CPF Marriage and Parenthood Schemes

There are various packages offered under Marriage and Parenthood schemes as a way of easing the transition into Parenthood for Singaporeans through the provision of an array of covers and grants for both, parents as well as the newborns.

Benefits Offered by the Government for Families


  • Get faster and cheaper access to housing.
  • Proximity Housing Grant to encourage families stay close to each other.

Community and Workplace Support

  • Get maternity leave of up to 16 weeks, paternity leave of up to 2 weeks, and adoption leave of up to 12 weeks.
  • Support for family-friendly workplaces.

Pre-School and Education

  • Additional infrastructure and subsidies to help make childcare more affordable and feasible.
  • Increased focus on early childhood development and quality education.

Better Health

  • Medisave Grant and MediShield Life coverage for maternity, as well as for parents and newborns.
  • Eligible couples get government co-funding at public hospitals for Assisted Reproduction Technology treatments. Medisave aid for Assisted Conception Procedures.

Accessible Transport

  • Public transport is made more family-friendly.
  • Public buses have open strollers, and new bus interchanges and train stations have priority queues for families with strollers and for expecting mothers.

Caring for Our Children

  • Bonus cash gift of S$8,000 each for the first 2 children, and S$10,000 for each child thereafter.
  • Contribution of S$3,000 to Child Development Account to help you raise your child well.

Housing Schemes and Grants

Housing Schemes

Priority Allocation for First-Timers

To help you buy your first home as a first-time applicant, you get more ballot chances than second-time applicants. If you are applying for a Build-to-Order (BTO) flat in a non-mature estate for the first time, you are eligible to select the flat you want in just 2 or 3 tries. The government also has provisions for first-timers who need urgent flats to get accommodation faster.

Parenthood Priority Scheme

Under this plan, if you and your spouse are a first-timer married couple having children (this includes couples who are expecting children as well), you get preferred allocation when you buy a HDB (Housing & Development Board) flat. The Board reserves up to 30% of BTO flats for people in this category.

Fiancé / Fiancée Scheme

In a bid to help courting couples plan their housing requirements well in advance, this plan allows you to apply for a resale/new HDB flat even before you register your marriage legally.

Deferment of Income Assessment for Housing Grants and Loan

Under this plan, you can first apply for a flat and then defer your income assessment for the purposes of getting housing loan and grants till just before you collect your keys.

To qualify for this plan, you and your partner must either be NSFs or full-time students, or NS should have recently finished your studies, with a plan of settling down and buying a house soon.

Married Child Priority Scheme

You get priority over other applicants (public) if you plan to live with your parent or near them to support them. This plan sets aside up to 30% of flats for families that are applying for the first time and plan on staying either with their parents or near them, with the distance between both not more than 4 kilometres.

For second-timer families, 15% of flats are reserved under this plan.

Third Child Priority Scheme

If you and your partner are parents with a minimum of 3 children, this plan sets apart 5% of flats available for people in your category to help make it easier for you to find a house.

Staggered Down Payment Scheme

This scheme helps you manage your finances in a better way. For first-timer couples looking to buy a new flat, the 10% down payment can be paid in two instalments. If the age of at least one of the partners is 30 years or less, you can pay the initial 5% when you sign the Lease Agreement, and the rest of the down payment when you possess your new flat.

Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme

Under this scheme, married first-timer couples can rent an HDB flat at half the market rate or lesser, while they wait for their new flats to get completed.

Housing Grants

For New Flats

If you and your partner are first-timer couples and if both your incomes put together total S$5,000 or less, you can apply for a grant of up to S$40,000 under the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG).

If your combined income is S$8,500 or less, and if you’re planning on buying a 3 or 4-room non-mature estate flat, or a 2-room Flexi, you are eligible to apply for an extra S$40,000 under the Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG).

For Resale Flats

If you are a first-timer couple, engaged or married, with combined income of S$12,000 or less, you can get a CPF Housing Grant to the extent of S$50,000 if you plan on buying a resale flat having 4 rooms or less. If you fall in this category, you can apply for a grant of S$40,000 if you want to buy a resale flat with 5 rooms or more.

