CIMB Visa Signature Card for Dining: Yet to Get Reviews

    Credit Card Application

    The card is designed for individuals who love to dine out at different restaurants and bars in Singapore, as well as for those who shop online in foreign currencies. The highlights of the card are:

    • A 10% cash rebate on eating out.
    • A 10% cash rebate on shopping online in foreign currencies.
    • This card suitable for frequent overseas travellers because CIMB doesn’t charge any administrative fee on foreign currency transactions and offers a complimentary travel insurance with it.
    • No annual fee is charged on this card.

    Best suited for: Food and wine lovers who are looking to earn rewards on their monthly spend, without having to pay an annual fee.

    Key Features

    Feature Description
    Annual fee Free for life
    Cash rebate on dining 10%
    Cash rebate on online shopping in foreign currencies 10%
    Cash rebate on all other retail spends 0.2%
    Complimentary travel insurance Up to S$500,000

    Additional Benefits

    • There is no administrative fee on foreign currency transactions made with this card.
    • Enjoy special deals on dining, shopping, and lifestyle at certain partner merchants in Indonesia and Malaysia.
    • Get access to 24/7 Visa Signature Concierge service that assists you with your day-to-day requirements like travel planning or buying a gift for someone.

    Earning Cash Rebate?

    • Get a 10% cash rebate on dine and wine, and online transactions made in foreign currencies.
    • The 10% rebate includes:
      • A base rebate of 0.2%, which is credited to your account in the same month.
      • An additional rebate of 9.8%, which is credited to your account in the following month.
    • The 10% rebate is capped at S$60 per month. Once you reach this limit, get cash rebates at 0.2% for every eligible spend.
    • Get a 10% cash rebate by spending a minimum of S$500 in a month that should involve a minimum of eight transactions worth S$30 or more.
    • Get a 0.2% rebate on all other retail spends. There is no cap on such rebates.

    Let Us Illustrate:

    Take a look at the table below to understand how you can earn cash rebate with this card for different categories:

    Spend category Monthly spend Cash rebate rate Cash rebate amount
    Dining (assume that you dine out 5 times in a month and each bill is worth at least S$30) S$300 10% S$30
    Online shopping in foreign currencies (assume you shop online 3 times in a month and each bill is worth at least S$30) S$300 10% S$30
    Other retail spends S$800 0.2% S$1.6
    Total S$1,400 Cash rebate earned: S$61.6

    Redeeming Earned Cash Rebate?

    The cash rebate you earn with this card is directly credited to your account to offset your total spend for that month.

    Complimentary Insurance Coverage

    Coverage type Coverage amount
    Accidental death S$500,000 each for you and your spouse and S$25,000 for your dependent child
    Permanent disablement Up to S$500,000 each for you and your spouse and up to S$25,000 for your dependent child
    Trip cancellation Up to S$300
    Flight delay S$300
    Delayed baggage S$300
    Loss of baggage Up to S$500

    Who All Will Be Covered by the Insurance?

    • The insurance covers:
      • You, the cardholder.
      • Your spouse.
      • Your dependent child.
    • Your dependent child should be aged less than 25 if he/she is studying at a recognised tertiary education institution. For all other cases, the age limit stands at 21.

    Interest Rates

    Type of interest Charge
    Retail purchases 25.5% p.a.
    Cash advance 28% p.a.
    Instalment payment plan 0% (one-time processing fee will be charged)

    Other Fee and Charges

    Type of charge Charge
    Overseas transaction fee
    • Bank’s administrative fee: Waived
    • Fee charged by Visa: 1%
    Late payment fee S$100
    Over-limit fee 5% of the exceeded limit or S$50, whichever amount is higher
    Cash advance fee 6% of the advance amount or S$15, whichever amount is higher
    Supplementary card fee S$75 (first-year fee for the first two supplementary cards waived)

    Activating the Card for Overseas Expenses

    • Yes, the magnetic stripe on the back of your card has to be activated for retail transactions abroad.
    • Call the bank’s hotline to activate the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.

    Instalment Payment Plans Available

    CIMB 0% i.Pay Plan

    • Convert your large credit card purchases into small monthly instalments with this plan.
    • Spread the payment over 5, 10, or 20 months.
    • No interest will be charged only if the instalment payments are made in full every month.
    • A one-time processing fee will be charged. The bank charges:
      • 3% of the transaction amount as processing fee for 5- and 10-month tenures.
      • 5% of the transaction amount for a 20-month tenure.
    • The transaction size must be:
      • At least S$500 for 5- and 10-month tenures.
      • At least S$1,000 for a 20-month tenure.
    • No transaction should be more than S$30,000.

