CPF e-Submission

CPF e-Submission is a service that the CPF Board recommends employers to use as a way of submitting their contribution details online via eSubmit@web and pay using Direct Debit.


What it is:

  • This is a web based application developed and provided by the CPF Board, free of charge.
  • Using this e-submit method, CPF contributions can be electronically submitted either through eNETS or through Direct Debit.
  • You will have to authenticate your login either using your CorpPass or SingPass.

What you need to use it:

  • You will need your CorpPass or SingPass to log in.
  • You will need a computer that has access to the internet.
  • You will be required to provide an email address.
  • You will need to choose a payment mode that is approved by the CPF (eNETS or Direct Debit).
  • To e-submit your CPF contributions, you must be registered with the CPF Board.

Why You Should Use e-Submit@web

Here are the benefits of using e-Submit@web to electronically submit your CPF contributions:

  • This application automatically computes the employer’s as well as the employee’s share of CPF contributions and provides the breakdown.
  • This application automatically updates any changes in the employee’s details such as the year of them becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident or any changes in the age group.
  • This application also automatically computes the SDL or the Skills Development Levy amounts.
  • There is no requirement to install any software to use this application.
  • Using this application, you will be able to track your submission status at any time, online.
  • You can e-submit your CPF contributions at any point in time and from anywhere.
  • You can restrict the access to this application to only your authorised staff.
  • You can conveniently choose an electronic payment method such as Direct Debit to pay your CPF contributions.
  • You can choose your own CPF deduction date conveniently when you are submitting your CPF details through e-Submit@web.
  • If you choose to submit your CPF contributions electronically, you don’t have to pay any processing fees.
  • You will have access to electronic Record of Payment, free of charge for up to 15 months.
  • Sign-up for the CPF Data Link-up Service to conveniently report any employee’s remuneration to the IRAS and minimise data entry.

Learning About CPF e-Submission

The CPF Board conducts several seminars regarding CPF e-Submission and Direct Debit for employers who wish to clarify any doubts or want to learn to use this application efficiently. These seminars also include step-by-step guidance on using e-Submit@web to electronically submit your CPF contribution details as well as make payments through Direct Debit.

Alternatively, you also have access to online demos to use CPF e-Submit@web on the CPF Board’s website.

Other CPF e-Submission Methods

CPF e-Submission Through Mobile:

In case you do not have access to a computer, the e-Submission application is also available for use on your mobile phone. You have the option to submit your CPF contribution details through your mobile via CPF e-Submit@mobile.

This app is free and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store (applicable on Android OS 5.0 and above) or the Apple App Store.

CPF e-Submission Through AXS Stations:

This facility is best suited for employers who have less than 11 employees working for them. You have the option to e-submit CPF contribution details for your employees through any AXS station in Singapore via CPF e-Submit@AXS.

CPF e-Submissions For Employers With a Payroll System

You can e-submit your employee's’ CPF contribution details even if you have a payroll system in place. This can be done by using the FTP function (File Transfer Protocol) through your company’s payroll system.

You simply need to use your current payroll system and export all employees’ CPF contribution details onto an e-file and upload the same through CPF e-Submit@web(FTP).

Filing CPF and IRAS Returns Together

You have the option to e-submit your CPF contribution details as well as file your IRAS returns if your current payroll system is compatible with Provident and Tax (PAT) by CrimsonLogic. In case your payroll system is not compatible with PAT, you also have the option to submit the same through PAT’s website. Additional fees will be charged by CrimsonLogic for the use of this service.

Applying for CPF e-Submit@web

There are three ways to apply for CPF e-Submit@web:

  • You can do it online on CPF Board’s website. You will need to login using your CorpPass or SingPass to apply using this channel.
  • You can download the registration form, “Conversion to CPF e-Submission (Employers) Service” from the CPF Board’s website and mail it to, “Central Provident Fund Board, Robinson Road, P.O. Box 3060, Singapore 905060”.
  • You can also fax this form to 6250 3612.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the processing fee that I have to pay if I choose to submit my employee's’ CPF contribution details through the hard copy Payment Advice?

    If you have over 10 employees working for you, then you will be charged S$7 for each employee per month to submit employee's’ CPF contribution details through the hard copy Payment Advice. The processing fee will soon be imposed on employers who have over 4 employees.

  2. What are the working hours to make CPF e-Submissions?

    The CPF e-Submission facility is available 24/7 including public holidays.

  3. What is the processing time the CPF Board takes to e-submission registrations?

    The CPF Board takes 3 business days to successfully process e-submission registrations for both, online as well as hardcopy applications. This processing time does not include the time the bank takes to approve your Direct Debit Authorisation application which can take up to 21 business days.

  4. Will I receive a notification if my company has been registered successfully for CPF e-Submission?

    Yes. The CPF Board will notify you of your successful registration through your registered email address. In case you do not receive an email from the CPF Board within 5 business days from your application date, please contact the E-Submission Section at 6220 2340 for assistance. Alternatively, you can also email the CPF Board at employer-esubmission@cpf.gov.sg

  5. I have more than 1 CSN (CPF Service Number). How do I use the CPF e-Submission service?

    The CPF Board has not imposed any limit on CSNs. Therefore, you can use the CPF e-Submission service even if you have multiple CSNs. You must however, apply separately for Direct Debit for each of your CSNs. This can be done by downloading the “Direct Debit Authorisation Form” from the CPF Board’s website.

  6. Is there a grace period to submit CPF contributions for my employees after the deadline has passed when using the CPF e-Submission service?

    Yes. You will have 14 days of grace period at the end of every month to make the payment on your CPF contributions. In the event that that the 14th day of the grace period falls on a weekend or a public holiday, you can make the payment on the next business day.

  7. How long does the CPF Board to process CPF e-Submission files?

    If you submit your CPF e-file before 5 15 PM, your file will be processed on the same day. If you submit your CPF e-file after 5 15 PM, the same will be processed on the next day.

  8. What is the limit on the number of employees if I want to make CPF contributions through CPF e-Submit@AXS? 

    A limit of 10 employees’ CPF contributions per transaction will be applicable if you wish to make CPF contributions through CPF e-Submit@AXS.

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