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    Citi Rewards Visa Card Review

    The Citi Rewards Visa Card is the ultimate rewards credit card that rewards all your shopping endeavours including shopping for clothes, shoes and bags at online or retail stores or even departmental stores, both in Singapore and overseas.

    Earn 10 Rewards Points per S$1 that you spend on this card when you shop for clothes, shoes and bags, both locally or overseas. You also have the option to convert your Rewards into air miles at the rate of 10 Reward Points = 4 air miles. Your Reward Points will be valid for a period of 5 years.

    Any other purchase that you make on your Citi Rewards Visa Card will earn you 1 Rewards Point per S$1 spent. You can accumulate and redeem your Rewards Points for vouchers, gift cards, cash rebate, or even return tickets.

    Enjoy Citi Privileges on this card such as travel perks from Emirates, Agoda, Expedia and more. Save up to 14% on fuel spends at Shell and Esso stations. Also, earn up to 10% Citi Rebate at more than 300 partners such as Subway, Starbucks, Sheng Siong and many more.

    Enjoy complimentary travel insurance when you purchase your flight tickets using your Citi Rewards Visa Card. Apply for this credit card today and enjoy an annual fee waiver for the first year.

    Features of Citi Rewards Visa Card

    • This card is also available in the Mastercard network.
    • The annual fee is waived for the first year on the principal card and the first 2 supplementary cards.
    • This is a card designed for shopping, both offline and online.

    Benefits of the Citi Rewards Visa Card

    • Enjoy 1-year annual fee waiver on the principal credit card and first 2 supplementary credit cards.
    • Get Citi Rebate of up to 10% at more than 300 participating merchants including Subway, Sheng Siong, Starbucks, etc.
    • Get exclusive dining discounts through Citi Gourmet Pleasures.

    Citi Rewards Visa Card Promotions

    • Esso fuel promotion – Enjoy petrol savings of up to 14% at Esso throughout the year on this credit card. This is an ongoing promotion that is valid until otherwise stated by the bank/merchant partners.
    • Reebonz: Spend a minimum amount of S$800 online on the Reeboz website and get a discount of 15%. Use promo code, “CITIRB15”. This promotion is valid on select merchandise and events and expires on 31 March 2018.
    • Love, Bonito: Spend a minimum amount of S$150 at Love, Bonito online and/or Flagship Store and enjoy a discount of S$25. The discount is valid on all items, including items on sale. For online purchases, use promo code, “CITIR25XXXXXX” (XXXXXX represents the first 6 digits on your credit card). This promotion expires on 28 February 2018.   

    Citi Rewards Visa Card Joining Benefits

    Get up to S$120 as cashback if you apply online for a Citi credit card, and spend at least S$200 per month for a duration of 6 months. This campaign is valid up to 30 June 2018.

    Citi Rewards Visa Card Rewards Programme

    What you get:

    • 10 Rewards Points when shopping for clothes, shoes and bags at retail or online stores and at department stores. This is applicable on local as well as overseas shopping.
    • 1 Rewards Point on all other retail transactions.
    • The rewards points are credited in the form of Citi Dollars.

    How to redeem Rewards on Citi Rewards Visa Card

    You can accumulate and redeem your points for a variety of merchandise in the following ways (the below-mentioned are for illustrative purposes):

    • 2,640 Rewards Points = Starbucks Voucher worth S$10.
    • 5,390 Rewards Points = Isetan Voucher worth S$20.
    • 12,380 Rewards Points = TANGS Gift Card worth S$50.
    • 36,000 Rewards Points = Cash rebate worth S$100.
    • 87,500 Rewards Points = Round-trip flight tickets to Seoul.
    • 240,000 Rewards Points = Cash rebate worth S$600 or shopping vouchers worth S$900 or 96,000 miles or round-trip flight tickets to Sydney.

    You can redeem your points through the following ways:

    • Citi ThankYou Rewards, or
    • Transfer your points to a Frequent Flyer Programme or a Hotel Membership Programme, or
    • Redeem vouchers at more than 500 rewards outlets instantly, or
    • SMS the bank to get cash rebate on your card statements instantly.

    Charges and details:

    • The maximum amount of Citi Dollars that can be earned at participating merchants under the Citi Rewards Card – 10X Rewards Promotion is capped at 120,000 Citi Dollars per card anniversary year

    Instalment Payment Plans

    Citi offers a choice of 2 Payment Plans to cardholders.

    • Citi Equal Payment Plan (EPP) – You can convert your retail purchases into instalment payments at 0% interest for up to 24 months with EPP at more than 1,000 merchant partners. You simply need to ask for Citi EPP before making the payment at the store to get this benefit.
    • Citi Paywise – Convert retail purchases of a minimum amount of S$500 into 6 months’ instalment payments at 0% interest with Paywise. An upfront service charge of 5% will be applicable (EIR of 25.18% p.a.).

    Insurance Benefits with Citi Rewards Visa Card

    Enjoy complimentary travel insurance for yourself as well as your spouse (must also be a Citi cardholder) and children when you purchase the air fares using your Citi Rewards Credit Card.

    • Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement – Principal/supplementary cardholders will get cover of up to S$1 million. Children will receive cover of up to S$50,000.
    • Medical and accidental dental expenses occurring overseas - Principal/supplementary cardholders will get cover of up to S$40,000. Children will receive cover of up to S$20,000.
    • Emergency Medical Evacuation – Cover of up to S$100,000 for all members.
    • Repatriation – Cover of up to S$50,000 for all members.
    • Travel inconvenience cover:
      • Baggage Loss – Cover of up to S$1,000.
      • Baggage Delay – Cover of S$200 per delay of 8 consecutive hours (Maximum cover of S$500).
      • Flight Delay – Cover of S$100 per delay of 8 consecutive hours (Maximum cover of S$500).
      • Trip Cancellation – Cover of up to S$500.
      • Trip Interruption – Cover of up to S$500 (Applicable on minimum 5 consecutive days of Hospitalization Overseas)

    Citi Rewards Visa Card Fees and Charges

    Type of fee Amount payable
    Annual fee for Principal Credit Card S$192.60 (First-year fee waived)
    Annual fee for Supplementary Credit Card S$96.30 (First-year fee waived for 2 credit cards)
    Prevailing Interest rate 26% p.a.
    Late payment charges S$100
    Cash advance fee S$15 or 6% of the withdrawn amount, depending on whichever of the two is higher
    Interest on cash advance S$26.9% p.a.
    Overlimit fee S$40

    Citi Rewards Visa Card Foreign Currencies Transactions Fees

    • Credit card transactions that are made in US dollars (overseas/online) will be converted to Singapore dollars. Credit card transactions that are made in a currency other than the US dollar will first be converted to US dollar and then to Singapore dollar. Australian dollar purchases made on your Visa card will be directly converted to Singapore dollar.
    • The conversion of the currency will be based on the prevailing foreign exchange rates of Citi or an exchange rate determined by Visa.
    • In addition, 2.8% will be charged as an administrative charge if the transaction is processed by Visa international.
    • For DCC or Dynamic Currency Conversion, 1% will be charged as an administrative fee by Visa.
    • For Singapore Dollar transactions that are made overseas, 1% of the processed amount will be charged as an administrative fee by Visa.

    How to use Citi Rewards Visa Card Overseas

    To use your Citi Credit Card overseas, you must activate overseas use on your card. You have the option to perpetually activate overseas use on your card or you can activate and then deactivate the overseas facility upon your return to Singapore.

    You can activate overseas use on your card in the following ways:

    • By sending an SMS to the bank through the registered mobile number.
    • By using the Self Service Phone Banking facility by entering your credit card details.
    • Through the Citi Mobile application.
    • Through Citi Online Banking.

    The procedure for each is provided on the bank’s official Singapore website.

    Charges on Cash Advance/Withdrawals (domestic and overseas)

    You will be charged a cash advance fee of S$15 or 6% of the amount you withdraw. The interest rate for cash withdrawals (cash interest rate) is 26.9% p.a. If you have not made payments towards your cash advance even after the due date in the current month, your cash interest rate will be upped to 29.9% p.a.

    How to apply for the Citi Rewards Visa Card

    Applicants can apply for the Citi Rewards Visa Card online at Bankbazaar.sg easily by providing their personal and financial details.

    Citi Rewards Visa Card Eligibility

    • Minimum age – 21 years.
    • Minimum income:
      • Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents – S$30,000 p.a.
      • Foreigners – S$42,000 p.a.

    Documents required for the Citi Rewards Visa Card

    • Salaried individuals:
      • Copy of NRIC or Passport and
      • Most recent computerised original payslip or
      • Income Tax Notice of Assessment or
      • CPF Statements for the past 12 months.
    • Self-employed individuals:
      • Copy of NRIC or Passport and
      • Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the past 2 years and
      • Bank statements for the past 3 months.
    • Foreigners:
      • Copy of Passport and
      • Copy of Work Permit and
      • Copy of your telephone/utility bill or bank statement that contains your name and address and
      • Most recent computerised original payslip and
      • Income Tax Notice of Assessment.

    Citi Rewards Visa Card Interest Rates

    The prevailing interest rate applicable on the Citi Rewards Visa Card is 26% p.a. In the event that your credit card account is past due, your retail interest will be revised to 29% p.a. Your interest rate will revert to the prevailing interest when your account no longer has any past dues in the present month and is no longer twice or more past due in the last 6 months.


    To calculate the minimum amount, you take a cumulative of 1% of the current balance, plus 1% of any outstanding unbilled instalment amounts, plus interest charges (which includes interest/service charges for any recurring/instalment payments), and the late payment charge, OR S$50, whichever is greater. Besides, you must also pay the overdue amounts. If the current balance is less than S$50, you must make the minimum payment which is equivalent to current balance.

    Lost/stolen card liability

    If you have lost your credit card, it has been stolen or the card PIN has been disclosed to an unknown party, you must immediately contact Citi credit card hotlines and notify them of the incident. The maximum liability for any unauthorised or fraudulent transactions made on your card will be limited to S$100 if the bank is satisfied of the following:

    • The loss/theft was not due to your negligence.
    • You have not acted fraudulently.
    • You have informed the bank of the incident immediately.

    Card protection schemes

    • Citi Alerts – Opt for Citi Alerts wherein you will receive an email or SMS immediately after a transaction is made on your credit card. You also have the option to customise your default amount, which will trigger the notification sent to you.
    • 3D OTP – For online transactions, receive a One Time Password (OTP) when you transact at 3D Secure merchants. With this additional layer of protection, an OTP will be sent to you, which you need to input in order to complete your transaction online.

    What you should do if your Citi Rewards Visa Card is lost/stolen?

    You can contact Citi through the following ways to report the loss/theft of your Citi Credit Card:

    • Citi Phone Banking (a step-by-step demo is available online on the bank’s website).
    • If your card has been lost/stolen overseas, contact the bank on their Citi Phone Banking number which is available 24/7.

    Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online.

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