MSIG Car Insurance

Owning a car comes with a lot of hassles and responsibilities. Being an expensive and prized possession, it is only natural to attribute a heavy pecuniary value to its safety. Be it a damage or a loss, a car insurance will provide coverage against a lot of predictable but unavoidable risks.

MSIG Car Insurance Singapore provides comprehensive insurance cover for the insured car, the policyholder/authorised driver and third parties. You can also cover it against fire, theft and damages arising from vandalism.

Types of Car Insurance Provided by MSIG

For private vehicle owners, MSIG offers two categories of policy covers with basic and premium available in both the categories. While MotorMax Plus and UMax Plus offer comprehensive coverage, MotorMax and UMax offer third-party, fire and theft coverage, subject to the restrictions of the policy terms and conditions.

Features and Benefits

As one of the top auto insurance providers in the local industry, MSIG has tried to personalise every plan to suit the specific needs of the users. Some of the features and benefits of the plans are as follows:

  • MotorMax Plus and UMax Plus are premium car insurance covers that offer first-rate benefits like:
    • Car loan protection in case of death of the policyholder
    • Transport allowance in case the repair of the insured vehicle from an authorised workshop takes more than three days
    • Complete replacement of a vehicle which has been conceded to be irreparable following heavy damage, provided the vehicle is less than 12 months old
  • UMax is the first auto insurance in Singapore which aims to reward you for careful driving. Just get a telematics device installed at no cost at a VICOM workshop. VICOM workshops are usually conveniently located throughout Singapore and one such workshop will take a maximum of 30 minutes to fit the device. You’ll find location details of VICOM workshops in the UMax infopack.
  • The device will continue to monitor your driving behaviour and rate you based on it. You’ll also get feedback based on your driving style on a per-trip basis. You can access your driving scores for up to 6 months from the insurer’s website or mobile app.
  • The scores will be used to determine your excesses at the time of claim and also your renewal premiums. The app will also help you locate your car anywhere in Singapore and Western Malaysia, provided you a one-push 24/7 assistance button for medical and car assistance. It also gives you real-time updates and tips to improve your driving skills.
  • You’ll also get 24/7 roadside assistance for car lockout and towing services. You’ll also have access to a personalised insurance fee quote which can be saved online and retrieved within 30 days. In case the car needs to be towed after an accident, MSIG Insurance will bear the cost of up to S$500 for towing the car to the nearest repairer or to deliver it to you post-repair.
  • The products discussed in this article will not only indemnify you but also indemnify your authorised driver and employer if they aren’t covered by any other insurance and provided the terms stated in the policy document has been fulfilled.
  • The policy is also protected under the policy owner’s protection scheme, a scheme that is managed by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). This indemnifies your investments in the extreme case where your insurer fails to pay your assured amount due to insolvency. The cover is, however, subject to certain caps.
  • While the policy schedule may mention a standard excess, UMax plans offer you a chance to lower your effective standard excess by improving your drive scores. So, you get rewarded for your safe driving behaviour in the form of lower renewal premium and NCD.

No-Claim Discounts Offered by MSIG Car Insurance

MSIG Car Insurance plans offer reasonable no-claim discounts on the renewal premium of your policy if you haven’t made a claim during the period of insurance immediately preceding the renewal. Check out the table below:

Period of Insurance Discount Percentage
The immediately preceding year before renewal 10%
The immediately preceding two consecutive years before renewal 20%
The immediately preceding three consecutive years before renewal 30%
The immediately preceding four consecutive years before renewal 40%
The immediately preceding five consecutive years before renewal 50%

If you make a claim at a time when your no-claim discount is 40% or 50%, the no-claim discount will subsequently be reduced to 10% or 20% respectively. However, if it is equal to or less than 30%, the entire no-claim discount facility shall be revoked.

If the company accedes to your request for a transfer of interest, the period of no-claim discount with you won’t accrue to the benefit of your transferee.

