Century Tokyo Leasing Car Financing

    With Tokyo Century Car Leasing, you will get a personalised economical car leasing package and customised service that will fulfil all your long-term car ownership needs. With Tokyo Century Car Leasing, you will find the following benefits:

    • You will only make the monthly rental payment without having to take care of any administrative work. Tokyo Century Car Leasing will take care of everything else from insurance registration to maintenance services.
    • Tokyo Century partners with reliable workshops so you will be able to drive your car at its best condition at all times.
    • Corporate cars for lease are available.
    • Free replacement car during the period of lease.
    • Drive a new model every two to three years.
    • Have your preferred vehicle make, color, model, and specification.
    • Make the most of the attractive car leasing package that offers protection against interest rate fluctuations.
    • The coverage also extended to Malaysia. So, you will enjoy personal accident Insurance applicable in Singapore and Malaysia with an excess starting from S$300.

    Type of Maintenance Lease

    Leaseback and Fleet Sale

    With this type of lease, you will enjoy the following features:

    • You have the option of selling your vehicles to Tokyo Century which you can lease back.
    • This will allow you to free up capital.
    • Once the lease period is over, you can switch to any other brand, in turn improve efficacy and stop worrying about vehicle disposal.
    • You will have cash flow release that you can use toward other ventures.
    • Enjoy easy budgeting with simple fixed costs each month.
    • Tokyo Century will handle the upkeep and management of your fleet.

    Long-Term Lease

    With this type of lease, you will enjoy the following features:

    • Enjoy lease periods from 2 to 6 years based on your requirements.
    • You have the option of choosing from a wide selection of cars.

    How the Car Lease Works

    Once you choose the car you wish to lease and take a decision on the lease term, Tokyo Century Leasing will order the new car and will deliver it to the place of your choice. Once the lease term is over, you only have to hand it over. With Tokyo Car Leasing all the paperwork including insurance, registration, and road tax during the course of the lease period will be taken care of. You will have your vehicle serviced and maintained in addition to the routine replacement of disposable items. These are all incorporated in the monthly lease payment agreement.

    Car Leasing Service

    The following table shows the various services offered and the various features included under each service:

    Services Contents
    Usage in Malaysia Free of cost.
    Tax fee and registration Included during the course of the lease period.
    Replacement car (only in limited countries) Get a free replacement car 24/7 when the original car is under servicing or repair in case of an accident.
    24/7 Roadside Assistance Get free assistance any time of the day with Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS).
    Accident Enjoy 24/7 reporting based on your convenience in association with Mobile Accident Response Services (MARS).
    Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance Get a wide-ranging insurance coverage in Singapore and Malaysia. Additionally, you will get personal accident insurance with the excess starting from S$300.
    Change of battery and tyres Get replacement tyres and battery through reasonable wear and tear.
    Regular maintenance Carry out consistent maintenance as per the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to time interval and mileage.
    Purchasing Starting from choosing dealers to purchasing.


    Q. What is the minimum driving experience and age requirement for leasing a car?

    A. The assigned driver or the lessee should be at least 27 years old and must have a minimum driving experience of two years. He or she must also have a valid International or Singapore Driving License/Permit for the right class of vehicle.

    Q. Is there a grace period available to make the monthly instalment?

    A. Yes. You will have a grace period of 7 calendar days. This includes weekends and public holidays. You must make the payment within this period. For instance, if your monthly instalment is due on the 7th of the month, then you must make the payment by the 13th of the month.

    Q. What will happen when the lease period is over?

    A. Once the lease period is over, you will have to hand the vehicle back to Tokyo Century Leasing with the recognition of the condition of the car subject only to reasonable wear and tear. You can then apply for a new lease vehicle or prolong the lease contract for a period of 3 to 24 months.

    Q. What is the minimum period I can lease a car for?

    A. You must get a brand new vehicle on lease for a period of at least two years. On the other hand, for a used vehicle, the minimum lease period would be one year.

    Q. Is insurance incorporated under the standard lease price?

    A. Comprehensive insurance coverage together with personal accident insurance is incorporated in the monthly leasing rate.

    Q. What will happen if I choose to end my lease period early?

    A. If you wish to terminate your lease contract prior to the established lease maturity date, you will have to go through the early termination structure specified in the lease/hire agreement. It is typically around half the value of the outstanding payments of your lease.

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