UOB and UOI Car Insurance

UOB car insurance is one of the insurance products issued by UOB. All the insurance products and services provided by UOB are handled and managed by United Overseas Insurance Limited (UOI). UOB car insurance is named as UniDrive and has a wide range of benefits. UOB car insurance relieves your mental and financial stress by taking care of the loss/damage caused to your vehicle. UniDrive Insurance eliminates the restrictions on choosing vehicle workshops after an accident. With UniDrive you will experience 24-hour assistance even on the accident site. This feature is called the Mobile Accident Response Service. Let’s discuss the features and benefits of UOB car insurance in detail.

Types of Car Insurance Provided By UOB and UOI

There is only one car insurance provided by UOB called UniDrive. UniDrive Insurance broadly takes care of your legal liability due to negligence by third party. You only have to pay S$500 as excess (own damage). Excess means the actual amount that’s paid initially in the event of an accident or damage.

However, there are three different types of plans provided by UOI. The plans provided by UOI are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third-party, Fire & Theft Cover
  • Third-party Only

Features and Benefits of UniDrive Car Insurance

The features and benefits of UniDrive are given below:

  • You can enjoy 0% Instalment Payment Plan with UniDrive for tenures of 6 months and 12 months.
  • You will get a chance to earn SMART$ which you can redeem for various rewards.
  • There is no additional premium imposed by UOB for the no-claim discount protector. This is applicable to drivers with the no-claim discount of 50%.
  • You will get a maximum cover of S$500 as medical expense benefit in the event of an accident that results in bodily injuries. The injuries caused to the driver and passengers are included. This benefit amount is per accident per person.
  • You can get an enhanced personal accident coverage of up to S$25,000.
  • You can enjoy unlimited windscreen coverage for an additional excess of S$100 for each claim. This also covers the sunroof.
  • You will get towing facility by UOB for your claim-related accidents.
  • You will get 24-hour assistance through UOB’s hotline number in the event of an accident. You can get this facility for accidents in Singapore, West Malaysia, and 50 miles off Thailand.
  • The accident e-filing procedure is made hassle-free by enquiries assistance service available 24 hours.
  • If there is an accident, you will get transport allowance daily up to S$50 for a maximum of 5 days. This facility is called loss of use benefit.
  • You can save your premium by increasing the policy excess. This facility by UOB is known as Variation of Policy Excess. You can also reduce your excess but it’s applied only to selected profiles and models.
  • You will get a discount on your UniDrive policy premium for the in-car camera (if there is a front camera in your car that records your journey).
  • There is also an option to go for a 2-year plan that allows you to lock-in the current premium if you purchase the policy for a period of 2 years. Hence, you can get extra savings on your policy premium.

No-Claim Discounts Offered by UOI/UOB Car Insurance

If you do not have any claims during a particular period of your policy, then you can get a reduction from UOI on your premium while renewing your car insurance policy. The reduction details are:

Insurance period Preceding year Preceding 2 consecutive years Preceding 3 consecutive years Preceding 4 consecutive years Preceding 5 consecutive years
Discount offered by UOI 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%

If your no-claim discount is 40%-50% during a claim, then the no-claim discount will be reduced to 10%-20% at the time of your next policy renewal. If your no-claim discount is less than 30%, then it will be completely rescinded.

What Does UOB and UOI Car Insurance Policies Cover?

The below table explains the detailed coverage of UOB UniDrive car insurance policy and its amount:

Description UniDrive Comprehensive Third-party, Fire & Theft Cover Third-party Only
Accidental injury or death to third-party/parties Covered Covered Covered Covered
Damage to third-party’s property in the event of an accident Covered Covered Covered Covered
Theft of your vehicle Covered Covered Covered Not covered
Damage caused to your vehicle due to fire Covered Covered Covered Not covered
Damage to your vehicle due to accident Covered Covered Not covered Not covered
Medical expenses for injuries sustained by you or any passenger in your vehicle or authorised driver, which is a direct result of an accident Up to S$500 Up to S$300 Not covered Not covered
Personal accident insurance for you Up to S$25,000 Up to S$20,000 Not covered Not covered
Unlimited windscreen damage which includes sunroof as well (excess is up to S$100 per damage/loss) Covered Covered Not covered Not covered
Your legal liability due to negligent activities that are done by passengers Covered Covered Covered Covered
Damage caused to your vehicle due to natural calamities such as hurricane, flood, typhoon or volcanic eruption Covered Covered Not covered Not covered
Damage caused to your vehicle due to civil commotion, strike or riot Covered Covered Not covered Not covered
Transport allowance daily up to S$50 for a maximum of 5 days Covered NA NA NA