If you earn a combined income of S$5,000 or less, you can apply for up to S$40,000 through AHG.

If you buy a resale flat within 4 kilometres from where your parents stay, you may get S$20,000 from the Proximity Housing Grant (PHG). If you plan to invest in a resale flat to live with your parents or your married child, you can get S$30,000.

Top-Up Grant

If you had already taken a CPF Housing Grant when you were single to buy a resale flat or a Built-to-Order (BTO) flat of 2 rooms from HDB, and if you eventually marry a Permanent Resident of Singapore or a first-timer Singaporean, you can get a top-up from this grant to increase the amount you got from your Singles Grant to match your eligibility for a Family Grant.

Government-Paid Maternity Benefit

If you are a working mother (also applicable if you are self-employed) and if you are not eligible to get paid maternity leave, you can apply for the Government-Paid Maternity Benefit. To qualify for this benefit, you should have been employed for a minimum of 90 days in the 12-month period before your child was born.

If you were employed at different places in that 12-month period, the total of your various employment durations will be taken when considering the 90-day minimum requirement. Under this benefit, you qualify for an equivalent portion of maternity leave paid by the government. That is, the equivalent of 8 weeks leave for your first and second confinement, and 16 weeks each for the third confinement and every confinement from there on.

The amount you receive as maternity benefit depends on the following factors:

  • Your rate of pay (gross).
  • CPF contributions by your employer/employers.
  • Trade income (net) you earned during the 12 months before your child was born.

You should apply for this benefit within a period of 15 months from when your child was/is born. The eligibility criteria for this benefit is as follows:

  • Your child must be a Singapore Citizen, and
  • You have been employed during the 12 months preceding your child’s birth for a minimum of 90 days.

In case your child was born before 1 January 2017, you will be eligible for this benefit if you are legally married to the father of the child. This benefit is not valid if you have already obtained maternity leave and if your contract is set to expire after your child’s birth. You can apply for this benefit through the website for the Central Provident Fund Board.

Childbirth and Health Protection

The following schemes are to assist you during conception:

Medisave for Assisted Conception Procedures

The chances of getting pregnant become lesser as you get older. Assisted Conception Procedures (ACP) involve treatments that can help you conceive. However, the success rate depends on the age of the patient and others factors. Seeking early treatment is always recommended. To make ACP or Assisted Conception Procedures more affordable, couples can make withdrawals from their Medisave to pay for ACP treatment cycles. The withdrawal limits from October 1, 2013 onwards are as follows:

  • First cycle - S$6,000.
  • Second cycle – S$5,000.
  • Third cycle onwards – S$4,000.
  • Lifetime Medisave Withdrawal for ACP – S$15,000.

The withdrawal limits have been set so that you do not deplete your Medisave savings before you retire.

Government Co-Funding Scheme for Assisted Reproduction Technology Treatments at Public Hospitals

Increasing number of couples in Singapore today are in need of ART treatments (Assisted Reproduction Technology) due to the rise in the median age of 1st marriage and 1st birth. An ART treatment typically involves laboratory and clinical techniques where sperms and eggs are mixed outside the body as a way of enhancing fertility. Couples interested in ART treatments have to start seeking the treatment early because the success rate of ART falls with increasing age. Additionally, these treatments can be very expensive.

The government is now providing co-funding of up to 75% to couples who seek ART treatments at public hospitals in Singapore. The co-funding will cover up to 3 fresh and 3 frozen ART cycles starting from January 1, 2013. You will be eligible for this enhanced co-funding ART scheme only if you meet all of the criteria mentioned below:

  • Your ART cycle is scheduled to start or has already started in a public hospital on 1 April 2018 or after that.
  • At the start of the cycle, your age is less than 40 years.
  • You should not have got 3 co-funded frozen or fresh cycles before this.
  • A doctor should have assessed you and cleared you for all the clinical requirements that apply.
  • At the start of the ART cycle, either your spouse or you must be a Citizen of Singapore.