    Cash Withdrawal on the Credit Card

    • Withdraw cash through your credit card conveniently from an ATM.
    • The cash limit depends on your available credit limit.
    • Apply for a personal loan under the CashLite facility. Up to 80% of the available credit limit on your card can be borrowed using this facility.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The bank reserves certain criteria to decide if you are eligible for this card. Please check the eligibility criteria page on our website to know more.

    Lost/Stolen Cards

    • Notify the bank immediately by calling CIMB’s customer service hotline.
    • File a report with the police and submit a copy of the same to the bank.
    • Your liability for unauthorised transactions on your card will be limited to S$100 if:
      • It is established that you weren’t complicit in the fraud.
      • You didn’t act negligently while handling your card.
      • You took all possible steps to minimise chances of damage, loss, or misuse of your card.

    If you are considering applying for your first credit card, especially to build a good credit score, you have multiple options to choose from. The ideal way to narrow down your results is to find credit cards here that match your preferences.

    Credit Card Tips


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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions

    Through Online Banking/Fill and Submit Form to Bank

    • All registered CIMB online banking users can provide standing instructions for bill payments to be auto-debited from their accounts.
    • You can also enrol for your card bill to be auto-debited by submitting the auto-debit authorisation form to the bank.
    • Standing instructions for bill payments can be disabled via online banking. To disable auto-debits for your card payment, call CIMB’s 24-hour customer service hotline.

    How to Apply for the Card & Check the Application Status

    Apply Online and Follow Up With the Bank

    You can either apply for your card online on the bank’s website or you can provide your phone number so that a CIMB customer representative can get in touch with you.

    To check the status of your credit card application, you can call their customer service hotline.

    How to Check Balance

    By Downloading CIMB Clicks

    If you are a registered CIMB online banking user, then you can check the balance on all cards that you have linked to CIMB Clicks.

    How Can the Bill Be Paid?

    Through CIMB Clicks/GIRO/Internet Banking/CIMB Branch/AXS/Cheque

    Your monthly bill can be paid via the following methods:

    • CIMB current account and savings account holders can make payments via CIMB Clicks.
    • Internet banking facilities provided by other banks.
    • Via interbank GIRO.
    • AXS Stations throughout Singapore.
    • Via cheque made payable to “CIMB Bank Berhad – Credit Cards”.

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card?

    3% of the Outstanding Balance or Min S$50

    The minimum amount that you can pay each month is 3% of the outstanding balance plus any outstanding amount that is due or S$50. The higher of the two will be considered as the minimum payment amount.

    What Is the Grace Period?

    23 Days

    The interest-free period for this card is 23 days from the statement date. This grace period is provided only if there is no balance that has been carried forward from the previous months.

    Can It Be Used With EZ-Link?


    You can use your card with EZ-Link. However, you will not earn any rewards on these transactions.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card

    Call CIMB Hotline

    To block or unblock your credit card, please call the customer service hotline and follow the instructions provided.

    How to Reset the PIN

    Through CIMB ATMs/Bank Branches/Submit Form to Bank

    • Fill and submit the Credit Card Account Maintenance Form and use the business reply envelope to send it to CIMB.
    • You will receive a confirmation mail through post with your new PIN.
    • It will take at least 7 business days for your application to be processed and the changes to reflect in CIMB’s records.
    • Alternatively visit a bank branch or CIMB ATM to reset your PIN.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date?

    1 Month (Can Start on Any Day)

    Billing cycles will differ for each cardholder. You will receive your statement of accounts detailing all transactions on a monthly basis. The billing cycle begins from the date on which your credit card was approved.

    The date by which your payments has to be made without incurring any late fees will be indicated on your statement.

    How to Get a Replacement Card

    Fill Form and Submit to Bank

    To get a replacement card you will have to submit the Credit Card Account Maintenance Form to CIMB using the business reply envelope provided.

    It will take 7 working days for CIMB to process your request and send you a replacement card. You will be charged S$20 per replacement card.

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of the Card

    Download Form and Mail it to the Bank

    • Submit the Temporary Credit Limit Increase Form to CIMB.
    • You can request for this increase only for funeral arrangements, weddings, hospitalisation, medical expenses, and travel requirements.
    • If all documents are in place, it will take at least 2 business days for the increase to take effect.
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