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    Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card

    Citibank Cashback Credit Card Promotions (Updated 2017)

    Following are the most popular promotions that are in offer on Citi Cashback credit cards:

    • Travel Promotions:
      • Get discounts of up to 8% when you use your card to make bookings on
      • Earn air miles when you use your card to make hotel reservations on
      • Travel offers are valid till 31 december, 2017.
    • Dining Promotions:
      • Earn discounts of up to 15% at some of Singapore’s most popular dining establishments.
      • Most dining offers are valid until 31 December, 2017.

    Citi Cashback MasterCard Overview

    Looking for the ideal cashback credit card in Singapore. Well, credit cards come with a clutch of different features, with cashbacks and reward points being the most prominent benefits. When it comes to cashback cards, there are some cards that give you rebates on movies and entertainment, while there are some others that offer you cashbacks on dining, travel and shopping.

    The Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card is one such card that is associated with cashbacks on a variety of spends. Known to be one of the most popular cashback cards, the Cashback MasterCard credit card from Citi offers you with excellent discounts (in the form of cashbacks) on dining, groceries, fuel purchases and more.

    Let’s take a look at some noteworthy features and benefits of the card. We also look at the fees and charges, and other details that are essential.

    Features of Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card

    Below are the most prominent features of the Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card:

    • Cashbacks:
      • As this is solely a cashback credit card, you will receive cashbacks on various categories of purchases. The percentage of cashbacks that you can receive depends on the category in question.
    • Minimum Spend Criteria:
      • In order to qualify for the cashbacks, you are required to spend a minimum of S$888. Also, cashbacks are capped at S$25 for each category.
    • Balance Transfer:
      • You can transfer your existing balance from another credit card to the Citi Cashback MasterCard credit card. You will receive a reduced rate of interest for a stipulated period of time.
    • Cash Withdrawal:
      • The card allows you to make emergency cash withdrawals if your credit limit permits it. Cash withdrawal limits are typically 30% of the total available credit limit.
      • These withdrawals will attract an annual interest charge as well as cash advance handling charges.
    • Bill Payments Made Convenient:
      • You can pay your bill seamlessly either through internet banking or through the Citi mobile application.

    Benefits of Citi Cashback Mastercard Credit Card

    Let’s take a look at the most prominent benefits associated with the Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card:

    • Fuel Station Discounts:
      • You can receive discounts of up to 20.8% at Shell and Caltex Stations across the Island State.
    • Dining Cashbacks:
      • This is one of the most notable benefits offered by the card - you receive cashbacks of up to 8% at participating dining establishments in Singapore with your Cashback MasterCard Credit Card.
    • Additional Cashbacks
      • You can receive additional cashbacks of up to 20% at select merchants.
    • Rebates at Several Merchants
      • With the Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card, you can earn rebates of up to 10% at over 500 participating merchants all year long.
    • Grocery Cashbacks:
      • Earn rebates of up to 8% on groceries when you use your card to make purchases.
    • Automatic cashback credits:
      • Your cashbacks, if they exceed S$50 a month, will automatically be credited to your available credit balance.
    • 0.25% Cashbacks on other expenses
      • All other expenses and purchases will attract a 0.25% cashback (i.e. if they don’t fall under categories that are associated with higher cashbacks).

    Instalment Payment Plans

    The Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card lets you convert big-ticket purchases into instalment payment options. You can choose to repay in instalments stretching from 3 months to 24 months. Depending on the size of your purchase, you can accordingly pay in easy, monthly instalments. You can also convert your outstanding credit card balance into monthly payment options and gradually get rid of the debt burden.

    Fees &Charges

    Annual Card Fee S$192.60
    Annual Rate of Interest 26% p.a.
    Cash Advance fee 6% of outstanding amount
    Interest in cash advances 26.9% p.a.

    Charges on Foreign CurrenciesTransactions

    The Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card lets you perform overseas transactions. These transactions are charged an administrative fee and a currency conversion fee. The currency conversion fee is levied by the respective card association – in this case, the card association is MasterCard. A 1% currency conversion fee (1% of the transaction) will be levied by MasterCard, and an additional 2.5% administrative fee will be charged by Citibank.

    All foreign currency transactions will first be converted into USD before being converted to SGD and charged. Conversions are made from the overseas currency to the USD and from USD to SGD at existing inter-bank exchange rates.

    Cash Withdrawal Charges

    You can use your credit card to make cash withdrawals. Cash withdrawals will be charged an interest of 26.9% (levied at a compounding rate on an everyday basis) along with an additional charge known as the cash advance handling charge, equivalent to 6% of the amount withdrawn.

    How to apply for the Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card ?

    If you wish to apply for the Citi Cashback MasterCard credit card, you need to visit the official Citibank Singapore website and fill out the application form available online. You will also need to submit your supporting documents that include proof of income, identity and residence, following which an executive from Citibank will get in touch with you to help you complete the remainder of your application form. Once this is done, your application will be processed and reviewed. If all goes well, you will receive your credit card in about 7 to 10 business days.

    Eligibility to Apply Citi Cashback MasterCard Credit Card

    • Minimum age: 21 years of age
    • Minimum income:
      • Singaporeans & permanent residents: S$30,000 p.a.
      • Foreigners: S$40,000 p.a.

    Documents required

    • Salaried individuals:
      • Copy of NRIC, Latest computerized payslips, CPF statement.
    • Self-employed individuals and individuals with varied income:
      • Copy of your NRIC, CPF Statement obtained using your SingPass ID, latest Computerized Payslips.
    • Foreigners:
      • Copy of Passport, Proof of employment from employer, Employment Pass, Latest Computerized payslips.


    • Repayments can be made through internet banking or the Citibank mobile application.
    • You can login with your internet banking credentials or enter your secure PIN to initiate and complete your monthly bill payment.
    • You will be required to pay a minimum monthly amount of 3% of your total outstanding balance by the due date. If not, a late payment charge will be accordingly levied.
    • If you hold a supplementary card, the statement for the supplementary card can be found along with the statement for the principal card.

    Reporting lost/stolen Card

    If you’ve lost your credit card or your card has been stolen, you must immediately contact the Citibank Credit Card hotline and inform the bank about the loss/theft of your card. You will also need to verify your identity details – your date of birth and other relevant information. Also, to authenticate your identity, the representative will ask you to provide details of your credit card and the most recent transactions performed using your card. Once they clarify and confirm your identity, your credit card will be blocked and no further transactions can take place on the card.

    If any unauthorised transactions have taken place, the bank will investigate the sequence of events and you will be charged a huge penalty if you’ve acted fraudulently or in gross negligence.

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