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    • Lamborghini up for sale by Super Veloce Racing

      You can make applications to purchase one of the rarest cars designed by Lamborghini known as the Diablo SV. SVR or Super Veloce Racing is selling this rare beauty. SVR was started by Alan Robb, who is an ex-service manager of Lamborghini. His partners are Lee Cunningham, the master technician who was also a part of Lamborghini and Ben Adnett.

      The Diablo SV was launched in the year 1990. It was the first car produced by Lamborghini could go up to a top speed of 322 km/hr. The engine of this car was mounted in the rear-middle part of its body, giving it the quintessential Lamborghini feel. The car is a rear-wheel drive with a V12 engine. The capacity of the engine is 5.7 L producing a massive power of 485 bhp. For a period of 11 years, this Lamborghini make was in production. It went through several engine, styling and chassis updates, number of iterations, etc. In the year 1995, the SV model of the Lamborghini Diablo series was launched. This was the second car from Lamborghini to win the Super Veloce title. The first car made by Lamborghini which won the Super Veloce title was Miura.

      The Diablo SV that is being offered by Super Veloce Racing (SVR) is one of the last models of its generation. The colour of the car is Ice Blue and it was built in the year 1998. Although the Diablo SV witnessed several upgrades and changes throughout its course of production, it always maintain the originality. The tradition was maintained by keeping the manual gearbox and rear wheel drive features constant. If you wish to purchase this car, you could go for a car loan. This loan will give you the upfront money that you need to drive this monster car home.

      27th July 2016

    • Jaguar Land Rover wants to provide autonomous terrain driving

      The multi-million pound worth research project undertaken by Jaguar Land Rover aims to create self-driving cars a viable option. They wish to do it for all terrains – real life, tarmac and off road – in different weather conditions. Research Head of Jaguar Land Rover, Tony Harper stated that the research about the autonomy of the terrain is not only about the vehicle running itself on off road situations or motorways. The research is for helping the car and the person in it and ensuring that it remains safe through all terrain situations.

      The researchers are planning to develop advanced technology for sensing which will become the eyes of the car. The ultrasonic sensors in the car will be scanning a distance of up to 5 metres ahead of the vehicle to understand the road conditions and terrain. Thus, the response settings for different terrain can be set before driving on snow, tarmac, grass or sand. All terrain performance will get better with this technology and there will no loss of control or momentum. Cars with such advanced technology will cost you a big amount. Instead, of churning out everything from your pocket, you can choose to go for a car loan which will provide you with the upfront money to buy the vehicle.

      20th July 2016

    • Isuzu and Mazda to join hands and build a truck

      The next generation Isuzu D-Max and Mazda BT-50 are most probably going to be pretty similar as the Japanese automakers are joining hands. Mazda and Isuzu have already built utes (utility coupe) before in conjunction with General Motors and Ford. The companies will now focus on creating replacements for their commercial vehicles.

      According to an announcement, the lead developer of this project will be Isuzu. For the present version of the BT-50, Ford was the lead developer with Mazda. This particular agreement is for all the markets across the globe. A basic agreement took place between the two Japanese car makers about the collaboration regarding the new truck. The joint release mentioned that Mazda will be strengthening the product line up and Isuzu will work on the competitiveness of the product. Based on the current truck model, Isuzu will be producing the next gen pickup trucks. If you wish to get this truck, you could go ahead and get a car loan from any leading bank in Singapore. With the help of a car loan, you will be able to purchase this truck as the loan will provide you with the upfront money that you require to buy the truck.

      19th July 2016

    • Official Images of NSX GT3 Released by Honda

      Prior to the campaign in North America, Honda has released images of its new race car, the NSX GT3. The images reveal that the car’s body has carbon fibre and an underbody diffuser. It has 3.5 litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine with 6 speed gearbox. The company plans to test at the car at different circuits for training purposes in the U.S.A. This car can be driven on track only and will be the official contestant for FIA GT3 this fall.

      Apply for a car loan to own this car.

