Compare and Choose Best CIMB Credit cards 2018

    Credit Card Application

    CIMB credit cards are well-known for their benefits in categories such as travel, shopping, dining, groceries, fuel, health & beauty, wellness, etc. There are 4 credit cards offered by CIMB which enable you to earn cash rebate when you spend in Singapore or overseas. One of the significant benefits of a few CIMB credit cards is that there is no administrative fee for foreign currency transactions. You can enjoy complimentary green fees at various golf courses, get discounts on dining, earn cash rebate for online shopping, get complimentary concierge service, and more.

    Features & Benefits

    • Enjoy waiver of annual fees for all cards.
    • Enjoy cash rebates on various purchases with all CIMB credit cards.
    • Enjoy several complimentary benefits for dining, golfing, and more with some of these cards.
    • Divide your bigger purchases into instalments over certain tenors available with the 0% i.Pay Plan.
    • Enjoy balance transfer at a low interest rate when you transfer your credit card balance to CIMB cards.

    Most Popular CIMB Credit Cards and What They Offer

    The table below illustrates the most popular CIMB Cards and what they provide:

    Card Name Maximum Cashback/Cash Rebate
      Shopping Dining Groceries Transport (Petrol/Taxi) Travel Wellness
    CIMB Platinum Mastercard 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 10% 10%
    CIMB Visa Signature 10% (online) 10% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
    CIMB World Mastercard 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%
    CIMB Visa Infinite 2% (online) 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%
    CIMB Platinum Mastercard
    CIMB Platinum Mastercard

    Best Cash Rebate Credit Card

    • 10% cash rebate on flight and hotel bookings.
    • Cash rebate of 10% at health, beauty, and wellness centres.
    • 0.2% rebate on all other eligible retail spends.
    CIMB Visa Signature Card
    CIMB Visa Signature

    Best for Dining Spends

    • 10% cash rebate on transactions at bars, lounges, restaurants, cafes and many more wine-and-dine places.
    • Cash rebate on dining is capped at S$60 per month.
    • Perpetual waiver of the annual fee.
    CIMB World Mastercard
    CIMB World Mastercard

    Best for Entertainment Spends

    • Enjoy green fees waiver at prominent golf courses in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines.
    • Unlimited 1% cash rebate on all retail purchases.
    • Perpetual annual fee waiver.
    CIMB Visa Infinite
    CIMB Visa Infinite

    Best for Travel Expenses

    • 2% cash rebate on travel.
    • Enjoy 3 free visits to more than 900 VIP lounges at airports in a year along with a 50% discount on dining in airports across the world. Simply download the Airport Companion app and register for a DragonPass membership.
    • Enjoy discounts in Malaysia and Indonesia with CIMB’s cross-border regional deals.

    CIMB Card Rewards Programmes

    Complimentary Privileges

    • With the Visa Infinite Card, you can get up to 50% discount on dining privileges at select restaurants.
    • CIMB credit cards offer free e-Commerce Purchase Protection to you if your goods are not delivered on time or are damaged.
    • With your CIMB World Mastercard, you can enjoy green fees waiver at famous golf courses across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
    • When you charge your complete travel fare to your Visa Infinite/World Mastercard/Visa Signature cards, you and your family will automatically get enrolled for a free travel insurance cover of up to S$1 million.
    • Enjoy complimentary Visa Infinite/Signature Concierge Service. Simply call on their helpline or email them anytime, anywhere. You can also download the app and register for a membership account and access this service.
    • Enjoy the CIMB Airport Companion Programme with the Visa Infinite Card, with free lounge visits every year at over 900 airports.

    CIMB Credit Card Hotline: If you have any enquiries regarding credit cards, you can call their 24-hour CIMB Cards Customer Service hotline.

    CIMB Card Eligibility Requirements

    You must meet the following eligibility parameters to be able to apply for CIMB cards:

    Cards Name Minimum Income Residents (p.a.) Minimum Income Foreigners (p.a.) Minimum Age
    CIMB Platinum Mastercard CIMB Visa Signature Card S$30,000 NIL 21 years
    CIMB World MasterCard CIMB Visa Infinite Card S$120,000 NIL 21 years

    Loan on CIMB Credit Cards

    CIMB Credit Card

    CIMB CashLite offers personal instalment loans with a low interest rate, starting from 8.21% p.a. (Applied Interest Rate). With this loan, you can select a tenure of up to 5 years. You can borrow up to 80% of your available credit limit and get cash instantly. Make sure you pay your monthly minimum amount on time to avoid late payment charges and interest. In case you want to terminate the loan before the end of the tenure, you will have to pay an early termination fee of 3% of the outstanding amount or S$240, whichever is more.

