Grab a credit card that gives you better rewards & more!

    American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card for Dining

    This credit card from American Express is one of the best when it comes to fine dining. Enjoy exclusive discounts at popular restaurants, including 5-star restaurants. The highlights of the Amex Platinum Reserve Card is as follows:

    • Michelin Guide Singapore’s official card partner.
    • Discounts up to 50% at select 5-star hotels.
    • Earn Membership Rewards points on eligible spends and convert to air miles.

    Best suited to: This is the perfect card for people who have a preference for high-end dining and travel as they can make full use of multiple complimentary hotel stays.

    Key Features

    Feature Description
    Annual Fee S$535
    Hotel Discounts Discounted room rates at Hotel Fort Canning, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, and The Quincy Hotel
    Dining Discounts
    • Love Dining @ Restaurants: Enjoy discounts of up to 50% at popular restaurants across Singapore.
    • Love Dining @ Hotels:.Enjoy discounts of up to 50% and unlimited visits to select 5-star hotels in Singapore.
    Concierge Service You will enjoy 24-hour concierge service facilitated by Amex for reservations, recommendations, bookings and more.
    Return Guarantee Make returns on eligible items within 90 days from your purchase date for a refund.
    Purchase Protection Get protection against accidental damage to or theft of your purchases.
    Golfing Privilege Enjoy playing golf at over 40 clubs in Singapore for free on weekdays, and weekends if you are accompanied by paying companions.
    Spa Privileges Get spa vouchers from Spa Rael, Adeva Spa, The Ultimate, RN Spa and 40% discount at The Ultimate and Adeva Spa.
    Other Assistance Get medical, legal and emergency assistance anywhere in the world

    Joining Perks and Signup Bonuses

    When you apply for an Amex Platinum Reserve Card, you will get the following as joining perks:

    • You will get a complimentary stay for 3 days and 2 nights at over 20 hotels of Fraser Hospitality Properties located across the globe. This offer is available once every card membership year.
    • Get complimentary access to Tower Club at the Central Business District where only club members are allowed.
    • If you spend S$5,000 in the first six months of getting the card, then you will receive 50,000 Membership Rewards Points.

    Additional Benefits

    • With American Express credit cards, you will get promotional offers throughout the year on travel, online shopping, retail shopping, dining and more. You can visit our dedicated promotions page to know more about the various promotional offers available on this card.
    • American Express Global Dining Program: Under this programme, you can redeem dining deals in Singapore and overseas.
    • Chillax by American Express Platinum: You will also enjoy complimentary drinks and 1-for-1 at The Mad Men Attic Bar, Horse's Mouth Bar, 1-Altitude and other nightspots in Singapore.
    • You will get to enjoy free Wi-Fi with Boingo and American Express Platinum Card at hotspots across the world.

    Earn Rewards

    • With this card, you can be a part of the Membership Rewards Programme. Earn 2 Membership Rewards points per S$1.6 spent on your card.
    • You can earn 10 Membership Rewards points for each S$1.6 spent at the Platinum EXTRA partners.
    • Membership Rewards points do not have an expiry date.

    Let Us Illustrate:

    Let us assume that you spent S$500 at Platinum EXTRA partners and S$1,000 at other places. So, the total Membership Rewards points earned will be:

    {(10/1.6)x 500} = 3,125

    {(2/1.6)}x 1,000 = 1,250

    The total Membership Rewards points earned will be 4,375. 450 Membership Rewards points equals 250 KrisFlyer Miles and 250 Asia Miles.

    Spend categories Monthly Spend Points earned Equivalent Miles
    Platinum EXTRA S$500 3,125 1736.11 Asia Miles or KrisFlyer Miles
    Other Places S$1,000 1,250 694.44 Asia Miles or KrisFlyer Miles
    Total S$1,500 4,375 2430.55

    Redeeming your Earned Rewards

    You can redeem the rewards points that you earn with your card through the following ways:

    • Redeem your points on the Membership Rewards Catalogue.
    • You can offset your card bill using these points.
    • You can convert your Membership Rewards points to air miles. The fee for air miles transfer, worth S$40, will be permanently waived. You can use the converted miles at various airline partners such as British Airways Executive Club, Singapore KrisFlyer, Asia Miles and more.

    Complimentary Insurance Coverage

    With this card, you will get complimentary insurance that covers for inconvenience and accidents during travel. However, you will get this insurance only if you book your tickets using the card.

    Who All Will Be Covered by the Insurance?

    The insurance policy covers the cardmember and his/her spouse and children travelling with them.