The following schemes are to assist you after the birth of your child:

Medisave Maternity Package (MMP)

Under the MMP package, you can use your Medisave for pre-delivery medical payments and expenses as well as delivery expenses (includes vaginal and caesarean delivery).

  • Withdraw a maximum of S$450 for daily expenses each day.
  • Withdraw additional S$900 for any pre-delivery expenses.
  • Withdraw from S$750 to $2,150 for surgical expenses depending on the delivery procedure.

You can start using your Medisave from your first child’s birth and for subsequent children. However, note that from the birth of your fifth child onwards, you can only use your Medisave savings if you and your spouse have a combined Medisave balance of S$15,000 or more during delivery. The reason behind this is that your CPF savings are primarily meant for your retirement needs, especially for any future hospitalization expenses you may have after you retire.

You can use your Medisave at both, public as well as private hospitals. If you wish to claim any pre-delivery expenses, you will need to submit your bills incurred for pre-delivery medical expenses to the hospital where you/your spouse has given birth. You can make claims for all pre-delivery expenses you incur on ultrasound scans, pre-natal consultations, medications, and tests under Medisave, over and above the withdrawal limits under Medisave for delivery expenses. The hospital will then submit all bills including pre-delivery and delivery expenses to claim Medisave under MMP.

Medisave Grant for Newborns (MGN)

The government creates Medisave Accounts for all Singaporean newborns to help parents take care of their children’s medical and healthcare needs right from their birth. If your child was born between August 26, 2012 and January 1, 2015, they will qualify to receive a lower Medisave grant of S$3,000. If your child was born after January 1, 2015, they will qualify to receive an enhanced Medisave grant of S$4,000.

All eligible newborns will automatically receive this grant. Parents are not required to enroll for them. The grant money can be used to cover a wide range of healthcare expenses including MediShield Life premiums for children, childhood vaccinations recommended by doctors, outpatient treatments approved by doctors and other hospitalization charges.

If your child is eligible to receive the MGN grant, you will be notified regarding the same when the money is deposited in your child’s Medisave Account.

Enhanced Baby Bonus

This scheme helps parents with the costs involved in raising children, through cash gifts and a co-savings plan for children, known as the Child Development Account.

Enhanced Baby Bonus Cash Gift (Including the Baby Bonus Plus)

For children who are born on 1 January 2015 or thereafter:

The government offers S$2,000 in cash as Baby Bonus Plus (BBP) in addition to the existing Baby Bonus Cash Gift (BBCG) for all Singapore Citizen children who were born after this date. The following table explains this in detail.

Birth Order of Children BBP Enhancement Total BBCG
1st & 2nd child S$2,000 S$8,000
3rd & 4th child S$2,000 S$10,000
5th & subsequent child S$2,000 BBP + S$8,000 Cash Gift S$10,000

The total Baby Bonus Cash Gift (enhanced) is paid over 5 instalments spread across 18 months after the child is born. The following schedule describes how these amounts are paid.

Time Cash Payment Schedule
  1st & 2nd Births 3rd & Subsequent Births
Within 7 - 10 days of joining the scheme S$3,000 S$4,000
When your child reaches the age of 6 months S$1,500 S$2,000
When your child reaches the age of 12 months S$1,500 S$2,000
BBP when your child reaches 15 months S$1,000 S$1,000
BBP when your child reaches 18 months S$1,000 S$1,000
Total BBCG S$8,000 S$10,000

The eligibility criteria for your child to qualify for the enhanced BBCG under this scheme are:

  • Your child’s date of birth or date of estimated delivery is 1 January 2015 or later.
  • Your child is a Citizen of Singapore or becomes one.
  • You and the child’s father (parents of the child) are legally married.

For Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD), a doctor’s certification is required along with these details:

  • Estimated Date of Delivery.
  • Name of the mother along with NRIC.
  • Name of the clinic.
  • Signature of the doctor.

Baby Bonus Cash Gift (2013 scheme)

This scheme is for children who were born between 26 August 2012 & 31 December 2014. The existing pay-out is as follows:

1st & 2nd child – S$6,000

3rd & 4th child – S$8,000

5th & subsequent child – Not applicable.

