UOB Central Provident Fund Investment Account

    To maximise benefits of your CPF funds and ensure financial stability in your retirement days, UOB offers a wide array of investment options that can be accessed through an Ordinary Account. These range from unit trusts to exchange-traded funds (ETF) on gold, all of which come under CPF Investment Scheme-Ordinary Account (CPFIS-OA).

    Main features

    CPF Investment Schemes on Ordinary Accounts can be broadly divided into products that are managed professionally and others. Below is a table with details on the different products available and their investment cap:

    CPFIS-OA Investment Products Investment Cap
    Products managed professionally
    • Unit trusts
    • Insurance policies and investment-linked products.
    • Fund management accounts.
    • Securities issued by the Singapore government
    • Treasury bills from the Singapore government
    • Statutory board bonds
    • Government-backed bonds
    Others Corporate bonds, shares, initial public offerings (IPO) of Singapore-based companies and those listed at the Stock Exchange of Singapore and loan stocks 35%
      Gold ETF and other gold-related products 10%

    As an Investor you will receive monthly statements that include a comprehensive report of all transactions, balance in your UOB-CPF investment account, portfolio of investments with up-to-date values, and the available sub-limits for stock (35%) and gold (10%) investments. You will also be able to receive a daily interest on the uninvested amount in your account.

    Deposits made in Singapore dollars by non-bank entities and Singapore dollar-denominated monies deposits under the SRS or Supplementary Retirement Scheme are eligible to receive an insurance from the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation for a maximum value of S$50,000 in aggregate for each depositor per Scheme member as per the law. However, deposits made in foreign currencies, structured deposits, investments in dual currency and other investment schemes will not receive such an insurance.

    Eligibility criteria

    Every investment plan comes with certain criteria that an applicant must meet in order to be eligible to apply. It is not any different with UOB’s CPF Investment programme, although the requirements are not many. The applicant should be a CPF member aged 18 years or more and should not be an undischarged bankrupt.

    Fees and charges involved

    The following table provides details of the charges applicable for each kind of transaction:

    Transaction Type Applicable Charges

    1. Shares/Loan Stocks/Unit Trusts/Exchange Traded Funds/Property Funds/Corporate Bonds - Purchase, Sale, Conversion of Loan Stocks, IPO Allotment, Scheme Of Arrangement, Application of Rights or Application of Excess Rights

    2. Sale or purchase of gold ETFs

    3. Payment and receipt of funds in Fixed Deposit Accounts, Insurance Policies/Investment Administrators And Fund Management Accounts

    4. Buying selling of securities issued by the Singapore government

    5. Buying and selling of Statutory Board Bonds and Singapore government-backed bonds

    6. Investments in gold

    • Physical gold/wafer
    • Gold Certificate
    • Gold Savings Account

    7. Other transactions

    • Interbank Transfer of Account
    • Cancellation of trades
    • IPO Applications
    • Electronic Share Application
    • CPF Cashier’s Order

    For every 1,000 shares/units or part thereof a charge of S$2 is applicable up to a maximum of S$20 per transaction

    For every 10 shares, S$2 is applicable up to a maximum of S$20 per transaction.

    Every transaction charged S$2

    S$2 for every transaction

    For every tradable lot S$2 will be charged up to a maximum of S$20 per transaction.

    25% p.a. of value with a minimum limit of S$2 per month

    For every certificate S$5 will be charged along with an administrative fee of S$72 p.a. per kilo bar.

    25% p.a. based on monthly highest balance with a minimum limit of 0.12 per month.

    For every 1,000 shares/units or parts thereof, S$3 will be charged with a maximum limit of S$30 per counter and S$3 per counter on other investments

    Every failed transaction will be charged S$5

    Every application charged S$2

    Every application charged S$5

    Service Charges  
    8. Shares/Loan Stocks/Unit Trusts/Gold /Fixed Deposit Accounts/Fund Management Accounts/ Insurance Policies/Singapore Government Securities/Statutory Board Bonds/Bonds Guaranteed by Singapore Government/Exchange Traded Funds /Property Funds/Corporate Bonds/Investment Administrators/Gold Exchange Traded Funds For every counter/holding per quarter S$2 will be charged

    CPF Investment Accounts can be opened by visiting a UOB branch. The bank also provides 24-hour toll-free numbers for general or account related queries.

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