Motor Insurance Policy Covers Available With Different Plans

MSIG offers basic and comprehensive coverage under two different classes of motor insurance. While MotorMax and MotorMax Plus comprise one class, UMax and UMax Plus make up the other.

The following tables aim to put forth a comparative study between the basic and premium plans under the two separate classes. The analysis will help you understand the benefits covered and the limits to each better.

The policy plans are valid in Singapore, West Malaysia and the area in Thailand that is 80km from the border between West Malaysia and Thailand.

Benefits provided by each plan Limit of liability on the insurer once a claim is made
MotorMax MotorMax Plus

Sum assured on accidental loss or damage of insured vehicle

Third-party liabilities:

Death or damage to any persons attributable to the insured vehicle

Damage to property attributable to the insured vehicle

Market value of the insured vehicle arrived at after making comparisons between retail prices of models of same make and age


S$5 million

Windscreen cover due to damage or breakage subject to an excess of S$100 for each subsequent claim Automatic reinstatement of windshield including in-vehicle unit
Loan protection under which the insurer pays the outstanding loan balance in case of death of the policyholder Not covered Up to S$100,000

Medical coverage for policyholder

Medical coverage for the authorised driver or passengers as a direct consequence of accident or damage of the insured vehicle

Up to a maximum of S$1,000

S$1,000 per injured

Up to a maximum of S$1,000

S$1,000 per injured

Work stations for repair of the insured vehicle in case of accident or damage Certain workstations that have been authorised by MSIG Any workshop

Accident benefits for the policyholder

Accident benefits for the authorised driver of the insured vehicle or passengers in the vehicle at the time of accident, subject to the permissible seating capacity


S$10,000 per head


S$50,000 per head

Conveyance Allowance if the period of repair exceeds 3 days. The cover starts from the first day of repair Not available S$50 per day up to a maximum of 10 days
Replacement of new for old vehicles due to irreparable damage or total loss where causative factors are anything other than flood, theft or robbery of the insured vehicle. The upper limit is S$100,000 above the market value of the insured vehicle at the time of the incident and excludes sports cars, high-value and high-performance cars. The replacement happens if the damage or loss mentioned above occurs within one year of registration Benefit is not available Benefit is available

Auto towing and other emergency services

Medical evacuation and repatriation of passengers to trauma centres in the aftermath of accidents of the insured vehicle

Coverage is available

Up to S$50,000 available

UMax and UMax Plus are ideal for those who understand the importance of safe driving and want to be rewarded for it. To learn more about the plans, you can visit or contact your insurance advisor. The following table discusses the benefits offered by the two plans and the insurer’s extent of liability:

Particulars of the benefits available under each plan Extent of liability of the insurer
UMax UMax Plus
Transportation allowance in case the authorised workstation needs more than three days to repair the insured vehicle in the aftermath of an accident or damage Not available An allowance of S$50 per day for a maximum of 10 days starting from the first day of repair
Third-party liability in case of death or injury Third-party liability in case of material damage Unlimited cover S$5 million
Coverage available on insured vehicle in case of loss or damage Market value of the insured vehicle arrived at through the comparison of vehicles of same make, age and perceptible condition
Accident benefits for the policyholder Accident benefits for the authorised driver of the insured vehicle and/or passengers, up to the permissible seating capacity S$20,000 A maximum of S$10,000 per head S$100,000 A maximum of S$50,000 per head
Choice of auto repair centre MSIG authorised ones Any workshop
Windscreen replacement due to breakage subject to S$100 excess for subsequent claims Windscreen replaced automatically
Car lock and key replacement S$250 S$500
Loss or damage of personal belongings inside the insured vehicle S$500 S$800
Critical car assistance services in the event of an emergency Medical assistance in the event of an emergency Cover is available S$50,000
Replacement of new for old vehicles in the event of irreparable damage or irretrievable loss of the vehicle not caused by flood, theft or robbery within one year of registration of the insured vehicle, subject to a maximum reimbursement of S$100,000 above the market value of the vehicle during the time of the incident Coverage is not available Coverage is available
Medical expenses of the policyholder in the event of an accident attributable to the insured vehicle Medical expense of an authorised driver or passengers of the insured vehicle during the time of the accident, subject to the permissible seating capacity Up to S$1,000 A maximum of S$1,000 per head A maximum of S$1,000 A maximum of S$1,000 per head

By paying an additional S$53.50 (including GST), you can add some more covers to your policy for services in West Malaysia. These services are available on both the basic and the premium UMax plans.