    Security Features

    With CIMB’s PIN (Personal Identification Number), you can make purchases by keying in your 6-digit PIN or withdraw cash from any CIMB ATMs in Singapore or any Mastercard/Cirrus or Visa/Plus ATMs overseas. This is an enhanced payment mode that keeps the payment system safer and more secure. Your credit cards have a magnetic stripe on the back of the card, which stays disabled for overseas use. This is done to enhance security measure and safeguard you from any fraudulent activities. To activate this stripe, you need to call the bank on their hotline before you travel. Your card will be deactivated once you are back to Singapore.

    CIMB Increase Credit Limit

    If you want to request for a temporary increase in your credit limit, you must download the relevant form from the bank’s website, fill-up the details, and mail or email it to the bank along with the required documents. CIMB will take 2 working days from the date of the receipt to process your request.

    Things to Know About CIMB Credit Cards

    How to Use the Internet Banking Login through CIMB Card?

    CIMB Clicks Internet Banking

    Use the Rewards/Bonus Points to exchange for vouchers or gifts in the following categories:

    • Receive latest updates on transactions.
    • Submit an online request for global transfer.
    • Apply for credit cards if you are an existing user.
    • Pay your monthly bills to over 80 local and Malaysia billers.
    • Schedule your payment for bill payments and fund transfers.
    • Enquire about multiple accounts like credit card accounts, loan accounts, and deposit accounts.
    • Transfer funds to any participating FAST bank account and between CIMB accounts in Singapore. You do not have to pay any service fee.

    How to Check the Unbilled Transaction?

    Through CIMB Clicks or Mobile Banking

    You can check your unbilled transaction either through CIMB Clicks (internet banking) or mobile banking.

    How to Pay Taxes Using This Bank's Credit Cards?

    Through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking

    To pay your taxes, you must link your credit card to your internet banking account. Then, add the billing organisation by clicking on the ‘Bill Payment’ option. Once your biller is added, you can make payments to IRAS. Alternatively, you can choose to pay your income taxes through mobile banking. Simply add your biller and start paying.

    Is There a Mobile App?


    You can download the CIMB Clicks app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Simply link your credit card to the mobile app and start paying at merchant outlets. With this app, you can:

    • Enquire about multiple accounts.
    • Receive latest updates on transactions.
    • Pay monthly bills to your biller and avoid missing the due date.
    • Transfer funds to any FAST participating bank account in the country and between CIMB accounts. You will not be charged any service fee.

    How to Check Status of My Requests?

    To check the status of your requests, you can do any of the following:

    Do any of the following:

    • Sign into the CIMB Clicks app.
    • Call the customer service hotline.
    • Log into your CIMB Clicks internet banking account.

    How to Make Payment Using Cheques?

    You must cross the cheque and make it payable to CIMB Bank Berhad – Credit Cards. Write your name, the credit card number, your phone number and the amount you want to pay on the back on the cheque. You can either drop this cheque into the box at any CIMB branch or mail it to the bank.

    How to Convert Bill to Instalment Payment Plans?

    With CIMB 0% i.Pay Plan, you can convert your bill amount of S$500 and above into affordable instalments with a one-time processing fee (from 3%-5%). You can spread out your transaction over 5, 10 or 20 months without any interest rates on the transaction. You will continue to earn cash rebates. The maximum amount you can convert is S$30,000 for each transaction.

    About CIMB Bank

    CIMB is a Malaysian bank with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the largest Islamic banks in the world with operations in ASEAN countries. CIMB is also located in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. The bank acquired G.K. Goh Stockbrokers Pte. Ltd. in 2005, which helped it to grow in the fields of conventional and Islamic banking in Singapore. CIMB offers various credit cards to its Singaporean customers, in addition to other personal and commercial finance products and services.

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