MSIG MotorMax Plus Car Insurance

MSIG’s MotorMax Plus is a comprehensive motor insurance policy that not just protects your vehicle against accidental loss/damage but also protects you with personal accident and medical expense coverage. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this policy.

Features and Benefits of MSIG MotorMax Plus Motor Insurance

  • “New for Old Replacement” coverage to replace your old, damaged car with a new one. This coverage applies only if your car is less than a year old and has been left irreparable after an accident.
  • Transport allowance of up to S$50 per day (for a maximum of 10 days) if your vehicle stays in the repair shop for a longer period than expected.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance, if you are locked out of your car or if you need battery jumpstart or towing.
  • Coverage of up to S$100,000 to pay for your outstanding car loan, in the event of a fatal car accident.
  • Dedicated claims specialist to help you throughout the case, including any case that involves third party liability.

What Does MSIG MotorMax Plus Cover?

Coverage type Coverage
MotorMax MotorMax Plus
Loss/damage due to an accident Your vehicle’s market value at the time of the accident
Third-party liability Death or injury: Unlimited Property damage: Up to S$5 million
Personal accident benefits
Policyholder S$20,000 S$100,000
Passenger and/or authorised driver S$10,000 (per person) S$50,000 (per person)
Medical expenditure
Policyholder Maximum of S$1,000
Passenger and/or authorised driver Maximum of S$1,000 (per person)
Choice of accident repair workshop Workshop authorised by MSIG Any workshop
Transport allowance if your vehicle repair takes more than 3 days Not covered Up to S$50 per day (for a maximum of 10 days)
Car loan protection benefit Not covered Maximum of S$100,000
Replacement of old vehicle with new one of the same make and model Not covered Covered
Medical and automobile assistance service
Emergency assistance such as roadside assistance, towing, locksmith referral, etc. Available
Emergency medical evacuation & repatriation Up to S$50,000

How to Make a Claim

  • Inform relevant parties about the accident.
    • If someone is injured, call the ambulance and police.
    • If you need towing service, call MSIG’s 24/7 helpline.
  • Exchange particulars of the parties involved in the accident.
    • Take photos of the accident scene as well as the damaged vehicles.
    • Get information on the parties involved in the accident. This may include driver or owner’s name, telephone number, NRIC, email, insurer, and vehicle number.
    • If there is an eyewitness, note down his/her name, address, and telephone number.
    • Do not admit to any kind of liability without first consulting with MSIG.
  • File a police complaint in the following cases:
    • Injury
    • Hit and run
    • Damage to government or foreign vehicle
    • Damage to government property
    • If a pedestrian/cyclist involved
  • You must take your car to a reporting centre that is authorised by MSIG. You must take your vehicle within 24 hours of the accident or by the immediate next working day.

MSIG MotorMax Plus Motor Insurance Hotline

Below are the hotline numbers for MSIG motor insurance:

  • Customer Service Hotline - 6827 7661
  • Emergency roadside assistance - +65 6337 1208.
  • Towing service - +65 6827 7660.
  • Claim-related queries - +65 6827 7666.


Q. Is the claim form available on MSIG website?

A. No, you should visit MSIG authorised workshop to report the accident.

Q. How should I make a fire claim?

A. You must report the incident to police and submit the copy to MSIG’s accident report centre. Also, take your damaged vehicle to the MSIG authorised workshop for repairs.

Q. How the market value of my car is determined?

A. It is determined by comparing the retail prices of similar vehicles of the same make, age, model, and condition.

Q. Can I choose my preferred workshop for repairing my vehicle?

A. Yes, you can choose your workshop if you have MotorMax Plus plan.

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