  • You can claim up to a maximum of S$1,000 for the loss of your personal effects from the insured vehicle, restricted to just one claim.
  • You can use the vehicle location service by downloading and using the MSIG Connected Car mobile application.


The list below is some of the important exclusions applicable on the policy. The list is not exhaustive. You should check out the company website or get in touch with your insurance agent to learn more about the exclusions.

  • The insurer won’t pay for damaged tires unless other parts of the insured vehicle were simultaneously damaged during the accident.
  • If there is a breakdown, a mechanical failure or an electrical failure leading to a breakdown or punctured tires, MSIG Singapore isn’t liable to pay you. The comprehensive car insurance cover offers you indemnity only in case of an accident.
  • The liability of the insurer is restricted to the geographical areas covered by the policy. The areas include Singapore, Western Malaysia and the region within 80km of the border between Thailand and Western Malaysia.
  • The insurer won’t indemnify the insured car if it was, at the time of accident, being found to be driven by the policyholder, the authorised driver, or any other person not identified as the authorised driver, under the influence of any intoxicating drink or drug.
  • The company won’t uphold its promise to indemnify the policyholder in the case of damage of the insured vehicle arising out of the use of any electromagnetic, chemical, biological or biochemical weapons or by any weapon that employs atomic or nuclear fission, fusion or a similar reaction to cause destruction.
  • The company won’t indemnify the policyholder in the event of loss or damage of the insured vehicle occurring as a direct or indirect consequence of an act of terrorism, civil war, insurrection, civil commotion or similar situations amounting to an uprising or military coup.
  • The insurer can’t be held liable to the indemnity clauses or terms of the policy that direct the insurer to indemnify the insured or provide benefits to such an effect under situations where the company may be exposed to sanctions, prohibitions or restrictions under the conventions and resolutions of the United Nations. The same shall apply to situations where providing benefits to the indemnified could expose the company to trade or economic sanctions or embargoes under the laws and regulations of the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • The company shall not be liable to indemnify the policyholder if the damage or loss could be directly or indirectly traced to riots or strikes.

MSIG Promotions for Car Insurance

MSIG, as already informed, sells two types of car insurance plans. These types can again be categorised into basic and premium. Promotions are currently available only on the UMax category of cards and not on the MotorMax category.

You’ll receive a cash rebate of S$100 on opting for the UMax plan and S$150 on opting for the UMax Plus plan through a cheque sent to your mailing address within 30 days of the successful installation of a telematics device as described in the policy document.

The offer is valid up to 30 June 2018. Some of the important terms and conditions of the promotion are as follows:

  • This cash rebate offer can’t be clubbed with any other ongoing promotion, discount, offer, rebate or privilege.
  • The rebate can’t be transferred or exchanged for cash, credit or any other item in part or full.
  • If you’re a first-time applicant for the UMax or UMax Plus insurance plans, you’re an existing MSIG customer who is opting for either of the two plans for the first time, or you’re an existing UMax or UMax Plus customer who is renewing the policy within the promotion period, you become eligible for the cash rebate.
  • If for some reason you decide to cancel your UMax or UMax Plus policy, you must understand that the company reserves the right to deduct the prorated value of the cash rebate from the refund premium available under the policy, if applicable. You may be eligible for a policy cancellation refund only if you have made no claims under the policy and the refund premium is at least S$25.