The payment schedule under this scheme is as follows:

Time Cash Payment Schedule
1st & 2nd Births 3rd & 4th Births
Within 7 - 10 days of joining the scheme S$3,000 S$4,000
When your child reaches the age of 6 months S$1,500 S$2,000
When your child reaches the age of 12 months S$1,500 S$2,000
Total BBCG S$6,000 S$8,000

The eligibility criteria for your child to qualify for this scheme are:

  • Your child’s birth was between 26 August 2012 & 31 December 2014.
  • Your child is a Citizen of Singapore or becomes one.
  • You and the child’s father (parents of the child) are legally married.

Baby Bonus Child Development Account (CDA)

This is a co-savings plan in which the government matches each dollar you (the parents) deposit into the Child Development Account, up to a limit determined by the birth order of the child.

Child Development Account (CDA) First Step

To extend more CDA support to you in raising your children, the government offers a CDA First Step amount of S$3,000 if your child is born on 24 March 2016 or after that. You don’t have to save anything in the CDA to get the initial balance from the government.

From then on, the government will match every dollar you deposit into this account up to the specified caps. You can deposit money into CDA at any point before 31 December of the year in which your child reaches the age of 12 years.

The following table shows the total contribution limits for the government for each child birth order.

Child Birth Order CDA First Step Parents' Savings Government Co-Savings Total Government Contribution
1st & 2nd child S$3,000 S$3,000 S$3,000 S$6,000
3rd & 4th child S$3,000 S$9,000 S$9,000 S$12,000
5th child and beyond S$3,000 S$15,000 S$15,000 S$18,000

For Singapore Citizen children who were born between 17 August 2008 to 23 March 2016, the co-savings caps for the government contribution per child are as follows:

1st & 2nd child – S$6,000

3rd & 4th child – S$12,000

5th & subsequent child – S$18,000

You can use the funds from the CDA to pay for your child’s needs at institutions approved and registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Some of the approved uses are:

  • Fees for kindergartens, centres for child care, programmes for early intervention, and schools for special education.
  • Medical treatment expenses at GP clinics and hospitals.
  • Assistive devices.
  • Premiums for private plans (integrated) approved by Medisave or premiums for MediShield Life.
  • Eye-related services and products at optical stores.
  • Approved healthcare products at pharmacies.

After your child comes to the end of his 12th year, the government closes the CDA and transfers any unused funds in the account into the Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA).

For more details, you can visit MSF’s Baby Bonus website.

Subsidies for Centre-Based Infant Care And Child Care

To make child/infant care more affordable, the government offers you a basic subsidy of up to S$300 for child care and up to S$600 for infant care services, if you enrol your children with licensed child care centres. If your family has a working mother and if your family earns a gross income of S$7,500 or lesser than that every month, you can get an additional subsidy. If you family is large and contains many dependents, you can opt for this additional subsidy to be calculated on the basis of Per Capita Income (PCI).

The formula for PCI is:

PCI = Total gross monthly household income of family members ÷ Number of family members living in the same household

The Monthly Subsidy applicable to Child Care Programmes (Full-Day) for Singapore Citizen children above 18 months of age and below 7 years old are given below.

Monthly Household Income Per Capita Income (PCI) Basic Subsidy Additional Subsidy Max Total Subsidy 
S$2,500 and below S$625 and below S$300 S$440 S$740
S$2,501 to S$3,000 S$626 to S$750 S$300 S$400 S$700
S$3,001 to S$3,500 S$751 to S$875 S$300 S$370 S$670
S$3,501 to S$4,000 S$876 to S$1,000 S$300 S$310 S$610
S$4,001 to S$4,500 S$1,001 to S$1,125 S$300 S$220 S$520
S$4,501 to S$7,500 S$1,126 to S$1,875 S$300 S$100 S$400
Above S$7,500 Above S$1,875 S$300 S$0 S$300

The Monthly Subsidy applicable to Infant Care Programmes (Full-Day) for Singapore Citizen infants between 2 months and 18 months of age are given below.

