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All You Need to Know About CardUp

CardUp, an online payments platform, lets any payment made through bank transfer to be moved to a credit card, irrespective of whether the recipient accept cards. CardUp customers can maximise their credit card benefits such as extended credit terms and receiving reward points on large payments like insurance premiums, taxes, house rent, and tuition fees. If you own a company, then paying for office rent, payroll, and supplier invoices via this platform will provide you with instant access to a interest-free credit for a maximum of 55 days. This will further increase your access to digitising processes, working capital, and improving your cash flow, all at the same time. CardUp has collaborated with major credit cards from leading financial institutions like Citi, Bank of China (BOC), United Overseas Bank (UOB), and Mastercard.

How Does CardUp Work

Free Sign-Up

Set up your account for free in less than one minute. The recipient doesn’t need to register in order to receive your payments.

Schedule Your Payment

Choose the payment type and select the credit card you want to pay with. You have the option to schedule payments in advance, set up recurring payments, or make a one-off transaction.

CardUp Pays

CardUp will debit the amount from your card account at least five working days in advance. An administrative fee of 2.6% will also be charged at the same time. The recipient will get the funds through bank transfer on the set date.

Earn Rewards

Once the payment is made, you will earn miles, reward points, or cashback on your card for each transaction.

How to Earn Miles

Let’s say you own The American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card and pay your monthly rent, car loan, insurance, and income tax using this card via CardUp. The table below will show you how many miles you will earn in a year:

  Monthly rent Car loan Income tax Insurance Education
Amount paid S$5,800 S$1,700 S$1,800 S$900 S$1,000
CardUp fee S$3,494 (2.6%)
Total annual spend S$137,894
Total miles earned 151,683

Where Can You Use Your Miles?

Redeem these miles for four business class return tickets to Hong Kong, South China, and Taiwan with 41,683 miles remaining. You can also visit places like Bali, Bangkok, Maldives, New Delhi, Sydney, New Zealand, and Paris, to name a few. If you want to fly first class, you have enough air miles to do so. You can purchase three return tickets to Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia with 1,683 air miles remaining. You can also fly to destinations like Hong Kong, Maldives, Beijing, Taiwan, London, New York, and New Zealand, among others.

How to Earn Cashback


If you own this card, you will have to spend at least S$500, S$1,000, or S$2,000 per quarter to qualify for quarterly cashback of S$50, S$100, or S$300, respectively. You must also have 5 or more transactions in a month. If you spend, let’s say, S$2,000 in a quarter. Your monthly savings will be S$1,200, of which, S$624 will be deducted as CardUp fee (2.6%). So, a total of S$576 can be earned as a cashback for each year.

Bank of China Family Card

This card requires you to spend S$700 per month on online transactions to qualify for a cashback. The cashback is capped at S$30 for each month. Suppose you spend S$00 in a month on online shopping. You will a cashback of S$360. A fee of S$280.80 will be deducted from this cashback as CardUp fee. Hence, the total annual cashback you will get is S$79.20.

Maybank Platinum Visa Card

You must charge at least S$300 or S$1,000 in a month for each quarter to qualify for a quarterly cashback of S$30 or S$100, respectively. So, if you spend S$1,000 each month, you will earn a cashback of S$400, of which S$312 will be deducted as CardUp fee. So, you will earn S$88 annually as cashback.

How Else Can You Earn Rewards?

You can earn more reward points on large and recurring payments. If you spend S$5,000 in each month (S$60,000 annually) along with a CardUp fee of S$130 per month (S$1,560 per year), you will earn 1.4 air miles to the dollar on your credit card. In addition, you will get 86,000 miles in a year, which can be redeemed for business class return tickets to Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, or Seoul.

You can also earn a discount of S$20 on your next payment every time you refer a friend. Your friend will get S$20 off on the CardUp fee when they make their first payment. However, this referral discount is valid on payments of a minimum of S$1,000 before the fee is added. For business referrals, you will get S$100 off your next payment and they will get S$100 off their CardUp fee for the first payment. Again, a minimum payment of S$1,000 is applicable. You can make up to 20 referrals, including personal and business referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Q. How do I add my credit card on CardUp?

A. Sign in to your account and click on ‘My Stored Cards’, where you can view, add, or delete your credit cards.

Q. Do I need to upload any documents for car loan payments?

A. Yes, you must upload either the Auto Financing Payment Advice or Hire Purchase Agreement along with a document stating the receiver’s bank account details.

Q. Can GIRO payments be replaced by CardUp?

A. No, CardUp is a payment service and transfers funds. It will not replace GIRO.

Q. If my insurance company is not mentioned on CardUp, can I still make payments?

A. Yes, you can pay a non-listed insurance company by simply setting up the company as a new payee within your CardUp account. Kindly upload the supporting documents like a letter or invoice along with receiver’s bank details.

Q. Does CardUp have any instalment plans?

A. CardUp will process your payment based on the instructions provided by you. This online platform does not offer any instalment plans like banks.

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