Accessing CPF Tools on Your Phone

The CPF Board has introduced mobile services so you have access to all CPF tools while on the move. In addition to accessing various tools offered by CPF, you can also receive SMS alerts and make use of the CPF Starter for all your CPF related transactions.

CPF features available on your phone

You will have access to the following CPF features on your mobile phone:

  • SMS.
  • CPF Tools.
  • CPF Starter.


You can sign up for the SMS Alerts Service and receive the following alerts free of cost:

  • Notifications regarding the application status of your Nomination Details – Log onto the CPF website, navigate to “My Particulars” and provide a valid hand phone number to receive SMS alerts regarding the status of your nomination details for online application submissions.
  • Notifications regarding your CPF Investments - Log onto the CPF website, navigate to “My Particulars” and provide a valid hand phone number to receive SMS alerts regarding the movement of funds in your CPF Account for investment transactions. Using this feature, you will be able to track your investments while on the move.
  • CPF Appointment Reminders – When you book an online appointment with the CPF Customer Service Executives, you can provide your hand phone number to receive free reminders 1 day before the appointment date.
  • E-Medical Appointment Reminders – If you have been notified to take a medical examination (eg: for MediShield Life, Home Protection Scheme, CPF withdrawal on medical grounds etc.), you can provide your hand phone number to receive a reminder 5 days before the appointment date.

Additionally, you can send an SMS to the CPF Call Centre if you would like them to return your call. Once you send the SMS, the CPF Board will get back to you within 2 business days. Note that this service is provided free of cost by the CPF Board, however standard SMS charges will be applicable depending on your mobile service provider.

CPF Tools

You will have access to the following CPF Tools on your mobile upon registration:

  • CPF Contribution Calculators – This feature is available to all iPhone users who can calculate their CPF Contributions using the following calculators on their phones:
    • CPF Retirement Calculators:
      • CPF LIFE Payout Estimator.
      • D-Bonus and V-Bonus Calculator.
      • CPF Withdrawal Calculator.
      • Ordinary Account – Special Account Savings Transfer Calculator.
    • CPF Housing Calculators:
      • CPF Housing Withdrawal Limits Calculator.
      • Our First Home Calculator.
      • Loan Repayment Period Calculator.
      • Home Protection Scheme (HPS) Premium Calculator.
      • Monthly Instalment Calculator.
      • Property with Less Than 60 Years Lease Calculator.
      • Outstanding Loan Calculator.
      • Total Interest Calculator.
      • Home Loan Interactive Calculator.
    • CPF Healthcare Calculators:
      • Medisave/MediShield Life Calculator.
    • Optimising my CPF Calculators:
      • Expense Ratio Calculator.
      • Stock and Gold Limits Calculator.
      • Unit Trust Investment Profit & Loss Calculator.
    • Self-Employed Matters Calculators:
      • Self-Employed Medisave Instalment Calculator.
      • Self-Employed Medisave Contribution Calculator.
    • CPF Other Matters Calculators:
      • CPF Contribution Calculator.
      • Additional Wage (AW) Ceiling Calculator.
      • CPF Contribution Allocation Calculator.
      • CPF Retirement Estimator.
      • CPF Retirement Calculator.
      • CPF Education Monthly Instalment Rate Calculator.
      • CPF Education Loan Repayment Period Calculator.
      • Insurance Estimator.
      • Savings Calculator.
  • You can use your SingPass to access the following statements on your phone:
    • My Contribution History.
    • My Account Balance.
    • My Investment.
    • My Property.
    • My Messages.
    • My Medisave for Outpatient Chronic Disease, MRI/CT Scans and Diagnostics.

CPF Starter

CPF Starter is another CPF Tool that provides you with an overview of your CPF Account including its growth and savings. Additionally you can also use the CPF Starter to get an idea of how to optimise your CPF savings for your retirement/housing/health care needs.

You can access the following tools on your phone using the CPF Starter:

  • CPF Savings Projection:
    • You can use this tool to get a projection of the CPF contribution amount that you and employer should make.
    • You can use this tool to get a projection of the break-up of your CPF savings into your Ordinary Account (OA), Special Account (SA) and Medisave Account (MA).
    • You can use this tool to get a projection of the growth of your CPF savings in each of your CPF Accounts over time through compound interest.
  • Peer Benchmarking Tool – You can use this tool to know how your CPF Account savings fare in comparison to your peers.
  • My Messages – You can receive the latest notifications and news regarding CPF events while on the move.
  • Information pertaining to using your CPF Savings for Retirement, Housing and Healthcare:
    • Get tips on how to better manage your cash flow.
    • Get more information on different CPF services and schemes.

Important Notes:

  • CPF Tools and My Statement Features are exclusively available to iPhone users only and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.
  • The CPF Starter Tool is available to both iPhone as well as Android users. iPhone users can download the CPF Starter Tool from the iTunes App Store and Android users from Google Play.

Keeping track of your CPF Account and savings is necessary to plan your future effectively. You might not always have the time to log into your CPF Account on a desktop to transact, enquire, check statuses and get an overview of your account. You can now do all of that and more while on the go by downloading the respective CPF Apps offered by the Central Provident Fund Board, free of cost. 

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