UOB and UOI Car Insurance Exclusions

The general exclusions for UOB car insurance are listed below (the exclusions are not limited to the below points):

  • UOB will not pay for any damage/liability/loss that has happened outside the geographical coverage of this policy terms.
  • The vehicle which has the insurance is used and undergoes an accident/damage/loss.
  • The driver must not be under the influence of drugs or liquor.
  • If the vehicle is driven when it is not registered under the Road Traffic Act, 1970.
  • If the damage caused is due to a war, civil commotion, strike, riot, hurricane, flood, typhoon, volcanic eruption, etc.
  • If the damage is caused by nuclear weapons or material related to nuclear weapons.

UOI/UOB Car Insurance Policy Promotions

When you pay your UOI car insurance premium with your UOB Visa Credit Card or UOB MasterCard, you can enjoy interest-free instalment payments for 12 months. The condition for this promotion is that the premium must be at least S$500.

How to Make a Claim for UOB/UOI Car Insurance Policy?

The detailed step-by-step process for claiming a UniDrive Insurance is given below:

  • In the event of an accident, you must note the vehicle number, the driver’s name, address, and other contact details of third party.
  • It is advisable to take pictures of the accident scene (only if possible) including the vehicle damages and third-party damages. You must send the photographs to UOB at the earliest.
  • You should get the information about third-party’s insurance policy.
  • You should not make any liability arrangement, promise, adjustment or settlement with the third party.
  • If you find any witnesses, you must get their contact details as well.
  • You must visit UOB’s Approved Reporting Centres along with your vehicle in order to report the accident. You must carry the certificate of insurance for reporting. You must report the incident within 24 hours of the accident or the immediate next working day after the accident.
  • If your claim includes damage to windscreen, you must fill a form (which is available online on UOI’s official website) and submit it to UOI’s Claims Department along with the workshop’s quotation.
  • You must file a police complaint if you are claiming for the following instances:
    • Body injury.
    • Theft of your vehicle.
    • A case of non-injury that involves a government vehicle or loss/damage to any government property.
    • A case of non-injury that involves a foreign vehicle.
    • A case of non-injury that involves a pedestrian or a cyclist.
    • A case of non-injury that involves hit and run.
    • You must make a police complaint within 24 hours of the accident.

You need to submit the copy of the police complaint report, certificate of insurance policy, driving licence, and the driver’s identification card within 7 days from the accident date.

  • In case of the claim which is under your own policy, you must request the workshop to provide the quotation of repairs to UOI. The quotations must be submitted for approval from UOI before proceeding with the repair.
  • You can contact 6453 8110 for towing assistance after the UOI’s working hours.

How to Cancel Your UOI/UOB Car Insurance?

You can cancel your UOB car insurance by providing a 7 days’ notice to UOB. You will get the refund of your premium paid for the balance policy period which is computed based on the Company’s Short Period Notice. But, you will get the refund only in case you have not made any claims prior to cancellation. You must return your certificate of insurance policy on or before the date of policy cancellation. You must also pay the due premium if any.

UOB/UOI Car Insurance Hotline

The hotline number for UOB car insurance is 6222 7733. You can also call on the hotline number 1800 222 2121 for your inquiries about UOB car insurance.

UOB/UOB Car Insurance FAQs

Q: Can I pay the premium for UOB car insurance using my UOB debit card or any other credit card?

A: Yes, you can pay the premium using UOB debit/credit card or any other bank’s card.

Q: How can I apply for UOB car insurance?

A: You can fill the ‘Contact Me’ form online (which is available on UOB’s official website), and then UOB will contact you and assist you through the procedure for getting UOB car insurance.

Q: Can I earn SMART$ under the Instalment Payment Plan?

A: No, you cannot earn SMART$ for 0% Instalment Payment Plan.

Q: Can I get 0% Instalment Payment Plan for UniDrive?

A: You can get 0% Instalment Payment Plan only if you pay the premium using your UOB credit card.

Q: Can I apply for UOB car insurance by sending an SMS?

A: Yes, you can send an SMS to 77862 in the following format to apply for UOB car insurance:

  • UDNameNRIC.

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