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    Citibank commenced its banking operations in Singapore in the year 1902. Back in those days, the bank was called IBC or International Corporation. It was the very first bank from the United States of America to establish a branch in Singapore. The bank got the QFB or Qualifying Full Bank award in the year 1999. Its automated teller machine network is shared with State Bank of India, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Maybank, Bank of China, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Chartered Bank. The headquarters of Citibank are present at the Asia Square. The main branch, however, is located at Capital Square on Church Street.

    Citibank offers financial solutions that can prove to be innovative and customisable. Credit cards are extremely useful and beneficial when you are traveling, going for movies with friends or enjoying dinner with your family. Cashback is one of the most attractive feature of any credit card. Some of the credit card offered by Citibank has cash back feature associated with them. This makes the cards all the more lucrative for the consumers.

    Why choose Citibank Cashback Credit Cards

    Citibank has earned substantial reputation and goodwill by offering great services to its customers. The cashback credit cards offered by Citibank are tailored to meet all the needs of the consumers. With a myriad of features and benefits to offer, these credit cards can prove to be very attractive.

    Types of Citibank Cashback Credit Cards

    There are four different credit cards offered by Citibank in Singapore that offer cash back features. Let us know these cards.

    • Citibank DIVIDEND Card
    • Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card
    • Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card
    • Citibank Esso Mobil Privilege Card

    Features and benefits of Citibank DIVIDEND Card

    • With the Citibank DIVIDEND credit card, you can avail cashback of 8 percent at Esso and Shell petrol stations. You can also save up to 20.8 percent at Shell and 20.88 percent at Esso
    • Avail a cashback of 8 percent on all your dining spends and grocery shopping
    • When you make any other retail purchases, you are entitled to a discount of 0.25percent

    Features and benefits of Citibank SMRT Card

    • With the Citibank SMRT credit card, you can avail savings of up to 7 percent on all your grocery purchases
    • Enjoy discounts of up to 15 percent on coffee
    • You are entitled to a discount of 5 percent when you purchase book and toys using your Citibank SMRT credit card
    • The SMRT$ that you earn on your credit card can be redeemed for different rides and vouchers

    Features and benefits of Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card

    • You can earn Citi Rebate of up to 10 percent using the M1 platinum Visa Card. You can redeem the them at more than seven hundred locations for anything that you want
    • On the retail purchases that you make overseas, you can get Citi Rebate of 5 percent
    • On all your broadband bills and M1 mobile bills you can get Citi Rebate of up to 2.5 percent
    • You can also choose to offset the M1 mobile bill with the Citi Rebate that you earned

    Features and benefits of Esso Mobil Privilege Card

    • Refuel at any Esso fuel station for your vehicle and avail savings of up to 20.88 percent
    • On this particular credit card offered by Citibank, you can earn both rewards points and the Esso Smiles points. Thus, this card makes the accumulation of points all the more easy for you
    • Use the Citibank Esso Mobil Privilege card to make hassle free purchases at the Esso stations

    Chart to understand how exactly you earn cashback with DIVIDEND card

    Category Your Spends Your Cash Back Earned
    Base (0.25 percent)+ Bonus (7.75 percent) =Total
    Petrol SGD 300 SGD 0.75 + SGD 23.25 = SGD 24.00
    Groceries SGD 200 SGD 0.50 + SGD 15.50 = SGD 16.00
    Dining SGD 200 SGD 0.50 + SGD 15.50 = SGD 16.00
    All other retail spend SGD 188 SGD 0.47 SGD 0.47
    SGD 888 SGD 56.47

    Other types of Credit Cards Offered by Citibank

    Citibank Travel Credit Cards

    Citibank Balance Transfer Credit cards

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    Citibank Cashback Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much Citi Rebate can I earn with my Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card?
    2. You can earn Citi Rebate of 10 percent using your Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card.

    3. Can I avail rebate on grocery purchases when I use the Citibank SMRT card?
    4. Yes. Using the Citibank SMRT card will allow you to get discounts of up to 7 percent on your grocery purchases.

    5. What are the kind of rebates that are offered by Citibank SMRT card?
    6. The rebates that you get with your Citibank SMRT card are in the form of SMRT$. These can be used to redeem free rides and vouchers.

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