Citibank Credit Limit Review

Citi helps you get greater financial freedom by increasing the credit cap available on your credit cards to up to 4 times your monthly income. To maximise the benefits offered by this facility, all you have to do is to apply for it. There are two types of credit limit increases that you can request for: a permanent one and a temporary one.

How to Apply for a Permanent Increase

The application process is a very simple one:

  • Download the Income Update Form and fill it up.
  • Attach the relevant income documents to the completed form and mail them to the bank via the postage-paid mailer that comes along with the form.
  • You can also apply by filling up the form online and submitting it with the required documents.

Documents Required

The following is the list of documents that you are required to attach along with your filled-in Income Update Form:

Salaried employees:

  • Your latest computerised payslip (within the past 2 months), or
  • Your most recent payslip (computerised) and latest notice of income tax assessment.

Commission earners & self-employed individuals:

  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the last 2 years.  

How to Apply for a Temporary Increase >

At times you may need an increase in your card’s credit cap only for a short while. In such cases, you can ask the bank to grant you a temporary increase in your credit.

  • Log into Citibank Online and make your temporary credit increase request.
  • If you have any queries, you can contact the CitiPhone Banking service that’s available all throughout the day.

How to Fill Up the Form

  • This part is about what the form needs and how to fill it up properly. Knowing what your form needs will help you keep the details ready, fill it up easily, and submit it fast.
  • The first section is for the main cardholder. Here, you have to provide your personal details such as your name, mobile number, email, the number of the Citi credit card you’re using right now, and NRIC or passport number. You also have to enter details related to your employment including information such as your employer’s name, and the duration of your employment.
  • You also have to quantify the credit limit you are looking to get from the bank. You can also choose to give your consent to the bank setting this limit for you.
  • The second section is for the supplementary cardholders, if any. Supplementary cardholders have to provide similar details as required by main cardholders (given above). They also have to choose the credit limit they want or consent to the bank setting the limit for them.
  • The signature section has separate areas for the primary cardholder’s and supplementary cardholders’ signatures.
  • More About Citibank Credit Limit Review Form

    Other Points to Keep in Mind

    We’ve also put together a list of points that you need to keep in mind while you fill up this form.

    • The credit limit mentioned here is the combined limit of all your Citi credit cards.
    • If you have specified a certain credit cap you want, do keep in mind that the bank reserves the right to grant you a limit that’s equal to or lower than what you’ve requested.
    • if you have consented to the bank setting the credit limit for you, Citi will review your current credit caps and assign you a new one.
    • The limit available on the supplementary cards will be reset each month, provided that this does not increase the limit available on the primary card. If so, the limit on the supplementary cards will be reduced accordingly.
    • In order to get an increase in your credit limit, you need to provide all supporting documents to prove that you’re earning a higher income than what is in the bank’s records. If your supporting documents show a lower income, your existing credit limit will be reduced.
    • If you already have been granted a temporary credit limit increase, the permanent increase will come into effect only once the temporary increase comes to end and your credit cap has reverted to the one assigned to you earlier.
    • The maximum credit limit that you will get is 4 times your monthly income (minimum salary of S$30,000 p.a. is required) or an amount that is permitted by law based on your income.
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