American Express Gold Card

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    The American Express Gold Card

    The American Express Gold Card is a Charge Card and the newest edition to the AMEX family. It is compatible with Apple Pay and offers complete support and cover whether you are using this card at home or away.

    Features of ‘The American Express Gold Card’

    • This card comes with no preset spending limit allowing you the freedom to spend your money in any which way you want.
    • This card comes with purchase protection on all your shopping escapades for a period of 90 days from your purchase date.

    Benefits of ‘The American Express Gold Card’

    • Purchase Protection – Purchase protection is offered on purchases made online, at supermarkets and everywhere else from the time you swipe your AMEX card and up to 90 days thereafter. Within this period if the item you have purchased get damaged or stolen, American Express will repair or replace the item according to its Purchase Protection policy. Any item worth up to S$8,000 (each item) will be repaired or replaced.
    • Refund Guarantee – Refund Guarantee means that if any store in Singapore refuses to issue a refund on an item you have purchased using your American Express Gold Card, American Express will issue a refund to you up to S$800.
    • Global Helpline – The American Express Global Helpline is available 24 hours a day on all days of the week. You can contact the team using the Global Assist Number available on The American Express Gold Card webpage of the official American Express Singapore website. You can contact the Global Helpline for assistance whether in Singapore or abroad. You can use this assistance for replacement of your medical prescriptions, medical transportation, getting in touch with the embassy or any other services you need assistance with.
    • Charter Membership – This privilege is exclusively meant to serve the ‘Gold Customers’ of American Express to value their support and membership. The Charter Customer Assist can be availed by just a phone call to make enquiries, bookings and arrangements anywhere within the Asia Pacific region. Whether you want to send your loved ones flowers or make dinner reservations at the most romantic restaurants, you can request travel assistance anytime.
    • Extended Warranty – For all purchases made using your American Express Gold Card, the warranty offered by the manufacturer will be doubled by American Express. This means that you get up to 24 additional months of purchase protection as well as up to 48 additional months of warranty.

    Fees and Charges

    Type of fee Amount payable
    Annual fee S$180
    Supplementary card fee S$110
    Late Payment Charge S$60 or 2.5% per month, depending on whichever of the 2 is higher
    Interest on Cash Advance 23.99% p.a.
    Handling Fee for cash withdrawal 5% of the withdrawn amount

    Transactions in foreign currencies

    • Any charge made in a foreign currency will first be converted into Singapore Dollars. The date of conversion will be when the charge is processed by American Express and not on the date the charge was made.
    • If the charge has not been made in US Dollars, then it will first be converted into US Dollars and then converted into Singapore Dollars.
    • American Express charges conversion fees according to interbank rates obtained from industry sources a day before the processing date and increases by a conversion commission of 2.5%.
    • If the charge has been converted by a third party before being processed by American Express, the conversion rates of the third party will be applicable.

    How to apply for ‘The American Express Gold Card’

    You can apply for The American Express Gold Card in 3 ways. The simplest way is to submit an online application form along with the required documents. The online application form is available on the he American Express Gold Card of the official American Express Singapore website. Alternatively, you can also send an email or a fax to the bank by attaching a copy of the supporting documents.

    Eligibility Criteria for ‘The American Express Gold Card’:

    • Minimum Age for principal card applicants: 21 years.
    • Minimum Age for supplementary card applicants: 18 years.
    • Minimum income for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents: more than S$55,000 p.a.
    • Minimum income for foreigners: more than S$60,000 p.a.

    Documents required

    • Salaried employees:
      • A front and back photocopy of NRIC (for principal and supplementary card applicants) AND
      • Last 3 months computerized payslips OR
      • Most recent Income Tax NOA (Notice of Assessment) + most recent computerized payslip.
    • Self-employed:
      • A front and back photocopy of NRIC (for principal and supplementary card applicants) AND
      • Last 2 years Income Tax NOA (Notice of Assessment).
    • Foreigners:
      • Copy of Passport (for principal and supplementary card applicants) AND
      • Copy of Employment Pass (for principal card applicants) AND
      • Address proof documents such as utility bill, phone bill etc.


    All charges on your American Express Gold Card must be paid in full in Singapore Dollar upon receiving your monthly statement. Failure to do so will incur late payment charges.

    Lost/stolen card liability

    You will be not be liable to pay for any unauthorized charges on your American Express Gold Card after you have reported your lost/stolen card to American Express. The maximum amount that you will be liable to pay for before notifying the bank is S$100.

    Reporting lost/stolen card

    If your American Express Gold Card has been lost, stolen or you suspect that it is being misused by a third party, you must immediately notify American Express either through a phone call or by other means convenient to you. 

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