Monthly Household Income Per Capita Income (PCI) Basic Subsidy Additional Subsidy Max Total Subsidy 
S$2,500 and below S$625 and below S$600 S$540 S$1,140
S$2,501 to S$3,000 S$626 to S$750 S$600 S$500 S$1,100
S$3,001 to S$3,500 S$751 to S$875 S$600 S$470 S$1,070
S$3,501 to S$4,000 S$876 to S$1,000 S$600 S$410 S$1,010
S$4,001 to S$4,500 S$1,001 to S$1,125 S$600 S$320 S$920
S$4,501 to S$7,500 S$1,126 to S$1,875 S$600 S$200 S$800
Above S$7,500 Above S$1,875 S$600 S$0 S$600

Other points relating to this scheme:

  • If your family has 5 members or more, including at least 3 dependents, you can apply for the additional subsidy to be calculated on the basis of PCI.
  • The maximum total subsidy depends on how much minimum co-payment you make as a parent. The details regarding this are available on www.childcarelink.gov.sg.
  • The basic subsidy applies to families that have working mothers. For families that have non-working mothers, only S$150 per month is available as subsidy.
  • The government disburses all applicable subsidies directly to your child or infant care centre. You have to pay only the remaining amount after subsidy.
  • If your child is enrolled in flexi-care or half-day programmes, you will get subsidies on a pro-rata basis (for flexi-care) and 50% of the full-day subsidies (for half-day).

Enhanced Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession

This is a scheme for those who employ a foreign worker to help out with domestic needs. If you have a foreign domestic worker working for you in your home, beginning 1 May 2015, you can get S$205 as concession on the monthly levy on foreign domestic workers. This is an increase from the previously allowed concession of S$145.

The government has increased this concession to help you pay the costs of hiring a domestic worker to take care of the needs of your family in certain conditions. To be eligible for this concession, you must fulfil any of the following conditions:

  • If there is a Singapore Citizen child below the age of 16 years living in your household.
  • There is a Singapore Citizen equal to or above the age of 65 years living in the same household as you or your spouse.
  • You have a certain disability or your family members who stay in the same household have disabilities, and you need to employ a full-time caretaker to take care of the daily needs of the said members.

The above concession on the monthly levy is available only for one foreign domestic worker or caretaker per eligible person in your household.

For more details on this scheme and its benefits, visit this link.

Tax Reliefs and Rebate for Parents

As a parent, you have the right to claim the Parenthood Tax Rebate (PTR), depending on the order of births of your children. The government offers PTR of S$5,000 for your first child, S$10,000 for your second child, and for your 3rd child and every child thereafter, you can claim S$20,000.

Both you and your partner (mother of father of the child) can use the PTR to offset your taxes. If there is any amount remaining unused, you can use it to pay for your income taxes in the coming years till you fully use the rebate amount.

The government recognises the efforts parents put in to taking care of their children, especially those who care for handicapped children. For taking care of every child who is eligible for the Qualifying Child Relief (QCR), you can claim S$4,000 as tax relief. For each eligible handicapped child, you can claim S$7,500 as tax relief under Handicapped Child Relief (HCR).

The Working Mother’s Child Relief (WMCR) is another option the government gives if you are a working mother. Under this relief plan, you can claim WMCR up to the extent of 15% of the income you earn for your first child.

This percentage goes up to 20% for your second child, and 25% for every child thereafter. The maximum relief you can claim under WMCR is 100% of the income you earn.

The total amount of relief you can claim under WMCR and HCR/QCR for each child is S$50,000. The maximum amount you can claim as income tax relief as an individual stands at S$80,000.

If you are a working mother with a child of up to 12 years of age, and if your grandparents or parents or parent-in-law or grandparent-in-law is taking care of your child, you can claim S$3,000 as Grandparent Caregiver Relief (GCR), in addition to the other reliefs mentioned above.

For complete information on the terms and conditions that apply to this scheme, visit the IRAS website.

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