• Comprehensive Travel Insurance

    Comprehensive travel insurance offers a plethora of benefits of all travel policies to travellers. This type of insurance gives the highest level of protection for a single trip. The insurance can be used for leisure and business trips, making them perfect for all travellers. A comprehensive travel insurance plan will cover different issues like trip cancellation, flights delays, loss or damage of baggage, 24/7 medical assistance, and so on. The coverage limit of such a plan depends on the plan you have purchased. If you compare the plans, you can find the best policy that suits your needs and requirements.

    what does it cover?

    A number of things can go wrong when you are travelling overseas like theft of money or identity documents, baggage loss, accidents, travel delays, etc. If you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance plan, you will be safe from such risks. The typical features that this kind of insurance plan covers are:

    • Medical assistance overseas: You will get coverage for medical assistance like injury or illness, hospitalisation, surgery, visits to a doctor’s clinic, etc.
    • Trip cancellation: You will be reimbursed for trip costs in case you cancel due to unfortunate events like accidents, poor weather, injury or death, terrorism, and so on.
    • Damage to baggage: You will get a refund for loss or damaged luggage.
    • Misplacement of baggage: If your personal belongings are misplaced and you have to buy clothes or other personal items, the insurance will take care of the costs.
    • Flight delays: In case your flight is delayed for six hours or more, your accommodation expenses will be taken care of.
    • Personal liability expenses: If you have accidentally damaged another person’s property, the insurance plan will give you coverage to compensate of such expenses.
    • Vehicle-on-rent costs: If you have rented a car and you get involved in an accident or the car gets stolen, the policy will cover the excess cost that you need to pay on the rental car’s insurance.
    • Hospitalisation allowance: In case of emergency hospitalisation overseas, you are entitled to get a daily allowance.
    • Income loss: If you are injured abroad and unable to work after returning home, you will receive income benefit.
    • Permanent disability assistance: This type of insurance plan offers a permanent disability benefit if you injure yourself on the trip and permanently lose eyesight or either of your limbs.
    • Loss of documents and money: If you lose your personal documents and identity proof like passport or your money gets stolen, then you are entitled to get full coverage.
    • Extra costs: This policy will cover your additional travel and accommodation expenses should you fall ill or injure yourself while travelling.

    Coverage parameters

    The coverage parameters for comprehensive travel insurance plans differ from one another. Many a times, you can customise a plan’s benefits to suit your specific trip needs. For instance, if you are going on a sports trip and are carrying sports equipment, you might opt for a comprehensive plan insurance that protects the equipment. If you are only concerned about illness and injury on a trip, you can select a comprehensive plan that provides good medical coverage. Many comprehensive travel insurance plans waive off pre-existing conditions, if you purchase the plan within a stipulated time period.

    Cruise insurance

    One of the most comprehensive travel insurance policies is the cruise insurance that caters to those travellers planning to take a cruise ship. This insurance can cover you if you miss a segment of your trip or you are immediately evacuated from the sea. Cruise insurance can cover you for sudden medical issues like illness or an injury, loss or damage of luggage, loss of personal documents, bad weather conditions, and so on.

    Bottom line

    It is of utmost importance that you read the fine print of every comprehensive travel plan you compare because some plans will exclude a list of events or items that are not covered under its benefits. This will help you get a better understanding of the terms of a plan you are considering. Several plans exclude travel delays if it does not meet the minimum requirement or costly sports equipment you need for your trip. Some travel insurance policies also exclude adventure sports or conditions that already exist from medical coverage.

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