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    Compare EZ-Link Credit Cards in Singapore

    EZ-Link cards are smart contactless cards with stored value that were initially designed to solve issues surrounding taking public transportation around the city. Today, they are synonymous with quick and easy cashless transactions that are not limited to MRT, buses, taxis, and LRT. With cooperation from telecommunication giants, banks, and retailers, the EZ-Link card has evolved to facilitate lifestyle transactions as well. Additionally, a few credit cards on the market allow you to set up automatic EZ-Link top-ups after you activate the EZ-Reload facility on the card. This way your credit card can act as an EZ-Link card as well, so that you don’t have to carry yet another card on you to get you from point A to point B.

    EZ-Link credit cards can be used for everything, from online shopping and petrol, to electronic road pricing (ERP) charges, government services, dining, and more. They offer customers a simple method by which to make a multitude of payments and travel, while simultaneously earning rewards such as cashback and rebates on their purchases.

    What Are Some Benefits of Using These Cards?

    Let’s understand the benefits of using these cards:

    • Affordability: Some credit cards waive the convenience fee on the top-ups.
    • Speed: These cards automatically top-up the balance when it runs low.
    • Rewards: You can earn cash rebates, cash back, and other special perks on not only transport, but a host of other spends.
    • Flexibility: You can always change the automatic top-up amount set by the bank.

    How Do EZ-Reload Credit Cards Work in Singapore?

    Credit cards for EZ-Link top-ups are easy to use and they simplify your transportation.

    Once your card is approved, you must activate the EZ-Reload function on your card to enjoy automatic top-ups. To do this, you can:

    1. Visit the General Ticketing Machine situated at MRT stations.
    2. Use the My EZ-Link Mobile App.
    3. You can either reload the card through GIRO or a credit card.

    Just tap your card on the card reader when you are taking public transport to use it.

    Some credit cards do not act as EZ-Link cards as well, but can be used to top-up the required amount conveniently.

    They may also offer additional rewards for top-ups, or in some cases, waive the convenience fee entirely.

    Who Would Most Benefit from an EZ-Link Credit Card?

    Singaporeans who commute using public transport on a regular basis, who face travel inconveniences like having insufficient change on them while travelling, and/or who cannot be bothered to top-up the EZ-Link cards in the first place should consider this option. This means that when your card’s balance goes down, it will automatically be topped up from your credit card account. This makes such cards very convenient to use.

    Where Can You Use EZ-Link Credit Cards?

    You may use EZ-Link credit cards to pay for the following:

    • All LRT and MRT trains
    • All public buses
    • Government services
    • Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges
    • Food & beverage outlets
    • Electronic Parking System (EPS) payments.
    • Community clubs
    • Leisure & entertainment outlets
    • Private taxis and buses
    • Shopping & retail outlets
    • Self-services (vending machines, printing services, etc.)

    What Are Some of the Best Credit Cards for EZ-Link Top-Ups in Singapore?

    If you are a frequent traveller by public transport, you might have moments where you have forgotten your EZ-Link card or not have sufficient money on it. Fortunately, there are a few credit cards that cater to EZ-Reload Auto Top-up transactions. The most important details you need to know about these credit cards are listed in the table below:

    Card Name Annual Fee (p.a.) EZ-Link Usage Additional Benefits
    DBS Live Fresh Card S$128.40 Automatically registered for EZ-Reload. S$40 will be withdrawn from card account per top-up. 5% cashback on Visa payWave purchases and online shopping. 0.3% cashback on all other purchases.
    Citibank SMRT Card S$192.60 No convenience fee charged & up to 2% savings on EZ-Reload auto top-up transactions. Up to 5% savings on groceries, coffee, fast food, online shopping, movies, and more.
    Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card S$192.60 Has pre-enrolled EZ-Reload facility. The top-up amount is S$50. 1.5% cashback on all spends with no minimum spend requirement or cap.
    POSB Everyday Card S$192.60 Can be used as an EZ-Link card on MRT/bus rides. Up to 20.1% savings on fuel. Up to 15% cash rebates on transport, overseas spend, and dining. Up to 6% cash rebates on groceries, health & beauty related purchases, utilities, electricity, and telecommunications bills.

    How Can You Apply For EZ-Link Credit Cards?

