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    Citi Credit Card Statement

    Every month, Citi sends you a statement of all the transactions made on your citi credit card account during the billing cycle. This statement has all the details of your account, such as your credit limit, payment details, due date, minimum payment amount, interest charges, and much more. It’s important to understand these things in detail to ensure proper maintenance of your account and to keep your credit score in good shape.

    What’s on your Citi credit card statement?

    • Statement date: This is the date on which your credit card statement was issued by the bank.
    • Credit limit: This is the maximum amount that you can spend on your card without paying a penalty.
    • Total outstanding balance: This is the total amount you owe issuer for all the transactions.
    • Total amount past due: It’s the amount that you were supposed to pay in previous month/months, but you didn’t pay.
    • Total minimum payment: It’s the minimum amount that you need to pay before the due date to avoid late payment penalties.
    • Payment due date: It’s the date by which you must pay your credit card bill to avoid incurring charges for late payment.
    • Bill summary: This gives a quick overview of the key information on your card, including total outstanding balance, past due amount, and minimum payment.
    • Rewards summary: This gives you an overview of the rewards related to all your Citi credit card. It generally includes rewards earned during the month, your existing rewards balance, and the total rewards that you can redeem.
    • Consolidated payment slip: If you have multiple Citi credit cards, you don’t need to issue multiple cheques to pay for these cards. With a consolidated payment slip, you can make all your Citi card payments through one cheque.
    • Previous balance: The outstanding amount carried forward to current month from the previous month.
    • Purchases and advances: It’s the total amount you have spent on your card and ATM withdrawals during the period of statement.
    • Payment and credits: It’s the total of all the payments that you have made to your credit card account during the period of your card statement.
    • Interest charges: It indicates the total interest charges that you have incurred during the statement month. Any interest charges related to balance transfer are also included under this.
    • Fees and charges: It’s the total of annual fees, over limit fee, finance fee, late fees, and other service charges incurred during the month.
    • Balance transfer: It’s an overview of the fund transfers you made under the balance transfer facility and the outstanding amount on your monthly instalment.
    • Flexible payment plan: This includes the details of the outstanding instalment loans, as well as the monthly instalment charged to your card.
    • Transaction details: This section includes description of all the transactions made on your account during the month. It’s important to keep an eye on every single transaction mentioned in your credit card statement. If you see any transaction that wasn’t made by you, report to the bank immediately.
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