      18th July 2016

    • New Megane launched by Renault

      The all new Megane has been launched by Renault. It is a classy sedan with four doors. The prestigious and dynamic styling reflects in the well balanced proportions and sculpted surfaces. The lighting signature in front is C-shaped. The vehicle’s aesthetic dual tone look comes from the roof made of glass that stretches from the windscreen till the rear windows.

      The new Megane has a boot capacity of 508 litres and comes with the hands free system called the Easy Boot Access. This card will come with features like warning for lane departure and advanced emergency brakes. The production of the car will take place in Turkey’s Bursa plant. The Megane sedan will be sold in above twenty different countries. If you wish to purchase the new Megane launched by Renault, you could apply for a car loan. The car loan will offer you the upfront money that you need to purchase this car.

      14th July 2016

    • Serena MPV (5th Gen) introduced by Nissan

      The Serena MPV, fifth generation, was launched in Japan. In the year 1991, the Serena was introduced to the masses. Soon after, it became one of the most popular family cars in Japan. Thus, it also became a core domestic model for Nissan.

      The new Serena has certain designs similar to the older versions. The dynamic and roomy features definitely makes this minivan a next generation car. According to Nissan, the Serena MPV is the widest car present in its class. The car will also come with parking assistance. This feature was first seen on the Nissan X-Trail. The Serena MPV will feature a version that has improved and advanced accuracy. The ProPilot has been introduced for the first time with this car which controls steering, brakes and accelerator while moving in heavy traffic or flowing traffic. If you wish to purchase this car, you could get a car loan which will provide you with the upfront money to buy it.

      14th July 2016

    • New V6 engine to be launched by Ford

      For the F-150 customers, Ford will be delivering a new V6 engine which will be a 3.5 litre EcoBoost with 10 speed auto transmission. This engine will be producing a torque of 68Nm more when compared to the previous generation of the 3.5L engine. Raj Nair, the Executive Vice President of Ford, stated that the F-150 produces maximum torque in that segment. The F-150 is the only truck to offer a twin turbo engine (gasoline) in its segment. The truck with its new engine will be up for sale in 2017. If you wish to purchase this truck from Ford, you can plan to go for a vehicle loan. The loan will provide you with the upfront money that you require to buy the F-150 truck.

      13th July 2016

    • Porsche Launches 718 Boxster and 718 Boxster S in Singapore

      Porsche launched its first Boxster model in the year 1996. It has now launched the latest generation in Singapore with the 718 Boxster and 718 Boxster S. The 718 Boxster comes with a bi-xenon headlights, a broader front fascia and an optional full LED headlamps. The rear of the car has also received some restyling. The fabric roof of this car can be opened in less than 9 seconds up to a speed of 50 km per hour. The engine of 718 Boxster is flat four and turbocharged. This engine comes with a torque of 380Nm and can deliver 300bhp. The engine is 14% more efficient than its previous models.

      The 718 Boxster consumes 14.7 km per liter and the 718 Boxster S consumers 13.7 km per liter. The 718 Boxster thus shows an engine improvement of 2.2 Km per liter than its predecessor and the 718 Boxster S shows an engine improvement of 1.5 km per liter.

      In addition to this, consumers also have the option of choosing PASM or Porsche Active Suspension Management which will keep you closer to the ground by lowering the ride height for better drives during high speed. The 718 Boxster lowers the height by 10mm and the 718 Boxster S lowers the height by 20mm.

      The Porsche 718 Boxster is priced at S$258,788 and the 718 Boxster S at S$316,588. Attractive car loan packages are available from leading banks in Singapore that can make your dream of owning the perfect car, a reality.

      01st July 2016



    • Deutsche Bank: New Car Loans will not revive Inflation

      Car loan rules in Singapore have recently been eased as a way to boost spending in Singapore. However, analysts at Deutsche Bank are of the opinion that these new rules will not be enough to revive the inflation rate in the country. It has been 18 continuous months of deflation for Singapore, the longest stretch of negative inflation recorded till date.

      The report by the bank indicates that the retail sales could remain low in the near term as private consumption expenses have tapered by 1.4 per cent quarter on quarter in Q1 of this year.