    Simply visit the website of the bank whose card you want to sign up for. Navigate to the name of the card and click on the “Apply Now” button. You will be redirected to another page where you will be required to fill in specific information to process your application, from your personal details to your income history.

    Alternatively, you could visit the bank’s local branch and start your application process in-person. Make sure you carry your identity and income documents with you to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

    How Do You Activate EZ-Link Cards?

    To activate EZ-Link Reload through GIRO, you can do it with the help of the My EZ-Link Mobile App or any General Ticketing Machine (GTM). For this, you will have to keep your AXS receipt with your ARN code (collection slip number) and your EZ-link card ready.

    The ARN number for each EZ-Link card will be different as it is unique for every application. It will appear on the mobile app every time you click on the EZ-Reload button. It is programmed to remain there until you have successfully managed to activate the EZ-Reload facility on your EZ-Link card. For activation using an online application, you will get your ARN code via email if your application is successful.

    To activate EZ-Link Reload through a card, you will need your AXS receipt with your ARN number. This is for activation through the My EZ-Link Mobile app. Additionally, for Android users, you will need to tap your EZ-Link card against your phone’s NFC antenna when prompted by the app. As soon as the syncing is successful, the EZ-Reload function would be activated and ready to use. iOS users will receive a 12-digit ARN number on your mobile app once your application is successful. You will have to use the ARN code provided to activate the EZ-Reload facility at any TransitLink Ticket Office or at any GTM. To activate at any GTM, you will need your AXS receipt with the ARN number and your EZ-Link card.

    How Can You Top-up Your EZ-Link Account?

    You have to apply for and activate the EZ-Reload function on your card either online, through the EZ-Link mobile app, or via GIRO.

    • EZ-Reload applications through the EZ-Link app are only valid for charge, debit, and credit cards by VISA or Mastercard. Once your application is successful, your EZ-Link card will be automatically topped-up when the balance runs low with the top-up amount set by the bank.
    • Online applications for EZ-Reload are only accepted for Diners Club and American Express charge, credit, or debit cards. Again, the moment the balance on your card falls to less than S$3, the auto top-up function will kick into gear and the pre-set amount debited from your credit card.
    • For top-ups using GIRO, you have to connect your EZ-Link card to your POSB or DBS account. Once connected, you will have to visit any DBS/POSB ATM and follow the below steps to top-up your card:
    1. Insert POSB/DBS card
    2. Enter your PIN
    3. Select “More Services” under the Main Menu
    4. Hit “Cashcard/EZ-Link card services” option
    5. Select “EZ-Link card” to narrow it down
    6. After the Terms & Conditions page, select “To Continue”
    7. Hit the “Top-up EZ-Link card” button
    8. Select the top-up amount you want
    9. Select which account it will be debited from
    10. Place your EZ-Link card in the card slot
    11. Confirm whether you would like a receipt or not for your transaction
    12. Upon successful transaction, be sure to remove your EZ-Link and POSB/DBS card.

    How Do You Deactivate EZ-Link Cards?

    You can deactivate your existing EZ-Link Reload service on your card by visiting a TransitLink Ticket Office. You will have to submit your EZ-Link card and your NRIC if you are a Singaporean, or a passport if you are a foreigner.

    Keep in mind, however, that if you have undertaken any of the following transactions within the past 4 days, you will not be able to deactivate the card:

    • Conducted an Auto Top-up
    • Activated the EZ-Reload facility
    • Settled the outstanding amount on the card

    How Do You Choose the Right EZ-Link Credit Card for You?

    In order to choose the right card, you must:

    • Check your usage. If you already have an EZ-Link card, you can choose a credit card that lets you top-up your existing card, while offering rewards such as cashback.
    • Check the other benefits offered by the card and whether you qualify to enjoy them, based on your monthly spend, etc.
    • Check the convenience fee for the EZ-Reload facility, along with other fees and charges associated with any transactions made through the card.

    What Aspects Should You Consider Before Getting an EZ-Link Credit Card?

    The following are some key points to keep in mind before getting such cards:

    • Can the credit card be used as an EZ-Link card or can be used for top-ups only?
    • Does the card offer rewards on EZ-Reload top-ups?
    • Will you be charged a convenience fee on all automatic top-ups?
    • Can the top-up limit set by the bank be changed according to your requirement in case it is too low?
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