Tenet Sompo Car Insurance

Along with owning a car, individuals also have to shoulder the responsibility of protecting their vehicles from damages and unpredicted risks. Regardless of the age of the car, an insurance policy is a must to cover financial expenses during emergencies. Tenet Sompo’s private car insurance provides complete protection to a four wheeler, with additional benefits and privileges.

Tenet Sompo Car Insurance Overview

Founded in 1957, the Tenet Insurance Company Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hwa Hong Corporation Limited in the late 1980s. In an effort to cater to the changing needs of the Singaporean society, Tenet Sompo Insurance Pte. Ltd. was established in 2013 due to a merger between Tenet Insurance Company and Sompo Japan Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Tenet Sompo offers an extensive array of personal protection products comprising of travel insurance, personal accident insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, etc., to individuals and families alike. Tenet Sompo also has a comprehensive commercial product line with customized solutions to industries, manufacturing and engineering firms, property owners, logistic companies and traders. Tenet Sompo’s private car insurance provides complete coverage for new and used cars and can be availed by car owners to protect their four wheelers and passengers.

Features of Tenet Sompo Car Insurance

A car plays an integral part in an individual’s life, offering comfort and convenience in today’s fast-paced world. Required more as a necessity, individuals also have to invest quite a sum of money to buy cars and then safeguard them from unexpected damages and risks. Aiding them in this effort is Tenet Sompo’s attractive private car insurance plan with enhanced benefits, discounts and compelling offers. The geographical area covered under Tenet Sompo’s private car insurance consists of Singapore, parts of Thailand (within 80.5 km of the border between West Malaysia and Thailand) and West Malaysia.

Tenet Sompo provides private car insurance as three comprehensive plans mentioned below -

ExcelDrive Prestige

ExcelDrive Gold

ExcelDrive Focus

For new cars & used cars aged up to 10 years

For new cars & used cars aged up to 15 years

For new cars & used cars aged up to 15 years

Repairs can be done at all workshops.

Repairs can be done only at ExcelDrive workshops.

Repairs can be done only at ExcelDrive workshops with limited cover.


The ExcelDrive Prestige Plan offers maximum benefits allowing policyholders to get car repairs done at any workshop of their choice.

Customers also have the option of increasing or decreasing their Standard policy excesses. They can buy up or buy down excesses, which will not be waived off by the insurer.


The amount of premium depends on the type of coverage and plan chosen by the policyholder. Customers can enjoy maximum savings with the excess buy up option, which allows policyholders to increase their excesses with each claim in exchange for discounts in premium. Policyholders can also enjoy premium discounts of up to 20% and get warranty for repairs at ExcelDrive Workshops. Tenet Sompo also offers interest free installment plans for up to 6 to 12 months.


  • Complimentary personal accident cover of up to S$20,000 for policyholders and S$10,000 for selected drivers can also be availed.
  • Car passengers also get free legal liability coverage for third party death or bodily injuries and property damages.
  • Losses or damages due to fire accidents and theft are covered under all the three comprehensive plans.
  • Additionally free cover is also given for damages due to riots, strikes, floods, windstorms and civil commotions.
  • Losses or damages occurring due to any insured cause is also covered.
  • Free Windscreen reinstatements can be done at the customer’s choice of workshops for ExcelDrive Prestige plans. Customers buying other types of plans can avail this benefit with payment of additional premiums and can also get incentives for opting for windscreen repairs instead of replacements.
  • Tenet Sompo provides a waiver of standard excess at ExcelDrive workshops for up to $1000 per claim for the first two claims made during every policy year. A standard excess waiver of 50% or up to a maximum of $600 for a single claim made during the entire policy year is also available.

Extended Covers

Tenet Sompo also provides three extended covers as mentioned below -

  • 24/7 Emergency Mobile Accident Response service anywhere in Singapore applicable to all the three plans.
  • For selected plans, Tenet Sompo extends coverage for loss of use of benefits for up to a period of 14 days.
  • The free No claim Discount (NCD) protector offers private car owners in Singapore exclusive benefits on NCB, if the policyholder is maintaining 30% NCD or above. Tenet Sompo also grants a 5% Offence free discount (OFD), if the customer maintains NCD of 30%, 40% and 50%, regardless of their demerit points.

No Claims Discounts offered by Sompo

Your NCD is determined on the basis of the number of claims you have made under your insurance policy. Depending on your NCD, your insurer calculates the premium.

No claim filed under the policy for Your NCD
One year 10%
Two consecutive years 20%
Three consecutive years 30%
Four consecutive years 40%
Five or more consecutive years 50%

Here are some important things to remember about your NCD:

  • If you file a claim when your NCD is 40% or 50%, your NCD will be reduced to 10% or 20%, respectively. Any more claims within the same policy period will bring your NCD down to 0%.
  • If your NCD is 30% or less when you are filing a claim, your NCD will be reduced to 0%.