      Speaking of declining spending habits, the report states that Singaporeans are cutting back on their discretionary items including local and overseas shopping, recreation, home renovations and furnishings etc. in lieu of the crumbly economic environment.

      The bank warned that even though tight spending could be pardoned by fiscal support and the easing of car loan regulations, if tight spending continues to increase coupled with increasing resident unemployment rates and high household leverage, it is likely to keep the demand pressures passive.

      16th June 2016

    • Renault Unveils Clio R.S. 16

      On the streets of Monaco Grand Prix, Renault Sport unveils its new concept car, the Clio R.S.16. This car is the company’s highest performing road vehicle. The car is equipped with the same transmission, engine and cooling system as the Megane R.S. 275 Trophy – R. It has 19 inch wheels and its body has been broadened by 60 mm. It has multi – faceted reflector technology with vision chequered pattern lighting and Akrapovic twin exhaust system installed in it. To purchase this car, you can choose to apply for a car loan from your nearest bank.

      01st June 2016

    • Mazda3 Global Total Production Touches 5 Million Units

      Mazda Motor Corporation has made the announcement that the total production volume for Mazda Axel or Mazda3 has reached 5 million units at April end, 2016. This is a record milestone for Mazda3 for achieving it in just 12 years and 10 months since the production of this model that commenced in 2003.

      Mazda3 is in its third generation presently and was fully redesigned in 2013 when the model adopted KODO – Soul of Motion design and the Skyactiv Technology, thereby joining the new generation lineup of Mazda.

      Mazda will continue developing products that will offer its customers excellent environmental safety performance while guaranteeing driving pleasure. Their aim is to savor a special bond with their customers by enriching people’s lives with their brand.

      01st June 2016



    • Drivers in Singapore Purchasing Used Cars

      Many drivers in Singapore are purchasing used cards to work for private car hire firms such as Grab and Uber. According to some dealers, purchase of used cars have risen by at least 20 to 50 percent this year. Car dealers have been selling 10 to 20 such cars to drivers and car hire firms every month. Even car rental companies are increasing their used car numbers. Recently the restrictions on car loans were eased by MAS, which has made purchase of new cars affordable for Singaporeans. Some people think that this step will not stop the rise in purchase of used cars by drivers as the down payment for new cars is high even after the easing of rules. There are others who think that COE prices will make a new car expensive.

      31st May 2016

    • MAS Loosens Revises Restrictions on Vehicle Financing

      All in all, Singaporeans are happy with the revised restrictions on vehicle financing. The MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has relaxed loan curbs that were introduced in February 2013.Loan tenures have been increased from 5 years to 7 years, and the downpayment barriers have been reduced with loan quantum permitted to either 60% or 70% depending on the price of the car. The motor industry will soon see an increase in demand.This demand will thicken margins by raising prices and invariably fattening the wallets of the government with higher Certificate of Entitlement (COE) revenues. Most importantly, the flagging Singapore economy will benefit significantly from this stimulus.

      MAS has said that the adjustments in increasing the 3 year long restrictions were possible because of sustained moderation in the COE premiums and the following inflation. However, the COE premiums are also expected to go back up with this new revision.

      Car dealers are also positive about these changes because it will not only increase the demand for new cars but they are also under the impression that these new revisions in the regulations are more equitable.

      30th May 2016

    • MAS Eases Car Loan Restrictions

      The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has eased some of the car loan restrictions that it had placed in 2013. MAS has eased the restrictions placed on loan tenure for car loans and the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. For vehicles with Open Market Value (OMV) up to S$20,000, the LTV ratio will now be 70% (earlier 60%) and for vehicles with OMV above S$20,000, it will be 60% (earlier 50%). The total loan tenure available has increased from 5 years to 7 years. These changes will not affect existing car loan customers but it make it easier for people to get a new car loan and purchase the vehicle that they desire.

      26th May 2016

    • New Models Unveiled in 2016 for BMW

      The M140i and the M240i models are being introduced by BMW in 2016. These cars belong to the BMW Series 1 and 2, respectively. They are also introducing the hybrid 7 series model under the banner of iPerformance.

