the bank approves the card application from your friend.
    • You must hold at least one main Citibank credit card at the time of referral.
    • You cannot use this cashback to offset any minimum payments payable to the bank.
    • For more specific T&C, check out this link.

    Additional Benefits

    The Citi M1 Card also offers other benefits such as promotions on dining, petrol expenses, travel, and online purchases.

    Earn Rewards

    The Citi Rebate of up to 10% on M1 bill payments works in the following way:

    • You get a cashback of 0.5% when you spend less than S$300 every month on this card.
    • If you spend between S$300 to less than S$600 per month, you are eligible for a cashback of 3%.
    • If the total of all your purchases on this card for a month is more than S$600 per month, your cashback will be 10%.
    • All the above rates (0.5%, 3%, & 10%) apply only to M1 recurring bill payments and are inclusive of the basic rate of 0.3% which is applicable to all retail transactions. In effect, the 3 tiers of additional cashback rates on M1 payments over and above the basic 0.3% will be 0.2%, 2.7%, and 9.7% respectively.
    • All payments made in local currency or foreign currencies for other retail expenses give you a basic cashback rate of 0.3%.

    There is no limit to how much you can accumulate in terms of Citi Rebate. You get these rebates in your account as soon as you make the payments and they don’t have an expiry date. Each Citi Rebate is equal to S$1 in value.

    Calculate Citi Rebate from Citi M1 Card

    The following illustration gives you an idea of how the Citi Rebate program works for M1 bill payments made through this card. Let’s consider a recurring M1 bill of S$300 and three different total retail spends of S$250, S$400, and S$800.

    Total monthly spend* M1 bill (monthly) Basic rebate rate Additional M1 rebate rate Total rebate applicable on M1 bills Rebate on M1 payment
    S$250 S$300 0.30% 0.20% 0.50% S$1.50
    S$400 S$300 0.30% 2.70% 3.00% S$9.00
    S$800 S$300 0.30% 9.70% 10.00% S$30.00

    *Using the Citi M1 Card.

    Redeem Your Rewards

    You can use the Citi Rebate you accumulate in a number of ways:

    • Use it to get discounts on your M1 bill.
    • Redeem the rebates at more than 300 participating merchants and M1 stores all over the island to get discounts when you shop with them.
    • Convert them into KrisFlyer Miles and get discounts on airline bookings.
    • Convert them into SunPerks points and redeem them for other gifts and discounted services.

    You can also redeem your Citi Rebate in the following ways:

    • Send an SMS to the bank in the prescribed format to the specified number.
    • Login to the Citi online portal.
    • Call the CitiPhone Banking Hotline.

    Citi M1 Card Interest Rate

    Particulars Charge
    Retail purchases 26.9% p.a.
    Cash advance 6% of the amount withdrawn or S$15, whichever is higher.
    Instalment Payment Plan 0%

    Citi M1 Card Fees & Charges

    Type of charge Charge
    Annual Fee Basic card: S$192.60 (including GST), Supplementary cards: S$96.30 (including GST), First year fee is waived for the basic as well as 2 supplementary cards.
    Overseas Transaction Fee
    • 2.8% for foreign currency transactions.
    • 1% for dynamic currency conversion.
    • 1% for SGD transactions processed overseas.
    Late Payment Fee S$100
    Over limit Fee S$40

    For a complete list of all the fees and interests the bank charges on this card, click here.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Find out if you qualify for this card by checking your eligibility here.

    Cash Withdrawal on the Credit Card

    You can use the card to withdraw money from ATMs all over the world managed by VISA. The maximum amount of cash you can withdraw depends on the limits set by the bank from time to time.

    Lost/Stolen cards

    There are chances that you may lose your card or that someone might steal it. In case this happens, call the bank right away and report the loss or theft of your card. If you fail to do this, you will be liable for all transactions that take place on your card after such an incident.

    Once you have notified the bank, your liability for any unauthorised transactions made on your card would be limited to S$100.

    If you lose your Citi M1 Card while you are travelling or if it gets stolen, get in touch with the bank at the earliest on the CitiPhone Banking Hotline. functions as a useful resource about credit cards, giving you every little detail about each card in a single page. Go ahead and take a look – you’ll not be disappointed!

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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions - Via the Direct Debit Authorisation Form

    You can enable standing instructions and auto debit facility on your Citi M1 Card. To do this, you must get the Direct Debit Authorisation form from the bank’s official website. You must complete the form and send it to Citibank Singapore Limited.

    If you want to stop this service, get in touch with your branch.

    How to Apply For the Card & Check the Application Status - Online

    You can apply for Citi M1 Card online through their website by following these steps:

    • Fill the form with your relevant details.
    • Make sure you validate all the details at each stage.
    • Attach the supporting documents that are required.
    • Confirm and submit online.

    To check your application status, get in touch with Citi through the 24/7 CitiPhone Banking service or visit your nearest branch.  

    How to Check Balance -  SMS/Phone Banking/Citibank Online/Citi Mobile App

    You can check your outstanding balance by sending an SMS to Citibank. The information will be sent to immediately. Also, other ways to find out your balance are:

    • Phone Banking
    • Internet Banking
    • Citi Mobile App

    How Can the Bill Be Paid? - Through Citibank SMS Pay/FAST/Online Banking/Citi Mobile App/AXS/SAM and Other Channels

    The bill can be paid in the following ways:

    • Internet (Online) Banking
    • Citibank SMS Pay
    • Balance Transfer
    • FAST (Fast and Secure Transfers)
    • Citi Mobile
    • Cheque
    • ATMs
    • Interbank GIRO
    • SAM Machines
    • AXA Stations
    • Cash payments at any branch

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card? - 1% of the Current Balance+ 1% of the Outstanding Instalments+Late Payment Charges, or S$50

    You are liable to pay 1% of the outstanding bill amount and 1% of previous dues which are pending from previous bills or a minimum of S$50. You have to pay the highest amount out of the two.

    What Is the Grace Period? - 25 Days

    There will be a grace period of 25 days to pay your monthly bill.

    Which Mobile Wallets Can This Card Be Used With? - Apple Pay/Samsung Pay/Citi Pay

    Following are the mobile wallets that can be used with your Citi M1 Card:

    • Apple Pay
    • Citi Pay
    • Samsung Pay


    You must register for the EZ-Pay facility online. Once your registration is successful, you will get an email confirmation from the bank within 2 days. The email will have the date from which you can use the EZ-Pay service.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card - CitiPhone Banking/Citi Mobile App

    To block or unblock your Citi M1 Card, you must call CitiPhone Banking hotline which is available for 24 hours. You can also use Citi Mobile App for this.

    How to Reset the PIN - via the CitiPhone Banking service

    In order to reset your credit card’s PIN, you must call CitiPhone self-service banking hotline. The CitiPhone self-service is available for 24-hours.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date? - The Duration Between two Successive Card Statements

    The billing cycle usually is 30 days. However, it is based on the number of working days in a month. You can know your credit card payment due date from the monthly card statement.  

    How to Get a Replacement Card - Through the Citi Mobile App

    You can get your replacement card by applying for it through the Citi Mobile App. The bank will send the replacement card and its PIN to your registered address.

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of the Card - Citibank Online/CitiPhone Banking

    Call Citibank’s 24/7 Self-Service Phone Banking hotline and request for temporarily increasing your credit limit. You can also do it by accessing your Citibank Online account.

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