What does Sompo car insurance policy cover?

Coverage features Sompo Comprehensive insurance plans
ExcelDrive Prestige ExcelDrive Gold ExcelDrive Focus
Authorised workshop Any workshop of your choice ExcelDrive authorised workshops only ExcelDrive authorised workshops only
Eligibility on the basis of the age of vehicle Up to 10 years old Up to 15 years old Up to 15 years old
Excess waiver (applicable only when you get your car repaired at ExcelDrive workshops) Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000 50% of the standard excess amount or S$600, whichever is lower.
Loss of use S$100 a day, for a maximum of 10 days S$100 a day, for a maximum of 10 days Not applicable
Free NCD protector Applicable if your NCD is 30% or above Applicable if your NCD is 30% or above Not applicable
Repair warranty Applies only when you get your damaged car repaired at ExcelDrive workshops
Windscreen cover Windscreen repair: Unlimited coverage with no excess charge, only when repairs are done at an authorised workshop Windscreen replacement: Unlimited replacement (excess charge applies)
Excess applicable on windscreen replacement S$107 per claim S$107 per claim, when windscreen replaced only at authorised workshops
24-hour emergency assistance Applicable for all comprehensive insurance plans
Third party legal liability for death, bodily injuries, and property damage
Loss/damage due to fire, theft and other insured causes
Geographical area All the plans cover you in Singapore, West Malaysia, and certain parts of Thailand

Sompo car insurance policy exclusions

You won’t get an online quote from Sompo if:

  • Your Singapore driving experience is less than two years;
  • You have made more than one claim in the last three years;
  • The total value of your claims in the last three years exceeds S$30,000;
  • Your vehicle is more than 15 years old.

How to make a claim?

Before you make a claim, here are a few things that you should remember when an accident happens:

  • Make sure everyone is safe. If somebody is injured, call the police and ambulance immediately.
  • If all the parties are fine, take photographs of the vehicle at the scene of the accident.
  • If a third party is involved, take all the information including their name, NRIC number, vehicle registration number, and the details of their insurer.
  • Don’t agree to any liability with the third party.
  • File a police report, if anyone is injured, if a government property or vehicle is involved, if a foreign vehicle is involved, if a pedestrian or a cyclist is involved, or if it’s a hit and run case.
  • Submit a copy of the police report to Sompo.

Check out some general instructions for making a claim on your Sompo car insurance policy:

  • Whether you are making a claim for damage to your own vehicle or for third party damages, you can visit any of the ExcelDrive workshops for help with filing an e-claim.
  • If the claim involves damages to your own vehicle, you must submit the claim within 14 days of the accident.
  • If you are making a claim for loss of use or windscreen repair/replacement, you can simply download the claim form from Sompo’s website and send it them through snail mail or through email.
  • Sompo will acknowledge your claim within three days of receiving your request.
  • If the form is complete and all the details are correct, Sompo will assess your vehicle and approve the repairs within one working day.

Eligibility of Tenet Sompo Car Insurance

To apply for Tenet Sompo car insurance, the applicant must be a resident of Singapore or should hold a valid work permit or student pass. However, do enquire with Tenet Sompo about the complete eligibility criteria before applying for a car insurance.

Additional Excess as described below shall apply for accidental losses and damage caused when the vehicle is driven by the following including the insured -

  • Named Young / Experienced / Elderly Drivers - $1500
  • Unnamed Young / Experienced / Elderly Drivers - $3000
  • Unnamed other drivers - $500

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FAQs for Tenet Sompo Car Insurance

  1. Is the Emergency Mobile Accident Response service available only within Singapore?
  2. Yes, customers can avail this service anywhere within Singapore.
  3. Does the Credit Card Instalment Payment Plan apply for Tenet Sompo Car Insurance?
  4. Yes, customers can take the instalment plan for any type of private car insurance.
  5. Is there a minimum premium requirement the Instalment Payment Plan?
  6. Yes, the installment plan requires a minimum premium payment of S$300 for a repayment period of 6 to 12 months.
  7. Is the online quotation available for all types of applicants?
  8. No, the online quotation is only available for the following applicants -
    • Applicants with less than two years of driving experience in Singapore.
    • If the insured has made more than one claim for the previous 3 years.
    • If the insured has made claims for more than SGD $30,000 during the previous 3 years.
    • The applicant does not drive.
    • Comprehensive cover for vehicles aged more than 15 years.
    • Third Party Fire and Theft cover for vehicles aged more than 15 years.
  9. What are the other optional covers available under Tenet Sompo Car Insurance?
  10. Cover for -
    • Radio Cassette Players
    • Car Stereos
    • CNG Conversion Kits
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