      These new models are powered by Twin Power technology. The engines develop a power of 14 bhp, producing a torque of 50 Nm. The maximum power that can be delivered is 340 bhp with a torque of 500 Nm. The cars come with 6 speed manual transmission, electronic power steering, map controlled oil pump, etc.

      24th May 2016

    • New Air – Conditioning Filters Launched for Audi Compact Models

      Starting from June 2016, compact Audi models will have a new air – conditioning filter which will not only remove harmful gases and fine particulates from the air but it will also neutralize virtually all allergens. This new filter will be used in Audi 1, A3, Q3 and the TT model series. Through this new addition, Audi is setting a new standard across the world in the premium compact segment.

      The Audi Q2 compact SUV will come equipped with this new filter at the market launch. Other cars in the respective model series will be retrofitted with the new filter during their regular scheduled service interval.

      20th May 2016

    • Kia Sportage Showcased at the Brand Campaign Launched by Kia

      At the brand campaign launched during the Kia Experience driving event that was held at the Kia Showroom on the 7th and 8th of May, the guests witnessed a sneak peak of Kia Sportage, the award winning car. The car which featured the work of the automotive design legend, Peter Schreyer gave the guests of the event a chance to experience the car’s quality and reliability. This was done was holding a live towing demonstration where a fully loaded Kia Sorento that had 7 people in it was towed by another Kia Sorento. Additionally, the event also included the “Kia Experience Surprise Drive” where the participants of this drive were driven off by a team of professional racing instructors to a surprise location for them to test the quality and reliability of Kia cars.

      20th May 2016

    • New Porsche Macan GTS Launched in Singapore

      After the Macan model range was premiered at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, an outdoor evening event was held at the Porsche Centre Singapore on their rooftop terrace on May 11, where the new Macan GTS was launched. The Macan was the first of its kind within the segment of compact SUVs back when it was launched in July 2014. Since then, over 600 models have been delivered to customers. The Macan GTS is the newest variant in this exciting series.

      The Macan GTS has been engineered not only to be practical and spacious but also fun and exciting for all urban sports car enthusiasts. GTS has a unique engine calibration that allows the engine to develop 360bhp and a torque of 500NM. Furthermore, it is capable of sprinting from 0 to 100 KM/hour in 5 seconds flat and to a top speed of 256 KM/hour due to its Sport Chrono Package. Other features include the standard option of the 7 speed Porsche Doppelkupplung gearbox, sport exhaust system having black sports tailpipes and the Porsche Active Suspension Management that has a 15mm lower tuned suspension when compared to the Macan S model.

      The exterior of this SUV comes in many black exterior accents that includes the Satin Black 20-inch RS Spyder Design wheels. Other standard exterior features includes an imposing front apron and side skirts that perfectly compliment the matte black air intake grilles. This gives GTS a dynamic as well as an athletic appearance.

      The interiors of GTS comes with a standard leather package paired with the GTS eight-way electric sport seats with Alcantara seat centres having the GTS logo on the headrests. The package also comes equipped with the standard Porsche Communication Management system that includes mobile phone preparation, a navigation module and an audio interface. Additionally, the Sound Package Plus system contains 8 loudspeakers and an integrated amplifier with digital signal processing. The total output of the audio system is 150 watts.

      This engineered perfection can be yours at the price of $326, 488 (excluding COE). Leading banks in Singapore are now offering car loans at attractive interest rates and long loan quantum so owning this compact SUV does not remain a dream. Top banks including Standard Chartered, DBS, OCBC, Maybank, and UOB among others are offering packages under 3% per annum for up to 5 years for car loans. Dreams no longer need to be for when you close your eyes.

      12th May 2016

    • Caltex with Techron Fuel launched in Singapore

      A brand new reformulated fuel has been launched by Caltex. The fuel is called Caltex with Techron and comes with the signature package of Clean and Glide Technology.

      The active ingredients of Clean and Glide technology have been specially created for protecting and cleaning the metal surfaces present in the engine of your car. If you continue to use it, your car will deliver better fuel efficiency. The power of your vehicle will be maximised and the engine will receive enhanced protection.

