CPF Data Link-up Service

    The CPF Data Link-up Service has been designed to help Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) employers prepare and file the income tax returns of their employees, quickly and smoothly. The service allows IRAS to take employees’ CPF data from the CPF Board, which, then, is pre-entered on the myTax Portal to help employers prepare the return to be submitted to IRAS.

    Understanding how the CPF Data Link-up Service works

    For this system to work, employers will have to e-Submit the employees’ CPF data to the CPF board. The data can be submitted through CPF [email protected], a free web-based application that helps in computing CPF contributions. Now, let’s say the IRAS has to take the employees’ CPF data for 12 months ended December, then it can only do so if:

    • Employer e-submits the data to the CPF board by 14 January of the following year
    • CPF submission No. or CSN is ‘PTE’ account type

    Once the data has been submitted for all the employees, their total contribution for the full year will reflect on myTax Portal by 1 February of the following year.

    Things to keep in mind while e-Submitting CPF data for your employees

    • The submissions made after 14 January will not be pre-filled in myTax Portal. For example, if the CPF contributions for the month of November and December 2017 are not submitted by 14 January 2018, the data for these two months will not get pre-filled in myTax Portal and you, as the employer, will have to manually add it on the portal.
    • IRAS encourages you to use the CPF [email protected] as it provides a complete breakdown of the CPF contributions made by both the employee and employer.
    • If you make any adjustments/refunds to your CPF submissions during the year, that will not get pre-filled in myTax Portal. However, you can make adjustments to the data you receive from the CPF Board, as shown in myTax Portal, before e-Submitting it to IRAS.
    • If you have foreign employees working in your organisation and their data is not pre-filled in myTax Portal, you will have to add their records and submit it along with the records of your local employees.

    Check out the things employers should do using the CPF Data Link-up Service

    As an employer, you will just have to visit myTax Portal and open Submit Employment Income Records, in order to:

    • Verify the personal details, income details, and deduction amounts of all the employees
    • Make adjustments to the ordinary as well as the additional wages, if required
    • Add any additional information that is relevant and is not received from the CPF Board and check for allowable deductions
    • e-Submit the data to IRAS by 1 March

    Employee data that’s obtained from the CPF Board

    The CPF Data Link-up Service allows IRAS to take the employees’ CPF data from the CPF Board to be pre-filled in myTax Portal. The type of data that is obtained depends on your method of submission of the CPF contributions of your employees to the CPF Board. Check out the different ways of submitting the data and the type of data obtained for each mode of submission.

    • CPF [email protected] (via Employee Database/Electronic Standing Instruction, ESI): Personal details, donation details, employees’ CPF contribution, and income details (including ordinary and additional wages)
    • CPF [email protected] (via Blank Form/FTP), CPF [email protected], and CPF [email protected]: Personal details, donation details, and income details (including ordinary and additional wages)

    Signing up for CPF Data Link-up Service

    As an employer, if you are looking to enrol into this service for the next Year of Assessment (YA), make sure you do it by 31 December of the current YA. For example, if you are looking to sign up for YA 2019, you will have to complete the registration in myTax Portal by 31 December 2018. Your staff member who has the authority to be the Approver can access the e-Service and complete the registration in the following three steps:

    • Sign in to myTax Portal
    • Go to ‘Employers’ and then select 'Submit Employment Income Records'
    • Finally, click on ‘Proceed to Register’ at the CPF Data Link-up Service section
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