How to Make a Claim

Following the right procedures while making a claim is necessary for success. Given below are some general guidelines that the company recommends its policyholders to follow when making a claim:

  • If you or any passenger in the car has been injured, remember to inform the police and call for emergency medical assistance. MSIG provides emergency medical and towing services.
  • Don’t remove the damaged vehicle from the scene of the accident before collecting and documenting the evidences. Move it only if the injured need to be rescued.
  • Don’t forget to collect photo evidence of the entire incident. Take photos from different angles. You can approach any of the MSIG-authorised workshops or an IDAC centre if you need assistance with downloading of the photos.
  • Don’t forget to collect the relevant details of the eyewitnesses of the incident.
  • Exchange number and collect the necessary particulars of the other driver, if your vehicle has collided with another. Don’t forget to collect the details and registration numbers of the other vehicle, too.
  • Take your damaged vehicle to an MSIG-approved workstation within 24 hours or by the next working day. The workshops authorised to repair your vehicle may vary depending on the plan you have opted for. Don’t forget to carefully read the policy document to know which workshops are approved. If you fail to take your insured vehicle to an authorised workshop within 24 hours, you might risk losing the no-claim discount (NCD), if applicable on your policy. Failing to report the accident within the specified timeframe may also affect your right to make a claim under the policy.
  • If you’re making a claim under your own car insurance policy, you can ask the authorised workshop to submit a quotation with MSIG. The claim request has to be filed within 14 days of the discovery or occurrence of the damage.
  • If you’re making a third-party claim, bring in your vehicle to an MSIG-Singapore-authorised workshop. MSIG will invite the insurer of the third party to visit the workshop within 2 working days from the date of accident and examine the extent of the damages of your vehicle. If your MSIG car insurance plan allows you to take your damaged vehicle to some other workshop, it’s recommended that you get the third-party insurer (in case of involvement of a third party) to visit the workshop for a pre-repair survey. This will ensure that your claim isn’t prejudiced.

There is no need for a claim form. All you need to do is visit an authorised service centre or an IDAC to report the accident.

The following are the documents you need to submit at different stages of your claim request or for making different types of claim:

  1. For Reporting the Accident to an IDAC Centre or an Authorised Workshop
    1. The driving license of the driver at the time of the accident
    2. Police report, where applicable
    3. Collected photo evidences
    4. NRIC or passport
    5. Car insurance certificate
  2. For Auto Repair Claim
    1. Total repair bill and receipt
    2. Proof of e-filed accident report
    3. Photographs of the damaged vehicle and the surroundings
    4. Police report wherever applicable
  3. For Personal Accident Claim
    1. Medical report
    2. Police report
    3. Death certificate in the event of death and also documents to support and establish reasonably beyond doubt the relationship between the deceased and the claimant
  4. For Claiming Medical Benefits
    1. Medical report
    2. Bills for treatments, tests and medications needed

Third-Party Medical Benefit Claim

  • Medical report
  • Police report
  • Final investigation report filed by the police
  • A copy of the e-filed accident report
  • Bills for expenses related to medical attention and treatment

Third-Party Property Damage Claim

  • Final repair bills and receipts
  • Police report
  • A copy of the e-filed accident report with the insurer
  • Receipts of all policy excesses that have been paid
  • Photographs submitted along with the report from a professional surveyor providing an estimate of property damage

This list may not be exhaustive. Visit the official MSIG website or contact your local insurance agent to learn more about the claim process.

MSIG Car Insurance Renewal

Go through the fine print of your policy document to find out more about the renewal process. The renewal premium may get discounted if NCD applies in your case. For the UMax and UMax Plus plans, your driving score, determined with the help of a telemetric device, will be used to fix your policy excesses and NCD percentages.

How to Cancel Your MSIG Car Insurance?

Your policy can either be cancelled by the company after giving you a sufficient period of notice as per the policy document or by you.

MSIG Singapore has to give you a seven-day notice before terminating the policy. They’ll do so by dispatching a registered letter to your last known mailing address. Any refund arising under such a situation will be calculated as follows:

{(Premium x Unexpired Period of Insurance)/Original Period of Insurance}, where the original period of insurance will include any extensions of the policy.