      There are several moving parts in a car’s engine. So, frictional forces in the engine are inevitable. Some areas in the upper cylinders are hard to reach and that is where the lubricants face challenge. However, Clean and Glide Technology offered by Caltex is ready to take care of such problems. When used continuously, the lubricant’s friction modifiers will also get replenished.

      11th May 2016

    • New Cayenne Platinum Edition Now Available for Specific Porsche Models

      Porsche is offering its customers a limited edition model, Cayenne Platinum Edition that comes with added safety and comfort for its existing Cayenne, Cayenne Diesel and Cayenne S E-Hybrid models. You can recognize these special edition models at first glance because of their remarkable features that give a distinctive sporty appearance and offer premium quality features at attractive prices. These limited edition features include wider wheel arches for the 20-inch wheels in RS Spyder design, electric eight-way adjustment on the leather sport seats with Alcantara centre panels and headrests that have the Porsche crest on them.

      Furthermore, the safety and comfort features include Power Steering Plus and the Bi-xenon head lights that come with the Porsche Dynamic Light System that are standard to the Cayenne Platinum Edition. The automatic anti-glare features are part of the exterior and rear-view mirrors complimented by the dark-tinted privacy glass for the rear passengers. While the non – metallic black and white finish is standard to the Porsche, other metallic paint options available include Deep Black, Mahogany, Purpurite, Carrara, and Rhodium Silver or White metallic paints. Even the broadened wheel arches come in these colors. The special status of the Cayenne can be seen through the stainless steel door sills with 'Platinum Edition' lettering.

      Additionally, the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid Platinum Edition will have illuminated door sills that will light up the model name. The Platinum Edition models will also be equipped with the latest version of the Porsche Communication Management system which includes BOSE Surround Sound system and a Connect Plus module. The dashboard of this Porsche model also adorns a beautifully designed analogue clock and comprises of a stationary heating/air-conditioning system.

      You can order these Platinum Edition Models at the Singapore Market Launch that is scheduled for Q4 this year. The Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition is priced at $330, 988, the Porsche Cayenne Diesel Platinum Edition at $323, 088 and the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid Platinum Edition at $390, 688. With the date getting closer, it is time to look at car loan options for your upgrade at some of the leading banks in Singapore offering rates starting under 3% with long loan tenures of up to 5 years. Some of the major banks offering attractive car loan packages include OCBC, DBS, UOB, Standard Chartered and Maybank.

      06th May 2016



    • Private – hire Car passengers have Third – Party Insurance Coverage

      A report on April 16 said that according to the law in Singapore it is not mandatory for private – hire cars to purchase insurance coverage for passengers. The Land Transport Authority of Singapore have said that the report was false and under the Motor Vehicles (Third – Party Risks and Compensation) Act, it is compulsory for the insurance policy of all motor vehicles (including private – hire cars) have to provide coverage for third – party. Private – hire car passengers can claim compensation from the owner of the car/ insurer in case of an accident. As per the law, taxis and private – hire cars need to have the same kind of insurance coverage and people who do not follow this law will have to pay a fine of at least SGD 1000 or be imprisoned for a period of maximum 3 years or both.

      26th April 2016

    • BMW launches the new M2

      The wait of sports car lovers is finally over as BMW has launched its new car in the category, the M2. The car was launched by Munich Automobiles and BMW Group Asia at the BMW M Festival. The compact M2 Coupe has a 3.0 litre six – cylinder turbocharged engine that generates a maximum power of 370 bhp and it has seven speed M Double Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic technology. BMW has been equipped with M Dynamic Mode (MDM), a function that helps in stabilising the car and gives more freedom to the driver. The equipment of the list is available in four colours and consists of M sports seats, M footrest, knee pad and M leather steering wheel among many others. To purchase this car, apply for a car loan today.

      23rd April 2016

    • Volkswagen Launches Car Rental Programme for Wedding

      Couples in Singapore can now make their wedding special by renting a car from Volkswagen Singapore for their wedding day. Volkswagen has recently launched a new a car rental programme exclusively for wedding purposes. The fee is very affordable and people can choose to rent either the Golf Cabriolet or the Beetle for their wedding. Each car will be vacuumed and washed before it is given on rent and will be white in colour to match the decorations.