    Interest Rates

    Type of interest Charge
    Retail Purchases 25.90%
    Cash Advance 25.90%
    Instalment Payment Plan 0%

    Other Fee and Charges

    Type of Charge Charge
    Overseas Transaction Fee
    • Foreign currency transaction fee: 2.5%
    • Express Cash: 5% of the transaction amount
    Late Payment Fee S$60
    Over Limit Fee The total amount you have used over your credit limit needs to be paid in full during the next billing cycle. The interest rate charged will be as per the terms and conditions set by the card issuer
    Cash Advance Fee 5% of the withdrawal amount
    Supplementary Card Fee S$160.50 (third card onwards)

    Activating the Card for Overseas Expenses

    Activating your card is mandatory for all American Express cards if you want to use your card overseas. This has been done to augment the security of the card. You can activate your card in the following ways:

    Instalment Payment Plans Available

    You can use the Pay Small plan by American Express to convert purchases of S$250 or more at participating stores. There is no applicable interest if you pay your bill in full each month. The tenures available are: 6 months, 1 year, 18 months and 2 years. Some merchants also have promotional deals on Pay Small if you split transactions using this facility. You won’t earn any rewards on the payments made through Pay Small, though.

    Cash Withdrawal on the Credit Card

    You can use your Amex credit card to make cash withdrawals worldwide at more than 200,000 ATMs affiliated with American Express. The withdrawal limit in Singapore is 20% of your credit availability. You can withdraw a maximum of US$1,000, once every 14 days when outside Singapore. Withdrawals can be made in cash and traveller’s cheques.

    However, you need to enrol for Express Cash to make cash withdrawals on your credit card. To enrol, you will have to fill the Express Cash Enrolment Form available on the bank’s website.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Before applying for this card, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.

    Lost/Stolen cards

    If you lose or misplace your card, you must immediately inform American Express by calling their hotline. These are Customer Service numbers available 24/7 that also offer emergency card replacement.

    You will not be held responsible for any unauthorised transactions charged to your card after you notify American Express. You will be held liable for unauthorised transactions made before American Express is notified, subject to S$100. In some cases, you may have to file a police complaint and provide American Express with a copy of the report.

    If you want to find all the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards explained in one place, visit our site. Whether you want to know about the 0% Instalment Payment Plan and miles conversion, or about annual fee waivers and other hidden charges, we’ve got you covered.

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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions

    Through Email/Fax/Post

    To enable American Express’ Auto Bill Payment Service, you will have to download and fill out a form and send it to the bank in the following ways:

    • Fax
    • Snail mail (using self-addressed envelope attached with the form)
    • A secure email

    To disable this service, you will have to submit a written instruction to Amex.

    How to Apply for the Card & Check the Application Status?

    Apply Online and Follow Up With the Bank

    • Apply for this card online by filling out an application form, which will take about 10-15 minutes.
    • Submit all the documents required to complete your application through mail, fax, or email.
    • It takes about 7-10 days to process the application.
    • You can check the status of your application by calling American Express New Accounts hotline number.

    How to Check Balance?

    Through Online Services Facility

    • To stay up-to-date with your current balance, you can register for online services.
    • Upon registration, you get 24/7 access to your card statements that give you a complete overview of your liabilities, your next payment date, and all other important information.
    • This service is free of charge.

    How Can the Bill Be Paid?

    Through GIRO/Cash/Cheque/SAM/AXS/Internet Banking

    You can pay your card bill in any of the following five ways:

    • Interbank GIRO: To use this method, you will have to fill out an application form and submit it to Amex.
    • Internet banking: If you have an account with DBS, UOB, or OCBC Bank, you can pay your Amex card bill through your respective bank’s internet banking.
    • Cheque: Take off the payment advice attached with your statement and submit it in an envelope that comes with your monthly statement.
    • Cash: Pay your card bill in cash at SingPost counters. Cash payments are capped at S$8,000 or your bill amount, whichever is lower.
    • SAM Machines or AXS: There are about 200 SAM stations and more than 900 AXS stations in Singapore that accept your card bill payments.

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card?

    3% of the Outstanding Balance or Min S$50

    You must make a minimum payment of 3% of your outstanding balance or S$50, whichever amount is higher.

    What Is the Grace Period?

    22 Days

    You get a grace period (also called interest-free period) of 22 days starting from the date of the generation of your monthly statement.

    Which Mobile Wallets Can This Card Be Used With?

    Apple Pay/Samsung Pay/Google Pay

    You can link this card with the following mobile wallets:

    • Apple Pay: This mobile wallet service allows you to make contactless payments with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
    • Samsung Pay: Add your card on your Samsung phone using the Samsung Pay app to make contactless purchases.
    • Google Pay: This mobile wallet works with certain compatible Android devices and allows you to make contactless payments.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card?

    In case you have lost your card, or if your PIN is disclosed, you can get it blocked by calling the 24/7 dedicated helpline for your card.

    To get your card unblocked, you will have to reach out to Amex through mail or through customer service hotline.

    How to Reset the PIN?

    Through Internet Banking

    You can reset your card PIN through your Amex net banking account.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date?

    The billing cycle and the bill due date are mentioned in the monthly card statement.

    How to Get a Replacement Card?

    You can get your card replaced by calling the American Express’ 24/7 customer service hotline.

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of the Card?

    If are an Amex cardmember for at least six months and are looking for a temporary increase in your limit, you can get in touch with a customer service representative. However, this temporary limit increase is available only for certain circumstances.

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