If you want to cancel your MSIG car insurance policy, you’ll have to return MSIG the original certificate of motor insurance. Your policy will stand cancelled only from the day the certificate reaches the company and the receipt is acknowledged by them.

Any refund calculated, in this case, will be governed by the formula mentioned below:

{(Premium x Unexpired Period of Insurance x 80%)/Original Period of Insurance}, where the original period of insurance will be deemed to include any extensions of the policy also.

Cancellation refund, if any, will only be paid if no claim has been made under the policy during the period of insurance and the refund premium is less than S$25.

MSIG Car Insurance Contact Details

  • 24-hour roadside assistance: +65 6337 1208
  • 24-hour healthcare emergency helpline: +65 6323 8388
  • All claim including motor insurance claim hotline: +65 6827 7660
  • 24-hour motor claim hotline (automated): +65 6827 7666
  • Fax for all claims: +65 6225 6371
  • Telephone: +65 6827 2888
  • Fax: +65 6827 7800
  • Customer centre: 4 Shenton Way #21-01 SGX Centre 2 Singapore – 068807
  • Business hours: 8:45 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday. The office remains closed on weekends and public holidays.
  • Customer service hotline: +65 6827 7602
  • Customer service fax: +65 6827 2708
  • For SMS enquiry, leave a message at 9158 1660.
  • Website for reference:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is the Transport Allowance Benefit calculated?

A: The allowance will only be paid if the time required for repair of the insured vehicle is more than 3 days. If the time taken to repair exceeds 3 days, you’ll be provided with an allowance of S$50. You can claim this allowance up to a maximum of 10 days. So, a maximum of S$50x10=S$500 will be reimbursed.

Q: Are commercial vehicles covered under the MSIG motor insurance plans?

A: Commercial vehicles require special forms of insurance cover. MSIG offers coverage for commercial vehicles separately. However, the MotorMax, MotorMax Plus, UMax and the UMax Plus covers are only valid for private vehicles.

Q: Is there any age restriction for a vehicle that I want to get insured under the MSIG car insurance plans?

A: At the time of policy sign-up, your vehicle must be less than 8 years old.

Q: Is there any particular time frame within which the telematics device, mentioned in the policy document, needs to be installed after the purchase of the UMax or UMax Plus plans?

A: The telematics device can be installed for free at a designated VICOM workshop in Singapore after 3 days of issue of the policy cover. The device has to be mandatorily installed within 30 days from the date of issue of the plan.

Q: Will the installed telematics device deplete the battery of my car or affect its performance in any way?

A: Every telematics device is designed to be device-agnostic. They are also designed in a manner that ensures that they consume very low battery power. Hence, these devices shouldn’t deplete the battery power of your car or affect its performance in any way.

Q: I understand that the telematics device will collect some data which will be used to arrive at a driving score. What kind of data are collected and analysed?

A: The telematics device will collect data on a per-trip basis. Information such as the trip starting time, trip ending time, total duration of a trip, trip date, average speed of the car throughout the entire trip, the way you corner, brake or accelerate, are collected and analysed. If you follow the safe driving tips, it will help improve your score.

Q: If I buy a new car after the completion of a year, will the drive score of the previous year affect the renewal premium?

A: A new car will have to be covered with a completely new policy and your past driving scores or claim history will have no bearing on it.

Q: Will my car be covered by a MSIG car insurance policy if it is damaged by floods, falling tree branches or trunks, or arson?

A: MotorMax, MotorMax plus, UMax and UMax policies will indemnify you against damage of your vehicle caused by fire, flood or falling of tree. Damage in arson is also covered.

Q: Is the NCD protector available to all policyholders?

A: The NCD protector is an optional benefit. It will only be offered to you if you have a no-claim discount of 50%.

Q: If the applicant of a MSIG car insurance policy wants to make me one of the authorised drivers for his vehicle, will the details of my accumulated demerit points be sought?

A: In the application form, the number of demerit points accumulated by any person who is going to be one of the authorised drivers for the vehicle in question will be sought and cross checked with the relevant authorities, if needed.

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