      16th April 2016

    • Jaguar Showcases the Sixth Lightweight E – Type in Singapore

      The new Jaguar Lightweight E – Type was displayed in Singapore by Wearnes Automotive from 13th April to 17th April, 2016. This is the sixth and the last car in the Lightweight series. The company had announced its plans to manufacture 6 new lightweights in 2014. All the 6 cars have been built by Jaguar Classic and are part of the Special GT E – Type project that started in 1963. These cars follow the same specification that was incorporated in the Lightweight E – Type that was manufactured in 1963. The cars will also have the original chassis numbers. Jaguar is very selective of the buyers of these cars and want only people who would use it for racing. To own this car, people can choose to apply for a car loan.

      14th April 2016



    • S&P Says That Singapore Banks Can Protect Their Asset Quality

      Standards & Poor (S&P), the credit rating agency, believes that the banks in Singapore can protect their asset quality despite the fact that their financial strength will be tested in 2016. The top 3 local banks in Singapore, DBS, OCBC and UOB, still maintain a credit rating of “AA”. These banks have faced a lot of challenges in the recent past due to low demand of loans and other economic factors. However, their well-planned risk management strategies and good buffer will help them to stay strong even in 2016 and they will be able to maintain their asset quality.

      23rd February 2016

    • Tan Chong Motor Sales Launches the All New Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab

      The year of 2016 will see the launch of the New Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab by Tan Chong Motor Sales which is a follow up of its double cab variant that was launched in 2015. The new New Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab thrives on a deadly combination of fuel efficiency, acceleration and power, a combination that was previously considered as one that cannot coexist in a vehicle.

      The fuel consumption for this new class in automobiles is 15.4 km per litre and a carbon dioxide emission of 172 gm per km. The Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab delivers 163 bhp with a torque of 403Nm. This new model is 30% more powerful and up to 29% more efficient than the previous generation.

      Even the cargo deck space and the payload of the New Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab has witnessed a significant increase, perfectly crafted for business where this car can carry a payload of 1000 kg and its rear deck space measures 2,310mm (L)x 1,560mm (W) x 472mm (H).

      According to the General Manager and Sales and Marketing of Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd, Mr. Ron Lim, the New Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab has been tailored to suit the requirements of business owners by offering a strong and dependable pickup car that can carry more goods. NP300 Navara offers a choice of 2 variants where businesses will surely find a model suited for their needs and requirements.

      The New Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab is priced at $96, 888 that includes COE. It is only a matter of time until this model feels the roads of Singapore. With leading banks on the island providing attractive car loan packages, you can turn your dream of owning the beautiful Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab into a reality.

      19th February 2016

    • MotoGP and BMW M Division – The Perfect Combination for High Performance Racing

      For almost two decades now, the MotoGP and BMW M Division are at a pinnacle of high performance racing. MotoGP is at the peak of motorcycle racing, featuring the best riders across the globe on prototypes built for of high performance racing. The high performance racing and motorsport genes are also found generously on the BMW M Division.

      BMW M has been a permanent member of the international MotoGP family since 1999. The partnership with Dorna Sports that has proven to be extremely successful has only grown with more consistency over the years and is will continue to run in the future as well. The cooperation between BMW M Division and Dorna Sports will continue at least till the year 2020.

      BMW M has implemented the latest technology in its Safety Car fleet which will always remain at the heart of its commitment and will continue to guarantee the safety of its MotoGP riders no matter what the conditions are. Any challenges on the racetrack will be countered with the BMW M cars which are the Safety Cars designed for high performance equipped with outstanding driving properties. BMW M2 MotoGP Safety Car is the new edition to this high performing family that will make its debut this year. All of the Safety Cars are modified at the BMW M factory so that they can be used as lead cars on the motorcycle racing tracks.

      Owning a BMW no longer has to stay a dream, especially in Singapore. If your longtime desire of owning this perfect beauty is lingering at the corner of your mind, don’t let it linger any further, take a look at the attractive car loan packages offered by leading banks across the island that can turn any dream of owning a car into reality.

      19th February 2016

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