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    American Express Credit Card Bill Payment

    Credit card bills should be paid on or before the due date. Paying bills on time helps you avoid penalties and heavy interest on unpaid amounts. You can also improve your credit scores through regular payments.

    Ways to Pay American Express Credit Card Bills

    American Express offers you different options to pay your bills:

    Interbank GIRO (Automatic Payment)

    • Interbank GIRO makes card settlements very convenient.
    • Simply fill in the application form and return it to the bank.
    • Choose to pay either the minimum payment required or the full bill amount.
    • American Express pays your card bills automatically from your account.

    Internet Banking

    • Applies to account holders in DBS, UOB, or OCBC Banks.
    • You can pay your card bills through their websites.


    • Detach the payment advice from the bottom of your statement.
    • Enclose this in the envelope along with your monthly statement and cheque.

    Cash Payment

    • Cash payments have a cap of S$8,000 or your current statement’s outstanding balance, whichever is lower.
    • Present your statement if you’re settling your bills at SingPost counters.

    Self-Service Automated Machines (SAM) or AXS

    • Pay your credit card bills through over 900 AXS stations and about 200 SAMs in Singapore.
    • AXS payments are currently available only for American Express personal cards.
    • Payments by AXS are capped at S$3,000 or the daily transaction limit of your ATM card.

      Automatic Bill Payment Service

    When you choose to make payments for your credit card bills using automatic bill payment service using your American Express card, you simple welcome a smarter way of making payments. Life becomes simpler and easier as you do not have to bother yourself about deadlines of your credit card payment, late penalty fees, etc. You can enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve and the payment for your credit card bills shall be taken care of by this service.

    Features and Benefits of Automatic Bill Payment Service

    There are several features and benefits associated with the automatic bill payment service. These are as follows:

    • Using the automatic bill payment service can prove to be extremely convenient for you as you will not have to write any more cheques. You will not have to wait in long queues as all your bills will get consolidated on the American Express card that you own.
    • Enjoy secure and prompt payment every time, and enjoy the peace of mind that you need and deserve.
    • Avail several perks and privileges like Membership Rewards Points, Cashback, KrisFlyer Miles, etc.

    How to apply?

    You can apply for this automatic bill payment service in various ways:

    • You can fax your application to American Express on the fax number provided on their official website.
    • You may choose to register an email account that is encrypted and use it for making an application securely.
    • You can choose to send in your application via post.

    Ways to Pay Recurring Bills

    Recurring bills are bills that you get on a periodic basis from services such as transportation, cable, wireless, and gym memberships. Setting up an automatic recurring bill pay system with American Express helps you save time and avoid delayed payments. The key benefits are:

    • A convenient way of settling your card balances without standing in long lines or writing cheques.
    • Gives you Cashback, KrisFlyer Miles, or Membership Reward Points on bill charges, depending on which card you use.
    • Fill and send in the form through post, email or fax to complete the application procedure. StarHub only takes postal applications.
    • Some companies that accept automatic payments are – Pure Yoga, Fitness First, StarHub, Singapore Recreation Club, M1, and Evolve Mixed Martial Arts.
    • Contact your service provider and give them your credit card information.
    • The payments may take 2 to 6 weeks to be activated.
    • Track all your payments and transactions in one place.

    How to Enable or Disable Standing Instructions for Recurring Bills

    • When paying recurring bills, permit the merchant to save your card information so that they can directly charge their periodic amounts to your card.
    • Any standing instructions you want to give the merchant regarding a new payment or cancelling an existing recurring bill payment must be communicated directly to them.
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